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August 25, 2018
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August 25, 2018

Healing Bus Crash Victim’s Auric Field – Painstakingly Straightening Crumpled Reynolds Wrap — (video below top image)

Transcription of Healing Bus Crash Victim-Painstakingly Straightening Crumpled Reynolds Wrap”

So, this video is about a crash. What happens to the body and the aura when somebody crashes. Now, this particular healing was a bus crash. A gentleman that had a bus crash with, like 20 or 30 people in it and the bus turned over on its side and rolled down a hill, really crazy So the impact, obviously you know, when when something like this happens, this particular person was somersaulting, you know, out of their seat, flying through the air, smashing into the side of the bus, you know, on its side and then flipping again, going to the other side, as it came around just like, really like a rag doll, like putty just being flown around like putty. And so, obviously, you know, you’re going to have all of the physical issues, in this particular person’s case chronic neck problems, chronic knee problems hip, etcetera. Couple of vertebrae out, all kinds of stuff going on. But, what I’m gonna talk about, in this particular healing, is what happens to the auric field during some kind of crash, like this. Now, it’s really pretty amazing what happens, because technically, from my experience as a healer, you cannot really heal these physical breakage’s, and you know severance’s, even if there’s surgery, and you repair this, you repair that, you stitch this up, still in all, if you don’t heal the auric field of the injury, there will be no permanent healing, and in fact, if you can heal the auric field quickly after the injury, it will greatly accelerate the healing of the injury, because you put the auric field in place, then you do the surgery, you do the stitching, and it’s got the correct auric model from which to regrow and heal, and merge, and meld the cells correctly. So, the healing will just go, you know, if you don’t have the auric field in place, in the correct healing, after the injury, the physical body will heal in an incorrect template, it’ll never heal permanently, it will never correctly,

So, anyway what happened to the auric field of this particular person, you know, the image that came up and this is really the fascinating ways that the body wisdom communicated to me, because this person’s body, with them during the healing, showed me this crazy image of what happened to it’s auric field during the crash. Basically, it gave me this image of a role of Reynolds wrap, and it showed me that the auric field in it, all the somersaulting and crashing on one side, and smashing in this side, it was like taking a role of Reynolds wrap, and crumpling it all up, the whole role, in all kinds of crazy ways, right? And don’t forget, to add to this, this is not just the actual impact of all the crashes, what you’re having here is not only one impact, but you know you’re hitting one part of the body first, and it implodes inside the body. Each hit, you know, goes to the skin, goes to the muscle, goes to the bone, goes to the nerves, and each one of those parts of the body experience that hit differently. Some of it is direct impact, and then there’s secondary, and third impacts, and each part of the body, experiences the hit differently, and has a different reaction to it. Emotionally, too a lot of the parts of the body will cry, they’ll scream, they’ll cry just like you scream and cry, when you hit your knee, or you know, you stub your toe. The parts of your body feel. They are alive at some level, they’re living consciousness. So, you had that one hit, and all the parts of your body have the the echo effect of reaction, and then of course, you know, you’ll hit one part, and then the head will go this way and it will impact, so now you’ve got a secondary impact with all the parts of that affecting, you know, the skull, the brain the cervical vertebrae, the nervous system going all the way down, and then you flip around, and you go into the other side of the, you know, you twist, your whole body’s twisting around as the bus rolls down the hill, now the back of your hip, and you know, it’s just endless. The impacts, the number of impacts, and then the number of secondary echo effects of the initial impact, is just staggering, so the body, and not only that, but what I also show when I did this healing is the added emotional energetic chaos of all the other people on the bus, screaming and flipping out, and flipping around you, and I mean this all just happens in like a matter of seconds. But, the body is recording all of this in slow motion. If you slow down, and you watch every single possible impact, physical, emotional, audio, visual, you know, the whole century response of this crash, it’s just staggering, because the bodies picking up everybody’s impact, everybody’s emotional reaction.

Then, also added to this is the aluminum of the bus. The windows crash, I mean, it’s just unbelievable. And, it’s all getting stored in your auric body, it’s just unbelievable, all this gets stored, because it’s all energy, it’s all impacting. So when the person’s body wisdom gave me this image of this crumpled role Reynolds Wrap, you know, each crumple is another piece of chaotic energy data of all those factors that I just described, it’s unbelievable. So, now the body wisdom, you know, said to me what we actually did in this healing, you know, and the goal in this, in the healing process for somebody who’s undergone an injury like that, a crash like that, is painstakingly, really, and this is incredible process. We’ve got to, you know, the goal is to completely straighten out the whole roll of Reynolds Wrap, which is completely all crumpled up, you know, a million different crinkles, so we’ve got to be very, you can just pull it, you know, pull it apart and, you know, you have to sort of pick one side up, smooth it out a little bit, and you pick the next part up, pull that, straighten it out, and then you get like, the whole side of the role, right? And then, you keep going, maybe you roll it, you know, get another role of cardboard, of a cylinder to keep rolling, and then you keep smoothing out the role until, you know, who knows how long it’s gonna take? But anyway, you get the idea that any kind of impact like this is just an incredible encoding of of all kinds of crazy, chaotic data, and the healing process, you know, is gonna be a journey. It’s definitely gonna be a journey to untwist, you know, you’ve got to deal with the physical, but you also have to deal with the emotional, and there’s gonna be all these other factors in there as well, you know, all these other materials, glass, aluminum, and then other people’s auras, and their entities too, spirit entities coming out of them, you know, everything depending on how much of an empath you are, you will absorb, and pick up all of this stuff from other people. So, all right, once again, just to give you a sense of the complexity of healing some kind of, you know, crazy impact crash like this. Alright.

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