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Transcription of Belly Fat Video: ”Communication Cut Off with Belly Cell Miners due to Crown to Root Chakra Mine Shaft Collapse”

This is a healing about a client of mine who complained of her belly fat. And, she told me a diet, she’d been eating really well, very healthy, low carb, high protein. She was doing a lot of exercise, dancing, running, yoga, ecetera, but she just could not lose the belly fat, like many people can. Some people, of course, could eat anything they want, and they never gain any weight, and they never gain any fat in the belly, other people are not so lucky. My client was one of them. So the first thing I saw when I tuned into the healing was some very interesting things happening with the belly chakra. Now a lot of people. if you read the literature in chakras, they mostly talk about the front chakras, they talk about, well of course, you’ve got the root chakra, which is spinning like a vortex in between the legs and then you have the second chakra, which is the belly chakra, and then the third chakra solar plexus. Fourth chakra is the heart chakra. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, the sixth chakra is the third eye chakra, and the seventh chakra is the crown. What a lot of these chakra literature don’t talk about is the back chakras, and so really it’s one chakra. So the belly chakra is actually a vortex spinning out in front connected to a vortex spinning out in back, it’s one chakra. And, the same thing with the solar plexus, you have front and back. The heart chakra front and back etcetera, etcetera. Of course the Crown and the root chakra are one chakra, they’re just stretched out the length of the body down this central channel, the straight central channel that connects that one chakra, you know, from Heaven to Earth, from the crown to the root and in the best possible scenario, all these front and back chakras should connect in with that sensual chakra line connecting the crown and the root should connect in at the middle and they should all all be connected, that’s obviously in the ideal situation and very few people would have that kind of ideal hook-up.

So, what I found in this particular client’s belly chakra explained to me a lot of why she was having trouble losing the weight there and what I saw was that there was actually a lot of energy from the third layer out, third, fourth, fifth, and seven layer, which is the highest layer of aura. The same thing with the back chakra the back belly chakra there was a lot of energy from the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh layer in the back. The problem was from the second layer to the first layer and then going through the middle to the first layer and back in the second layer and back there was nothing going on. It was all blocked, it was like a nowhere’s land. So this obviously explained to me quite a bit because if there’s no energy, you know, from the second, first in the front and the back layers of the belly chakra, there’s no energy getting in there, there’s no intelligence getting in there basically the cells are left, the belly cells are left on their own. They eventually forget that they’re belly cells. And, they start, sort of, you know going in all kinds of directions creating these kind of random molecular clumps of cells, which translate to fat. Now, the other thing that I saw, as well, was that this central line connecting the crown to the roof, it was a pretty good line going all the way down until it got to the lower back and belly region and all the sudden once again there was a nowhere’s land. The energy was just not getting down from from the brain down the spine, it wasn’t able to pass through the whole region, you know, because of the belly chakra blockage and also now, of course, there was a blockage in the vertical direction as well. So those cells inside the belly were pretty much abandoned and at this point, you know, the body wisdom of my client started revealing the why, you know, why were these cells lost and abandoned inside the belly chakra and also inside this Central line connecting the crown to the roof. And, the body wisdom showed me some really interesting images here. The first images it showed me was very interesting. It gave me this vision of miners being trapped all the way down a mine shaft because the mine on top collapsed. And, you know, we’ve seen these kind of incidents on the news periodically, I mean they’re, you know, very scary, obviously. Fortunately we’ve had some some successful rescues, you know, that I can remember where you know I finally got to the miners and were able to bring them out. Anyway, but that was the vision the body gave me that the cells in the belly were like miners trapped deep inside, you know, a collapsed mine.

And, then it showed me a couple of visions here. First there was obviously this, you know, you could sort of look at the line connecting the crown to the root as the vertical mind shaft and then the cells in the belly as the trapped miners. So the brain which is on the top of the mine shaft, you know, is yelling down, “Hey, how you guys doing down there?” you know ecetera, etcetera. It’s trying to say, “Don’t worry, we’re trying to get down there.” And, that’s how it was using me. It was using me to communicate. The brain was using, you know, guiding, using my healing work to communicate with the trapped miners, the trapped belly cells, the lost belly cells. And, also you could look at it as well from the belly chakra as well, because this is also like a mine shaft, you know, that had collapsed. And, so you know that out the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh layer of the belly chakra was saying, “Hey, are you in there?” you know, again trying to communicate with the cells of the belly, the lost miners. So that was very, very interesting vision. The other very interesting vision that her body wisdom showed me, was this vision of the torso as a woman’s corset where the laces of the corset in the back roughly corresponded to the vertebrae of the spine and the laces in the front just went down the torso, and the vision that her body wisdom gave me was that the corset looked fine until it got to the belly region and the lower spine region. And, it showed me that the laces got severely loosened when it got to the belly in the lower back region, and that’s, you know, obviously what of course it’s supposed to do, it’s supposed to hold in the fat. Well, you know, that was part of it, and so in the ideal case, obviously the corset of the torso the corset of the lower spine and the belly supposed to be tight, you know, it’s an auric corset, and that’s when we have a flat belly, and probably a very good lower back as well. So, in this particular case, you know, that had become loosened, the lower back was obviously weak, and her belly, obviously, the cells were not working correctly, obviously, they were creating a lot of fat cells. So, the key to this healing was, and I can’t say, I saw her a number of sessions,

I haven’t been in touch with her, so I really can’t say, you know, for sure that she lost all the weight, but basically in this healing what I saw was, I started pulling out a few things. Number one, there was physical trauma in the lower spine, sacral in the lower lumbar vertebrae. There was physical trauma from being overworked, at her job, she was just tired and no big trauma, you know. nothing crazy with employees, or coworkers, or bosses, or anything, just really working hard, and she wasn’t getting enough oxygen, she wasn’t getting enough blood, enough energy to the lower spine so it started giving out. And, she did have some lower back pain, as well, it wasn’t severe, but it was there, she did tell me about it. In terms of the front of the belly chakra, I saw that she had a number of different family crises, health crises, and also family dynamics, a whole range of them, I started pulling out some things, mother, cousin, aunt, etcetera. You know, I’m sure there’s a lot more but the ones that I did pull out, there was traumas, the memories, the crises, as well as pulling out some of the incidents where she was really, really tired at work. Slowly but surely the belly chakra started spinning inward to try to connect the back and the front of the belly chakras spinning together, together, together, and I actually saw that they, by the end of the healing I had made a connection. It wasn’t great, I mean it wasn’t a complete solid hook-up, but the front and the back of the belly chakra did connect and I was also able to ring, originally I saw an energy pathway going, you know, through the central channel from the crown to the root. It was weak, very, very, weak. It was like a stream that had a lot of pebbles and little boulders, stones, etcetera and so the energy was sort of trickling down the central channel and, of course, when I got to the belly/lower back region, it couldn’t go any further. But, while I was taking out these traumas lower back in the front, belly chakra traumas, and bringing the belly chakra together, I was also simultaneously able to increase the stream of the central channel, get it to be more straight, more flowing and then I was actually able to just barely connect it through by the end of the healing, as well as connecting the middle of the belly chakra. So, that’s what you’re looking for, you’re looking for the middle of the chakra to hook up with the central line connecting the crown to the roof. Now there’s all kinds of other dimensions that were going on because you just can’t pull out traumas from from one chakra, in an isolated way, because most traumas are full body. So, her heart chakra, her physical heart was involved in all of these emotional traumas in the belly that I pulled out family stuff, health crisis. So, the heart chakra was involved and the third eye, the whole body, including the organs, you know, the heart of organ, the liver, so you just can’t isolate one area of the body, but in pulling out those traumas, enough of the the essence of those traumas was in the belly area. Other parts of the body got relieved, as well, when I was pulling out the back and the front of the belly chakras, but those weren’t the major dimensions here.

The major dimensions were in the belly, so as I said, you know, I haven’t seen this client for a while. clients come and go and, you know, sometimes a healer can’t compete with an aerobics, or a Zumba class, and that’s just the way it is, you know, in the life of healer, so but in this particular healing, we definitely made a good hook-up, and, you know, the cells now were getting direct communication, as modest as it was, the brain now and the intelligence from the legs were able to finally get to the abandoned miners and bring them up, bring them up to safety or give them the correct instructions, remind them, you know, that their belly cells, and what they’re supposed to do, and also, you know, connecting the front and the back of the belly chakras, as well. Again, you know, giving those cells the correct information of, you know, how they’re supposed to to operate, and, of course, the bottom line to all of this is more energy, more light, more blood, more nervous system power, more instructions, more correct blueprint information is getting to the belly, and therefore the cells finally will start working correctly. Maybe not perfectly immediately, I mean this could take a while, but the metabolism, you know, when this hook-up is made, even if it’s just, you know, barely, still and all, the metabolism should increase, and the fat cells will start aligning themselves correctly, and start working correctly, and the fat should come off. So, alright.

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