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6. My latest blog post: Repairing A Healing Client's Brain And Internal Organ "Fuse-box" Caused By A Head Injury "Blackout"

5. A Healing Client's 'Auric Blood' Shows Varying Shades Of Red, Reflecting The Spectrum Of His Emotional States

4. 'Spirit-Body Liver' Reunited With 'Physical Body Liver' In The Healing Process Of A Client's Liver Condition

3.  Reawakening after Releasing the Trauma of a Loved One's Death

2.  My Vision Of The Past Life Origins of My Healing Client's Chronic Leg Pain: Bird-Related Past Lives

1. My Vision Of One Of My Healing Clients As An Angel Being Called Back Down To Earth To Help After Long Rest Following A Difficult Past Life As A Disaster Relief Worker




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