How to Setup Your Free Introductory Aura Healing

Step #2: Let me know if you want to do a:

Phone Session

(International calls use WhatsApp)

or a


Webcam Session 

(see webcam instructions below)

For USA sessions: please email me the best phone # to call you on. I need your phone #even if we're doing a webcam session.
This is in the event of webcam connection issues, we'd be able to switch to a phone healing.
I will email you my phone # upon receiving yours.

Again, my email is

[email protected]


*Webcam Instructions: If you want to do a WebCam session (International/ USA), my preferred methods are using Skype, Google Meet or Hangout, or Zoom.  I don't use Facetime.

*To use Skype, please send a Skype invitation to my Skype ID: ZiJi Kaufman,
and alert me through email, so I can log onto Skype to accept your invitation.

*To use Google Meet or Hangout, send an invite to the email above.

  • *To use Zoom, you or I can send a zoom link to the other's email.