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This image I created represents a vision I had while doing a phone healing on a client who had a severe concussion a number of years ago, caused by a branch of a tree falling on his head during a lightning storm.
Although by his own account, he was functioning reasonably well in his job as a high school English teacher and school theater director, he became somber as he recalled how his acting career, which had been on the verge of major breakthroughs, fell apart when this head injury occurred. The injury virtually extinguished the special instinctual abilities he had had for in-the-moment situational acting, as well as the 'unique sparkle' that had carried him so far in the acting world up until that point.
When I tuned in for the healing, his body wisdom showed me a metaphorical vision of his body as a completely darkened house with all the electrical circuits blown, and all his internal organs connected to burnt-out electrical outlets. His 'house brain' seemed eerily quiet, with not a lot of mental activity going on. Certainly functioning every day as a high school teacher and theater director would require plenty of intelligent brain activity, but this activity did not seem to be particularly 'inspired' or 'lit up' with imagination and passion. Indeed, judging from telepathically witnessing the brain activity of other clients, his brain activity seemed relatively dull and sluggish.
At this point in the healing, I experienced the complete full-body trauma of the tree branch crashing onto to my client's head as it was telepathically transferred to my aura. This 'trauma transfer' was extremely intense, causing my whole body to shake, vibrate and convulse wildly. The convulsing I experienced corresponded to the massive electrical fires burning in his nervous system from this short-lived but extremely severe head impact. It took only a few seconds to create a huge energetic synapse-fire in the brain which spread quickly through the energy nerve-wires running through his entire body, short circuiting all his internal organ-systems. Although his body wisdom didn’t focus my attention on what happened to his chakra system during this impact, it’s easy to imagine that all his chakras (root, belly, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown) were short circuited as well.
A complete nervous system blackout in just a matter of seconds! The thought of this terrible ‘freak accident’ happening to my client still kind of blows my mind.
Luckily the human body has redundancy built into the nervous system, such that my client was, over time, able to regain some measure of his previous electrical brain-body aliveness, but never to the level of his spontaneous, intuitive and passionate neural awake-ness that he had during his acting days.
Amazingly, after peeling away and removing the layers of this devastating head trauma, I saw the consciousness of his internal organs begin to transform from a more or less dormant state to gradually waking up – as if from a long, deep sleep, like Rip Van Winkle. I now saw bright, multi-colored energetic wiring throughout his brain and nervous system, giving me hope that his life from this point forward would be filled with imagination, vitality, spontaneity, and confidence – those very qualities which elevated a promising acting career in years past.
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Blood Proportaions Image Use this 7 9 17 final touchups
This post is about  a client whose personality appeared to me during the phone healing as 4 distinct emotional states, which translated into gradations in the color of his ‘auric blood’, ranging from: 

Emotional state #1. Happy-go-lucky
*Auric Blood Color: Bright red

Emotional state #2. Good-natured, competitive spirit
*Auric Blood Color: Maroon

Emotional state #3. Low energy from constantly struggling in life
*Auric Blood Color: Dark maroon

Emotional state #4. Unable to get out of bed in the morning, feeling completely lost and defeated
*Auric Blood Color: Extremely dark maroon

This phenomenon can be understood using the analogy of passing white light through a prism, separating it into the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet light colors of the rainbow spectrum.

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Final Bringing In New LIfe Following Death licensed

This blog post is about a healing on a client who originally sought me out to help her with a stomach ulcer, which was the focus of a number of sessions. But in one particular healing session, a long buried trauma unexpectedly pushed itself up from beneath the surface, seemingly unrelated to the ulcer. The long buried trauma was the death of her husband a long time ago following a heart attack and an unsuccessful surgery. 

In the years since his death, my client had lived such a full and active life, that she had barely mentioned in our sessions all she went through leading up to, during, and following his death.

This wasn't a complete surprise to me because, in my experience as a healer, I've learned that most traumas eventually freeze and get buried beneath newer life experiences, which create layers like onion layers, or geological strata. And so my client moved on with her life, leaving behind these deep layers of despair for happier and more adventurous days to come.

In this healing though, my client's body's intelligence saw the chance to excavate, unfreeze, and release this long buried trauma. In the vision shown to me by her body wisdom, I saw my client walking around for months with her head down, having very little to say to anyone, being extremely tired and emotionally numb.

What I didn't fully appreciate until after the healing, was just how limited my client was emotionally following her husband's death and in the years since. Compared to my client's personality after the healing, I could now see just how emotionally superficial and mechanical she had become after this life trauma. Before this healing, she had been only capable of quick bursts of sympathy and empathy upon hearing a friend's difficult news, and then just as quickly, she'd have to change the conversation, not being able to hear one more word about the friend's troubles. In these moments, her eyes would glaze over, and she would become distant and disconnected from her friend and their conversation.

After this healing, my client gradually regained access to her full range of emotions and the genuine interest she had had in others before her husband's death, all those years ago. Following the excavation and releasing of this deeply buried life trauma, my client now seems to have all the time in the world for people in her life. She asks people a lot of questions about themselves and even if they're telling her bad news about their lives, she gives them 100% of her attention, having a seemingly unlimited reservoir of empathy. All of her chakras have now opened to some degree, particularly the heart and solar plexus chakras, both of which must be reasonably activated for someone to be open and empathetic towards other people.

In the image I created above, I tried to capture the essence of the vision her body intelligence gave me during the healing. The left side shows how despairing my client was before, during and after her husband’s death, literally shown by the bedridden, hospitalized man, the surgical team, and the tombstone. The blue-ish arrows show the outgoing ‘crying heart’ energy leaving her aura during the healing.  The right side brings back the bright, sunny, life-affirming consciousness my client had before her husband’s decline and death. This is shown by a grandmother’s love for her grandchildren, as well in the happy, sunny, rainbow sky. The multi-colored arrows coming in from the right side are reawakening my client's love of life she had before this despairing trauma.

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Spirit Liver detachment

I created this image to represent a vision I had while doing a healing on a client with a serious liver disease. This was one of the first of many phone healing sessions we had, but it was an extremely important step in her overall healing journey. 

In the vision, I saw my client's spirit body detached and hovering 5 feet out to the right side of her physical body. Her spirit-body liver was connected to her physical-body liver by only a thin energy cord, represented in the vision by a chain. 

In perfect health, which no one I know (including myself) has achieved, the spirit body is positioned completely inside the physical body. As well, all the spirit organ-systems would be inside and properly aligned with the physical body's organ-systems. 

This 5 foot separation of her spirit body and its organ-systems from the physical body and its organ-systems, was clearly a major underlying factor of her liver disease, as well as a probable root cause of her other, non-liver related health issues.

The key point here is that any particular organ-system of the physical-body needs to have its accompanying spirit-body organ-system aligned and inside the physical body for that particular organ-system to work correctly. Much more so to recapture vibrant health! 

There are countless possible reasons why a person's spirit body might become detached, as well countless possible degrees and types of detachment. So let’s focus here on this particular client's spirit body detachment.

After her body wisdom showed me her detached spirit body, I was guided to use my telepathic vision to 'zoom in' to view her physical liver at a microscopic level. When I saw what was going on at that level, I immediately understood why her spirit body was so detached. 
In the vision shown to me, the physical liver was like a boarded up abandoned home with a "Danger, Do Not Enter" sign nailed to the door.
In other words, the spirit body at some point in the past decided it could no longer live inside the physical body, because the physical liver was 'boarded up' and uninhabitable. 

I should mention at this point, that the front solar plexus chakra (sometimes referred to as the third chakra), in perfect health, aligns with the center of the liver. Though it’s a bit beyond the scope of this particular blog post, in future posts, we will definitely explore how distortions in the solar plexus chakra can be the underlying cause of many liver conditions.

Back to this particular healing...

It was obvious to me, that the first step in the healing of this client's liver disease, was to get her spirit body back inside her physical body. As with all my healings, my way of achieving this is to follow the client’s body’s wisdom, which will guide me through the hidden pathways of healing.

When telescoping in to view the cells of her physical liver, I could see that they were completely dried out, like dried cracked mud. It was obvious to me that somehow these lifeless, dried out liver cells needed to be energized, revitalized, and transformed back into the living, moist liver cells they once were. 

Following her body's guidance, I telepathically held my spirit hands below her physical liver and generated an electro-magnetic field that ever so gradually started to shift the alignment of the liver cells; my spirit hands becoming like magnets, causing the liver cells, like iron filings aligning themselves to the north-south direction, to come into molecular alignment. Once molecularly aligned, the boarded up entrance to my client's physical liver suddenly became accessible and open.

At this point, I was guided to use my spirit hands to tug strongly on the thin cord connecting her physical liver to her spirit liver, using significant force to pull the spirit liver back towards the physical liver. Finally, I was able to get her entire spirit body nicely inside her physical body, and mostly well aligned.

Whew, that was a lot!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, this particular healing was one of the first of many sessions we had, but again, was an extremely important initial step in her longer healing journey. As with most serious diseases, there are multitudinous dimensions that need to be addressed and healed in stages over time, at a pace that the body can safely handle and integrate. 

As well, there are different goals and plateaus in a person's healing journey, all of which are important and significant. Small advances in healing should never be taken for granted, while we hope and pray for great breakthroughs in our overall well-being. 


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Woman Bird Kachina last few touchups final


This image depicts a vision that one of my healing client's energy body transmitted to me during a phone healing. My client was suffering from severe leg pain, which was clearly way out of proportion to a recent strain she suffered while competing in sports. As is sometimes the case with trying to heal difficult conditions, a person’s body wisdom sometimes reveals never-healed past-lifetime traumas or conditions that either caused or contributed to current problem. In this particular client’s case, her body wisdom showed me a multi-reincarnational soul journey that first included a lifetime as a prehistoric bird, a Pterodactyl to be specific. Her auric hands in the beginning of the vision were Pterodactyl ‘wing-hands’. Then these prehistoric bird ‘wing-hands’ transformed in the vision into a modern day tiny bird’s ‘wing-hands’ like a finch.

At this point my client’s whole body in the vision transformed into a Native American Indian, who was dressed in a Kachina bird costume doing an Indian ritual dance along with other Native Americans dressed in different Kachina costumes. Finally, this vision transformed into my client as herself, in this lifetime - with the now clearer vision of why she was having severe leg issues. With so many bird lifetimes, her legs never fully developed, being primarily sky bound. My job as a healer at this point, was to do my best to awaken and transform her underdeveloped auric physical legs (which still thought they were bird legs), into fully functional anatomical human legs appropriate for her body weight, proportion, and the current physical activities she is engaged in.

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