Ziji’s Story – Essential Elements



The Meaning of the name ZiJi – My American-born name is G.Z. Kaufman. Although Jewish by birth, I’ve developed a profound reverence for many religions and spiritual traditions in my 30+ year spiritual development. The name ZiJi is pronounced like the letters Z and G, and comes from Tibet. This name was ‘channeled’ for me by a woman healer in the early 1990’s, and it just seemed to stick. (You can read more about  the Tibetan meaning of the name ZiJi in the Shambala Publications book called Shambala: The Way Of The Sacred Warrior. But in short, ‘Zi’ means ‘shine’, and “Ji” means ‘radiance’ and also ‘dignity’. )


The Essential Elements Of My Story:

From the early 1980’s to about 1990, I was in a major metaphysical learning mode, where I received teachings from a huge variety of metaphysical teachers, through their workshops, lectures, books, etc. I also studied with, and received healings and spiritual initiations from many healers, gurus and spiritual masters. You can learn more about these early influences when you read  ZiJi’s Story: Metaphysical Learning Explosion-1984 to 1990



The most essential part of my story however, begins around 1991 or so, when I made a major discovery in my inner meditation process. Up until this time, I had been doing a highly structured, daily sitting meditation practice, which I adopted from the many different mediation teachers I had encountered before 1990.  The discovery I made around 1991 involved the peeling away of traumas from my aura (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traumas), one ‘onion layer’ at a time. Since that discovery, I estimate that I have peeled away millions of these ‘onion layers’ of trauma from my aura, and I continue to peel away more layers every day.

The knowledge of the human aura that I have gained since 1991 (and continue to gain every day) from peeling away these layers is what makes my healing and coaching abilities powerful and unique.

Every day I learn more and more about the how the aura works, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and each new piece of knowledge I gain, increases my ability to help you heal whatever issue(s) you’re needing healing for.


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