Woman Bird Kachina last few touchups final


This image depicts a vision that one of my healing client's energy body transmitted to me during a phone healing. My client was suffering from severe leg pain, which was clearly way out of proportion to a recent strain she suffered while competing in sports. As is sometimes the case with trying to heal difficult conditions, a person’s body wisdom sometimes reveals never-healed past-lifetime traumas or conditions that either caused or contributed to current problem. In this particular client’s case, her body wisdom showed me a multi-reincarnational soul journey that first included a lifetime as a prehistoric bird, a Pterodactyl to be specific. Her auric hands in the beginning of the vision were Pterodactyl ‘wing-hands’. Then these prehistoric bird ‘wing-hands’ transformed in the vision into a modern day tiny bird’s ‘wing-hands’ like a finch.

At this point my client’s whole body in the vision transformed into a Native American Indian, who was dressed in a Kachina bird costume doing an Indian ritual dance along with other Native Americans dressed in different Kachina costumes. Finally, this vision transformed into my client as herself, in this lifetime - with the now clearer vision of why she was having severe leg issues. With so many bird lifetimes, her legs never fully developed, being primarily sky bound. My job as a healer at this point, was to do my best to awaken and transform her underdeveloped auric physical legs (which still thought they were bird legs), into fully functional anatomical human legs appropriate for her body weight, proportion, and the current physical activities she is engaged in.