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 Transform Your
Physical & Emotional Health
With ZiJi

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I'm Ziji Kaufman, and I offer Aura Healing sessions over the Phone or WebCam.
All good-natured, diversity-tolerant people are invited to explore how my very special Aura Healing abilities can help you in your life; physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually.


When you give me the privilege of  tuning into and communicating with your aura telepathically over the phone (or WebCam),  I can, over time, dramatically improve your health in all its dimensions, which includes primarily your physical and emotional health, but also your mental and spiritual health too, if those aspects require attention.  
The timeframe for the transformation of your health depends on a wide variety of factors that are completely unique to you. No two people will have the same healing journey. Although chronic health issues usually take a while to reverse and heal, dramatically rapid, even miraculous improvements to your health are possible through my healing work.

While there are many types of healers*, whose healing styles differ to greater or lesser degrees from my Aura Healing approach,  I believe you will experience my particular Body-Wisdom-Guided healings as unique, profound and life-transforming.
like Reiki Healer, Pranic Healer, Energy Healer, Therapeutic Touch healer, Chakra Healer, Remote Energy Healer, Psychic Healer, Telepathic Healer, Distance Healer, Ascended Master Healer, Angel and Archangel Healer, Astral Healer, Spiritual Healer,  and many more...