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Ancient Roman ‘Goddess-of-the-Hunt’, Discovered within Healing Client’s Aura, Gives Courage to step into Earthly purpose

Synopsis of Video


When tuning into this 50-year old woman’s aura for a remote healing, I immediately saw that her auric feet were about two feet above her physical feet. It looked like she was levitating aurically.

What was a bit different about this particular woman’s auric body distortion, was that her

head and brain were actually the right size and were where they should be in terms of her

physical head and brain.  So she kind of looked like a midget aurically, even though physically

she was actually a relatively tall person.

Gradually, I started to realize that what was keeping my client’s auric feet from coming down the two feet into her physical legs and feet, was an issue of courage.

She had been hiding from the world, isolated, feeling invisible, not feeling like she had any purpose or reason to stick around this planet.

Indeed, she expressed, as a number of my clients have over the years, that she just didn't want to be here on Earth any more.

Like many of these other past clients who’ve expressed a similar sentiment, she is a very

spiritual person, having studied many metaphysical paths, been in the presence of many gurus over the years, does yoga, is a long term meditator, etc.

She is also very depressed about the state of the world in terms of politics and the environment crisis, among many pressing global issues.

Nonetheless, it was clear to me that she was brought to me to help her to have the ‘courage’ to

come back to the world, heal herself, and work to figure out why she incarnated into this lifetime, and hopefully discover what her higher spiritual purpose was here on Earth.

It was obvious to me from the start, that we had to get her auric legs and feet back down into her physical legs and feet, and that now I understood that I needed to help  her have the courage to do this:  the courage to come down to Earth, to stand in her power, and to hopefully make a difference on Earth for the remainder of her lifetime.

At this point in the healing I had an incredible vision.

All of a sudden, my client’s aura became 100 feet tall. First I saw giant leather sandals with straps that tied up the ankle and shin. Then following up this 100 foot tall body, I saw

that she had a bow and arrow strapped around her back. To me, based on my past experiences, it seemed like my client had some past layer of her aura that either was, or was intimately connected to, an ancient goddess.

Somehow this goddess felt Roman. So I looked up the goddess in the Roman pantheon who was the ‘Huntress’, depicted typically with a bow and arrow.

It was clearly the ancient Roman Goddess Diana. In the Greek pantheon the Goddess Diana was known as Artemis: The Goddess of the Hunt.

What was interesting and also a bit disturbing about what I was feeling about my client as

the Goddess Diana-Artemis,  was that the Goddess seemed to have some disdain for all the tiny humans 100 feet below who were Her devotees. She seemed to feel that these worshipers

of Hers were whiney, needy, and even though they prayed at Her temples and sacrificed animals to Her, She often felt derision towards them. She preferred to hang out on the god-goddess spirit plane pantheon with Her peers, like perhaps, Dionysius and Bacchus,

among others.

She was however, guarding the Mount Olympus realms for spirits who She deemed destructive to the god-goddess realms. She was the Goddess of the Hunt, using Her spirit bow and arrow

to defend the higher energy realms of the Universe from lower spirit beings who would deface and darken the heavens.

Basically She guarded the whole 6th layer of the aura, which contained a number of gradations

of light energy, from the lower level light of the 6th subtle body layer, just above the 5th subtle body layer, all the way up to the brightest part of the 6th layer, just below the heavenly 7th layer.

This lowest part of the 6th layer I refer to as the ‘lower astral’ and the upper part of the 6th layer, the ‘upper astral’. The Goddess of the Hunt, Diana-Artemis, hangs out in the upper astral primarily, but is constantly scouting the lower astral for these destructive, darker, rogue spirit beings.

All this said, Diana-Artemis was always aware of the little, tiny Earthlings praying continuously at Her temples on Earth, with all their ailments and worries. So periodically, the Goddess would focus exclusively on Her Earthling devotees, spending days listening to their concerns and

doing Her best to help them in their lives.

When She was paying attention to Humanity, I saw angel wings begin to grow, and She moved from the upper astral upward just into the 7th heavenly layer. Clearly She had opened Her heart and compassion to do this service for Her tiny Earthling devotees.

At this point in the healing the focus came back to my client in human form in this life. But now

we were able to bring down the powerful, fearless energies of the Goddess Diana-Artemis into her human consciousness, working to reprogram her current identity.

And with this reprogramming, we were able to bring her spirit body down those 2 feet, so

now she could feel more powerful, standing strong, grounded, and transforming all those

self defeating, self deprecating, hiding, isolating, fearful tendencies she suffered with.

More importantly, my client now could receive her ‘mission’ to serve Humanity, being able

to have the courage necessary to come out of her shell, and fulfill her divine purpose for

this lifetime, even if this purpose is still unclear at this point.

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