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Hi everyone this is Stephanie with Psyche Surfing.

Welcome to episode five

I had to call him on the phone because Ziji is a Aura Healer.

He works via phone with clients.

So, the Aura is essentially

a photo-luminous electro-magnetic radiation

that an object or a being gives off.

And, we're gonna dive into what the Aura is,

why it's relevant and how it relates to healing work.

One of the main themes that we talk about with Ziji

in this interview is past life healing

and this is the way that the energy body stores information.

So, when Ziji is working with clients,

he's literally reading and speaking the language of that Aura

to know what event or trauma is ready to be healed.

If anybody doesn't know the New Life Expo here in New York City

everbody's setting up their own personal booths

and sharing what type of healing business they have

and so many people have so many different things

and people who are spirit junkies, like me,

go and you can get readings or you can work with different healers

You can go to different lectures and people from all over the world come

to share what they do in this really high vibrational place.

There's also a lot of chaos, a lot of people who are looking for answers

in the wrong way might be looming around.

There are a lot of people who have really, really special messages to share,

and if you are lucky, you'll stumble across them.

and I wrote my name down on Ziji's list

that said fee or a healing.

I'm thrilled to be able to talk with him today.

I had an Aura Healing with him, I can explain a little bit about what that was

I sent a picture, I think it was about three or four years ago

I sent him a picture of me, and then he called me on the phone

after having, like, perceived my energy through the photograph.

We talked about any specific issues

that I might want to have healed at that time.

To be honest I forget what they were, but I was so curious about

what he was doing. I set the phone down and I relaxed

and I was aware that somebody was, in their own way,

using their clairvoyant abilities, clairvoyant clairsentient,

cognizant abilities to perceive

what my Aura had to say, what my Aura had to communicate.

And, in terms of what the Aura is, for anybody who isn't familiar with that

One definition, that I love, of the Aura is

it's a subtle luminous collection of radiation

surrounding an object or being.

And when we're talking about the Aura, we're not necessarily talking about

something that your body is doing or exuding

that we think of when we think of colors in Aura and like that.

On a deeper level it's the energetic body that is projecting into the earth

onto this dimension of reality that we're on right now

that is the way all the information actually is

and so that Aura is making up

by sending us information that we see now as our bodies,

as our real bodies as Earthlings, here on Earth.

if we want to go deeper to healing that our soul is ready to know or experience,

you look at the Aura. You look at our subtle body

in Ziji's language as he's going to explain to us, I hope

is very specific to what that Aura is.

So, I'm so excited to dive into that with him.

In my healing,

and I was so surprised to learn

that he saw a past life I had in Egypt,

he didn't give a specific time period,

and I share this story as an example

of the type of visuals he might perceive

that will relate to your current circumstance

or will relate to what your soul, what you're ready to know

what you're ready to change, what you're ready to

integrate into your life to change and I guess I was

I guess I was a priestess in a temple in Egypt

and he said that I was a part of a lot of ancient rituals

that would happen in the temples.

And in that way I was cut off from the society a little bit

because I was serving in the rituals

I was a part of the I don't personally consciously remember this,

this is information that he shared with me,

and he said that I was in the temple working in this way

of some of the religious traditions the occult traditions of the temple.

And an earthquake happened

and he said that literally the energy that needed to be healed

was energy at my feet and that that earthquake itself,

Was so surprising that my body literally absorbs

the shock of the trauma of this earthquake

and this is why in this life

I might have a little bit of learning to do in terms of grounding,

in terms of feeling like I have two feet solid on the

in terms of trusting.

And so that, of course, that totally blew my mind

and even it, still as I remember this reading,

as I remember this thing that he did for me,

so bizarre to consciously really reflect on.

So I guess he said that happened was

it was such a mass exodus, it was such a confusion,

it was such a chaotic scenNof everybody

and walking and leaving that my body had absorbed

a lot of the confusion that I felt

being sort of separated from the people

in the sense that I had been somebody who was working inside the temple

and all the sudden I was in a situation where

not only was the floor shaking underneath me,

but I was having a harder time relating to

some of the people that were around me.

And so basically he did a healing in my Aura

for this past life circumstance

That is part of how I know Ziji

and that is part of my personal story with him.

And I share that with you because you may have situations

I certainly encourage everybody to call him

a book a session with him, the first one is free

This is his website. We're going to get into a little bit

about how he perceives this information, how he got there.

So I'm here with Jim and we're setting up

and we are getting ready to call this incredible healer.

>> Ziji Kaufman: Hello. >> Stephanie: Hi Ziji

It's Stephanie, can you hear us? >> Ziji: Yeah

I can, can hear me okay? >> Blair: I can hear you really clearly now.

Thank you so much for being with us.

>> Ziji: Sure, thank you for having me.

>> Blair: So, can you tell us, and for my listeners,

a little bit and I know that it's a vast question

Can you tell us about your healing work and what you do?

>> Ziji: I'll try.

Yes, it is a vast question.

Basically my knowledge and my healing approach

does not really come from any teachers or books,

although I did study with quite a few healers and Shamans

Gurus, etcetera, spiritual teachers back in the 80's,

in the mid to late 80's and after that I spent a year

studying at the Barbara Brennan healing school

when she was in Long Island almost a year.

And then I started getting my own inner guidance

that I had my own healing approach

from a past life time and it was news to me at the time.

Blair: Oh yeah.

>> Ziji: And, some of her assistants,

in the room when we were practicing different healing techniques,

they would come up to me while they were teaching the technique up on stage

and they'd come up to me and whisper in my ear they'd say,

"You don't do the technique this way." You do it this way."

And I'm like, "What?" And they end up telling me

the way I did my healing practice, in some past lifetime,

they were channeling it. So that was very interesting,

because my background was in physics. I was a physics teacher,

and I really didn't start out to be a healer.

I was writing a book at the time, or trying to write a book,

that included a lot of Barbara Brennan's

concepts from her book, "Hands of Light"

which is a fabulous book and so that's why I decided

to leave teaching and go to study with her.

So after that I had been on a pretty much like a 30 year journey

of inner transformation and self healing

basically peeling off layers and layers

of physical and emotional traumas for the last almost 30 years

and as I peeled them away

I map out the universal language of how human Aura works.

So in 30 years I have mapped out quite a bit

I'm saying usually now about, I feel like I've mapped out, close to 80 percent

of how the universal language of how the human Aura works

That might be, that might not be a correct percentage.

Probably could be much less because who knows

the vastness's of the human Aura,

and the amazing dimensions? But that's what I usually say

I've mapped out about 80 percent at this point

So when I tune into somebody's Aura, or Energy body, over the phone

they're, what I call their body's intelligence,

basically can see that I understand its language

and it almost immediately starts talking to me

in symbols, visions, words,

All kinds of ways that people's bodies, body intelligence

start communicating with me,

and they guide me,

basically to whatever needs to happen

with the person it's really wide open.

I say there's really no issue that I can't make some positive contribution

to the physical, emotional kind of issues

So, I guess that be a little bit of a nutshell explanation.

>> Blair:> Wow, thank you so much for a nutshell explanation

of something that's so incredibly vast.

>> Ziji: I tried.

>> Blair: Yeah exactly and I think that one of the things

when we talk about the Aura, when we talk about spiritual healing,

when we talk about unraveling our own inner capabilities for healing

and understanding,

we're talking about something that in some aspect is un-explainable,

like the essence of spirit or maybe the essence of Soul

that is able to relate to each other like I'm really interested in.

You said the body's intelligence that they're bringing in their Aura

the information that's stored in your Aura that you're able to perceive.

I'm interested in how that's the same language in
some way.

In a sense that we're all connected. >> Ziji: you're interested in how

in this universal language

Is that what you're asking? >> Blair: Yeah sure, I'm just reflecting on it

I just think it's absolutely incredible because we're talking about a language

that is spiritual in nature.

Can you talk a little bit about that language?

Like maybe that the understanding that you able to get

when you are perceiving information in somebody's Aura.

>> Ziji: I'll try.

So yeah, I mean, I believe that this human vessel

Physical and energetic and spiritual

that I believe that God, he, she, or it, God has created

and we're living in it living in this creation

this vessel that houses our spirits

I guess you can call it you know an organic, you know, machine at some level.

It really has been to designed to embody our spirits.

And, so just from that vantage point alone,

it was created at a universal level

and, the interesting thing about it is

that it could handle, I call it the full encyclopedia of light bodies

this is to me, this is the knowledge of,

you know, what I've gleaned in my 30, almost 30 years of doing this work.

is, you know, everybody is at a different constellation of light body

that's being housed in this a vessel that that can house

all possibilities of light bodies.

So, when I'm dealing with a client,

you know, I'm basically interacting with a light body

that is in their particular

probably 100 percent unique

constellation of light that's being housed

in this vessel and depending on

the traumas that that particular light being

that I'm interacting with in my healing session

depending on the traumas that that light being has gone through,

and however many lifetimes or existences

either on this planet or perhaps other planets or other dimensions

that's all being stored. All of those traumas

and positive experiences as well and everything in between

is stored like a recording in the Aura in the energy body.

So, yeah. Anything you want to

question on that one?

>> Blair: No, I understand and I'm so excited for my listeners

to be able to get such an amazing explanation from you, Ziji.

I think that it's just really, really well said and really interesting.

Can you talk a little bit about past lives and what that is,

what that might mean maybe even if you've had a client

that has come to you for a Aura healing and maybe their friend recommended

they have a session and they're kind of unsure what it is.

What would you say to them that if you are doing an energy healing for them

or an Aura healing and you say, "Hey, this past life is coming up"

How might you describe that to somebody

who has never heard of that concept before?

>> Ziji: Well, I usually preface it by, you know, first and foremost saying,

"Do you believe in reincarnation?" And I'll wait to hear their response.

Most of my clients,

well it's not true actually I get I get clients from,

you know, the full range of people who like, you know,

reincarnation is second nature belief

they've always had it people who, you know,

have never even really considered it. So, yeah I'll ask them,

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"

and basically the way I look at it,

you know, the person's body intelligence is showing me visions.

But it's only if it's useful and relevant

for the healing of the person like, you know, we're not interested in,

you know, that you were Louie whatever or Queen Elizabeth, you know,

We're not interested in that but if that comes through,

I mean if I get a vision that somebody was

somebody was a recognizable figure in history

and that's cool, you know, but I'll ask, I'll talk to their body

intelligence and also my own spirit guide will say,

"Is that useful information for this person?"

"Does this person really need to understand that they were somebody famous?"

Most of the time, you know, the past life visions that I get

are, you know, fabric of life kind of visions

that embody a quality,

in their current life that is up for healing,

you know, sometimes you have physical and
emotional conditions

that people have that when after you really sort of question

their, you know, their backgrounds

and they're scratching their head they can't say,

"Well, I don't know how that happened I never, you know,"

"broke my arm in that particular area."

and I don't know where this particular emotional neurotic response

comes from because I had an idyllic childhood.

So, you know, so at that point

the body intelligence may start giving me past life visions

that explain, you know, give some kind of sense

where that particular physical or emotional

condition might have come from

and so it's really up to the clients,

you know, if they're ready to integrate, to receive.

The lesson the visions, you know, everybody's at a different

level of self exploration.

And, some people, you know, you give them that information

and they're, you know, they know exactly what to do with it

and they're already off and examining

the different aspects of their lives

to integrate the knowledge and that's fabulous

because usually when the body intelligence gives

these kind of past lifetime

information and the person

learns the lesson or receives the teaching

of the vision from the past life

that usually will help them to resolve

the blocks, the energy blocks that are holding

the physical and emotional trauma in place.

And that's when you know a condition can really be permanently healed

after the person has learned the teachings, the lessons

of the visions, you know, it's like the body's intelligence holding

all of our secrets, our body intelligence knows everything about us

everything that's ever happened to us

and it's just waiting for the timing to give us this information

when we're ready for it to process and transform and heal.

>> Blair: Wow, I think what I'm getting from you

as well is that a lot of times when clients hear a certain story

there's a memory when they make conscious a memory

that happened to them from the past,

I wonder and what is your experience,

how important is it for them to intellectually understand that?

And how more important is it interesting for the body to hear that?

Or the body to recognize that story?

And if there's like a subconscious knowing

that brings healing even more than like an intellectual knowing?

There's a realization in the body if there's a memory in the body

that is seen and heard,

maybe that's the most important thing that's happened

even if the client or even if a person can't rationally understand it?

>> Ziji: Well, when you share something with a client

that's, you know, information that's coming from their,

you know, I'm calling it their body intelligence

you can call it their subconscious

or their autonomic nervous system or, you know,

deep within them,

you know, they're gonna receive it on all levels, you know,

and they're gonna hear it as well as they can hear it,

you know, their soul is gonna feel it as well as they can feel it

and it's a full body, you know, reception

of what you're sharing with them. Some people, as I said before,

will know what to do with that almost intuitively

and they'll be running with it.

hitting the ground running with that information to keep transforming

and other people, you know, will put up blocks

and they'll hear a portion of it and, you know, if they keep doing the healing work

and just have to keep repeating it.

keep sharing it until, you know, they get the lesson.

>> Blair: Yeah, at the right time and the right way.

That's best for them, I guess.

I wonder, as you've worked with so many people,

if you see it overall

if you're able to grasp that some sort of overall image

of our evolution overall,

or our cosmic hearing overall,

and if you start to see patterns of people opening up the same time

or if you see. patterns of people healing different issues the same time?

I know the volcano is going off right now in Hawaii

and so we're all connected to these deeper energy,

we're connected to the earth, we're connected to each other.

Do you notice any patterns like that

when you're working, when you're working with people?

>> Ziji: There's definitely an overall evolution that's occurring.

I do believe.

I mean ultimately we all started out excuse me originally,

when we were first created

we all started out with the full spectrum of light,

in our aura's with all of our chakra's,

beautiful and open and our light bodies,

gorgeous and our hearts open,

and our connection to people,

That's where we all come from

and that's where we all, hopefully, will eventually get back to.

So, you know, that's the goal.

The question really is, you know,

when for each soul,

you know will that, you know, resurrection

or re-flowering of their original light bodies occur?

I think everybody's, sort of, at a different place in that cycle.

>> Blair: Do you see a difference in the ages of people's souls

so maybe there are some people that have been down,

you know, I mean, have you worked with newer souls,

newer light bodies compared to older light bodies?

>> Ziji: Sure. Yeah, it's a full range.

In terms of ages I have, my spirit guides have

when they were sort of creating my business structure

put in sort of like an age limit of 25.

you know? So, you know, we just basically

Anybody's under 25 you can look on my website,

which is, you know,

Anyone who is under 25, somebody has to sort of be with them,

coach or a parent, etcetera, etcetera.

But anyway no, you can have very young people,

in terms of age who are incredibly wise and evolved souls

and you obviously can have very old people

who are quite, you know, quite immature, quite young

in their in their souls.

So, you know, there's definitely a collection

of souls on this planet right now

that have come in already quite evolved

and I have quite a few of those souls as clients

and that's beautiful very, very, beautiful.

These are probably souls that really didn't,

you know, didn't need to learn too many lessons.

I believe you really can't come on this planet

if you don't have some lessons to learn.

But it's just a question of, you know,

how many lessons you need to learn and how you need to learn them,

you know, how severe, you know,

the lesson will be presented to you.

Hopefully and we all hope that, you know,

our lessons will be presented to us

in very gentle, and loving, and nonjudgmental ways.

And for many souls on this planet I believe, you know,

they're having that kind of journey,

learning their lessons but they don't have to be,

as I sometimes put it, they don't have to be,

you know, whacked over the head to get the lesson, they get it,

you know, they know how to receive guidance and signs

from the universe and they know when they're getting spoken to

by a higher intelligence.

And a lot of these, you know, these evolved souls,

you know, know exactly how to receive that information and grow

and some people on very, very, fast tracks.

with learning, with their learning

and hopefully, I guess, a lot of them are, you know, hoping

that they can get off, as they say, you know,

the wheel of karma or, you know, the reincarnational cycle.

If they choose. Does this make any sense?

>> Blair: It's making sense to me. Psyche Surfing is a lot of

helping people bridge the gap

between confusion about new age healing

and, you know, so I think that we're using

a lot of language, Ziji, that might be really, really familiar to people

in the healing world and I think it might be really exciting

for people to hear who don't talk about this every day

whose jobs, their life, and their concepts

their personal mythologies don't necessarily evolve.

What you're saying to bring it more into the concrete for somebody

who might want to get a session with you

can you tell us a little bit about what it looks like?

I can share my experience. I met you at the New Life Expo

I think three or four years ago

and I just signed up on your lovely guest list

and it said, "Sign up here for free Aura healing."

And it really struck me

that you were offering services for free

and that that was one of the ways that you were reaching out to people

as a light worker and as a healer sharing what you do

because not everybody does that.

So that definitely got my attention and sure enough,

we did it wonderful session together.

And then it was like a year later,

I was going through something so difficult.

I was going through a hard time in my life and you called and you said,

"Hey, would you like a, I forget what you said

or how or why you had my information but it was just like an angel showed up

out of the blue to do a healing for me.

And it really struck me as such divine timing for me personally

to have you reach out, second time.

>> Ziji: I think I had emailed.

I know you had wanted a healing for your mother

and I think I had emailed her

and then you, sort of, responded.

And I know the circumstances, but yeah. >> Blair: Oh my gosh.

That's triggering me a memory, that's right.

Well, thank you. So for everybody who's listening

I really admire the fact that that was so generous in spirit

to reach out to me.

But for what a session looks like you call somebody on the phone

And no, we send a picture first, right?

>> Ziji: Yeah, well first of all let me say that my first session

over the phone or over web cam is free

and then after that it's 60 dollars

and you can get a half price follow up session

to that 60 dollar session if you do it, you know, relatively quickly

after the 60 dollar session.

So you can basically get two sessions for 90 dollars,

which is basically $45 dollars a session.

And so the first session is always free I ask people to send two photos,

recent, up-to-date photos of them alone,

you know, without friends or pets in them,

so I can see what their current,

up to date energy I'll call it energy constellation or signature.

sometimes I call it their current cosmic phone number,

you know, you dial in,

that's their crystallized energy field at that particular point in time.

And then, you know, the energy field changes,

so if I'm doing, you know, more sessions with people,

I ask them to send up-to-date photos before each session,

because everybody's energy body changes.

Some people change more some people can really change in a day,

and other people have aura's that

or energy bodies that are pretty, pretty steady.

So once I get a sense after a number of sessions

of how a person's energy body might shift.

And, I get a lot information from the photos

and when I put the photos up on my computer

when I'm speaking to somebody on the phone or the web cam,

and there body intelligence

is talking to me it's pointing me saying "Hey, look here Ziji."

"Look at this particular area and ask my client,"

"you know, has anything happened in this area?"

or I'm seeing some kind of emotional dimension in
their aura.

and their body intelligence is talking to me telepathically and saying,

"Ask my client."

And I say, you know, >> Blair: Ask me, yeah.

>> Ziji: Yeah. Ask them about, you know,

did anything in the last week happen

that, you know, related to something like this,

because I'm seeing this vision of this person

and they're saying this, you know, whatever it is

and then hopefully the person, usually the person will say "Wow!"

You know, it jogs their memory

and they'll say "Yeah, that did happen to me this week."

And then that unfolds a whole story

So the healing session is between an hour to an hour and a half.

And again my spirit guide set up the structure of my business a long time ago

So, we leave up to a half hour in the beginning

of this kind of working with the photos

and just talking to the person,

seeing what's up for them whatever they feel like sharing.

If they don't feel like sharing anything, then no problem.

I don't, you know, go prying at all.

If they don't want to share anything,

we just jump right into the healing,

which is done in silence, usually takes about a half hour to 40 minutes.

And then at the end of the healing, I call them back

say "Okay, that's the end of the healing." and then I share with them

what I think happened during the healing.

And, hopefully I can give them some predictions

about what they will hopefully notice

in the coming days or weeks sometimes after the healing.

And, then I also in the first healing, the free healing,

I also follow up with people in 48 hours.

I give them a call and I just want to know how they're doing since the healing

and if they have any questions for me.

So that's the introductory experience.

And my spirit guides offer it for free because, you know,

we want people to have an experience,

you know, I wouldn't want to take anybody's money

you know, for future sessions until people really have a sense that

something fundamental has shifted in a positive way

from the initial healing. >> Blair: It has such pure intention

behind it and it's so, it's radical, I think it's radical to offer free healings.

And, I think it's a beautiful way to go about what you're doing,

especially in the world and especially with the need

the need for healing and the need for understanding about

what this looks like. >> Ziji: Yeah, it's a beautiful experience.

It makes me feel good.

I consider it art, really, and this is beautiful.

It's sacred and majestic,

even when we're dealing with very serious health conditions

or serious emotional issues, it's just incredibly sacred connection

between that person's body intelligence,

you know, working in whatever, at whatever pace the client

is ready to work at,

and trying to move that person forward in their evolution.

>> Blair: One thing you keep saying that I want to make clear for everybody

when you say the body's intelligence,

you mean the physical body

and/or the light body, right?

>> Ziji: I mean once again I have to say that

I had a huge, if you ever read my story on my website,

I had a huge renaissance

spirit education back in the 80's

I was like a audio/visual person

at a major new age center.

And, first I was volunteering and then I was given, offered this position

by somebody who was doing a lot of different events

and I ended up being the audio/visual taper at this major center

and I learned from hundreds and hundreds of, you know,

teachers and healers, etcetera.

But once I left the Barbara Brennan school in 1990,

my spirit guides told me to stop reading, stop going to lectures.

And from that point on,

I've basically, you know, had to evolve my own languaging

about what I do.

So if some of my languaging is a little hard to understand,

I empathize with you and your audience.

But basically at this particular point in my evolution as a healer

and my current understanding which is always increasing,

because I'm still healing myself,

you know, all the time still working on myself and learning more

about the human Aura and the human energy body.

But basically, I acknowledge three bodies.

I acknowledge the physical body.

And then I acknowledge what I call the Underlying Auric Architecture Body

or the underlying energy body.

And that actually, and then the third body is US

The third body is who we really are as a spirit

in body and out of body,

I mean, the spirit is eternal.

It goes from lifetime to lifetime.

But while we're in this particular lifetime on Earth,

or whatever planet, you know, our people evolved to

or moved to, if ever,

and we come into this vessel

and this vessel, again, I believe it was created.

It's basically an energy matrix at heart

And this is my concept of the Aura, my current concept of the Aura

you know, a lot of people think the aura is these colors

that expand out from the body, you know, you get these aura photographs

that people like to look at. >> Blair: Yeah, that's the main association.

>> Ziji: The real revelation from my vantage point

is that the Aura starts inside the body,

and it's basically, it's the underlying energy matrix

that to me, is almost an exact model of the physical body.

So you find when you go inside the body,

you know, you've got an energy heart, you got an energy liver,

you've got an energy nervous system, everything's exactly

the way it is in the physical body but there's an energy model

of it underneath. And, so what I do

is I'm going in and healing

the underlying energy body

and what happens is the cells of the physical body.

So many millions are born and die every day,

so when you heal the underlying energy body

eventually new cells will grow on top of that healed energy body

and then the physical body will heal itself.

So that's the way I'm working, and, also our spirit.

For us to be fully alive on earth in this in this vessel,

us, our spirit bodies, need to be fully integrated

with the other two bodies, in other words, a Spirit Body needs to

come into the underlying energy body

Underlying Auric Architecture Body and merge with and embrace

this, you know, all the internal organs and systems

underlying the physical body and that's, our spirit bodies comes in

and can potentially bring this incredible, miraculous

created vessel to life.

And all of the psychic, everything evolves from that.

I mean, it's just, you know, we can get full health, full health, you know,

it means health at every single level and that's when the Spirit Body

comes into these other two bodies and fully, fully integrates with it,

brings it to its full, you know, its full glory

all original intention to house all the energies,

all the beautiful energies in the universe.

>> Blair: Wow.

Well, that makes sense to me. Does it make sense to you, Jim?

My sound guy is listening too. >> Ziji: Hi Jim.

>> Blair: He says "Hi." It makes so much sense to me.

And, I wish I could pick up the questions

that would be in my listener's minds.

But, I do think it makes sense and I think it's mirroring my own

understanding of the Aura. I think a lot of people think

of the Aura as like colors that are coming off of your body.

and it seems like this elusive

I think that's the thing, it's changing

and, you know, a lot of people talk about it.

I am excited that this conversation

might demystify what it is. >> Ziji: The way the way I look at it,

I'm sorry to interrupt.

The way I look at it you can almost use the metaphor of a light bulb,

you know, where you got the light filaments

in the middle of the glass bulb,

and that's where, you know, that's where the light begins

and then the light radiates out past the actual physical light bulb.

So, you know, similarly, we are the light bulb, you know?

We're the source we are the light body

and we come into this vessel

and depending on how much light we have,

how integrated our Spirit Body is as it integrates

with this underlying energy body and the physical body

to that degree, our energy will radiate out like a light bulb

into very far reaches and the colors of the Aura come with that,

you know, and the healthier your Spirit Body is as it integrates

with the underlying energy body and the physical body, to that degree

we will be colorful we will radiate the colors

the full colors of, you know, of the energetic

And that translates to beauty,

you know. and everybody can recognize,

that they may not understand the way I'm explaining it

But, that's the Aura, you know, and some people just have great energy

They have beautiful complexions,

you know, I could look at somebody's complexion

and then see that, you know, all the colors

that are making it up and that's, you know, that's real.

I mean it, you know, we have an intuitive sense

of what a healthy energy body looks like

even people who can't see Aura's,

people look at somebody and say, "Wow, you look great."

You look healthy, you're vibrant,

and it doesn't have anything to do with their age

it doesn't have anything to do with their physical features

If somebody is radiating beautiful light, you know,

everybody can feel it.

>> Blair: Wow.

One of the ways I think about it, as well,

If people think like the body itself is this physical vessel,

is doing the Aura or making the Aura

whereas I actually come the other way around, right?

Like you said, the spiritual body, the energy body,

it's almost as though that information is projecting into this dimension

the physical form. So, it's like it starts with the Aura,

so you could say, in a sense, that Aura is shining this body.

>> Ziji: Correct, and yes of course, that is what I'm saying.

Of course, you can have, you know, like a physical accident

and, you know, break a bone or whatever

and then that is the physical world

imposing it's harsh will on the physical body.

And, it will impact the energy body and your Spirit Body as well, inside.

So it can go the other way, as well, you know,

But, I mean, >> Blair: Right, yeah and thank you so much.

I hope I didn't put you on the spot to explain the nature of reality,

I just mean to go dive deep into what it is exactly that you do.

But what you're doing is involving this metaphysical concepts.

>> Ziji: Right. >> Blair: Right, and just to reiterate,

so if a trauma, you get hit by a car,

something happens to your physical body whether it's in this lifetime

or another lifetime that's information that could be stored in your Aura.

And, so what you're doing is helping people go back,

go back and see what's in there.

And, in a sense, how can we heal these blocks and release these blocks

so they don't have to affect you in this current reality.

in this current lifetime. >> Ziji: Right.

Right, I mean you know, and the body intelligence

knows the way back and that's, you know, that's another

very important dimension of what I do.

Even if I know all kinds of things

exactly about where certain illnesses is

in somebody's, you know, physical body

and I've read the reports,

and even, no matter how much I know about a client,

when I tune in for the healing I empty my mind

or I try my best to empty my mind completely

and let the person's body intelligence take over

because I just, you know, I just have the basic stance

that I would not know how to heal

that particular, you know, there is no universal way to heal

any one particular medically described condition.

Everybody's 100 percent unique

in their energy bodies and how they got there

and so if somebody is diagnosed with a certain kind of condition

that the medical profession has put,

you know, a definition, or a label, or you know a level

on it, you know, I still will just want to go in there myself

and see what I see, because I see everything in energy forms

I mean, you know, you go in there and the cells

somebody has got cancer, or a tumor, or whatever, I mean

I'm going in there, and hopefully the body intelligence will guide me

to that particular area and hopefully that particular organ

or organ system will start talking to me and and share with me exactly

or the cutting edge of what's, you know, keeping it stuck

and what the original root cause of it, you know, of that condition is

>> Blair: Yeah, so when you go in there,

like you just said, this is a personal process that happens for you

that has to do with the way that you are in communication

with your spirit guides and with the way that you're using

Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance,

to understand information that a person's soul

or a person's Aura is giving you.

And, that's what you mean by going in there.

>> Ziji: Yeah, tuning in telepathically and communicating

with their body's intelligence or their Spirit Body

Yeah, you said it well.

>> Blair: Okay, so once you're there,

How does the healing happen? Do you send them light?

Do you send them love and lights,

Do your spirit guides take over from there?

And what is that moment of healing?

What does that look like? >> Ziji: You know, I don't send any.


Basically the way I've, I didn't start out to be a Healer,

I basically stumbled on this, this physical and emotional trauma,

onion peeling process, where, you know,

I'm peeling these, my own layers.

And, so when I tune in to a person's Aura,

and I'm guided to go to the cutting edge

of where they need healing, a lot of times,

Well, I could be working on a number of levels. First I take in.

I've basically learned

how to take in whatever energies or entities, spirit entities

I know that's probably a concept that some people won't really understand

I could explain that if you'd like, but basically when I first started healing

I open myself up to that person basically passing over

to my own Aura, my own energy body.

all the energies and the entities that they're ready to release

And I take it into my own Aura and then transform it.

>> Blair: Oh wow. >> Ziji: And, this is one of the basic,

basic abilities that basically allows me

to do this work because, as I said, I didn't start out to be a healer,

I learned how to, you know, get rid of the negative energy

>> Blair: So you're transmuting >> Ziji: I'm still learning, but I

I've done a lot, exactly, transmuting negative energies,

and entities from my own Aura over this 30 year period,

almost 30 years and so when I tune into a person's energy body,

that's the first thing usually I'll just start, almost like a vacuum cleaner.

I'll just start, you know, whatever the body is ready to release

I don't go looking I don't, even if I see

a certain pool of negative energy or entities.

I will not go in and, you know, take it out.

I wait for their body intelligence to give me what it's ready to release

And, then I clear myself and I get rid of that

and then after that, because a lot of times I do more than one

more than one, sort of, mini-healing.

Some of these are really, really long healing, as I said,

the actual healing portion

it's like a half hour to 40 minutes, sometimes longer,

depending on what needs to happen

But, once I clear the person of the energies or entities,

that their body intelligence wants to give to me

to release, to clear, then I go in and I can do some,

all kinds of different stuff whatever really needs to occur,

like psychic surgery stuff, sewing like energy stitches,

transforming the consciousness of the cells

of you know where there's, you know, each cell is, you know, to me

like a mini-person every single cell has a voice

and, you know, I try again I'm being guided but if, you know, if necessary

I can go to pretty much any level of magnification

if I need to go down to the microscopic level to transform,

you know, the consciousness of some kind of condition.

The root of it is at the nervous system level, or the brain

the level of the synopses in the brain, or the capillaries,

you know, or inside the, you know, the bronchial's of the lung

wherever it is I can, you know, go there and get to the root.

But then ultimately,

you know, you want to come back to the macro level

and get a vision of the full body.

And this is when somebody has done, you know,

either they're already sort of there or they've done a lot of healing

and finally the body intelligence says,

"Okay, we don't need to go to the micro level anymore."

"Now we're going to integrate everything."

"We're gonna see the body as a whole organism"

and tune it up, you know, and get everything working together."

So, that's a very exciting moment for me as healer

when the person's body intelligence takes me

away from one particular area where there was pain?

or an emotional block in an area

and then we start working with the whole body.

And now we working with the whole magnificence of the original,

you know, template of the human body the human Aura.

So the chakra's come in and, you know,

it's just that it's a very exciting moment when the whole body comes in.

Hope that was somewhat understandable. >> Blair: Yeah, yeah

That's so neat, it's amazing.

And what's coming to me the most is that you went on this path as a healer

that you said you were ready to stop listening to other books

stop learning and really start listening to yourself?

And your own unique way that this happens.

So, what does your life look like now? I mean, I'm sure that you

aren't isolated but I can also imagine that you're

in a very sacred, protected bubble that this work requires

in some way. >> Ziji: Well, I mean, if you go and read

my story on the website you'll actually, you'll see that

the universe took me after I left the Barbara Brennan school.

in 1990, 91.

it took me on an amazing, three year hitchhiking journey

in the Southwest.

You know, where they guided me took a bus

to actually, I see it from Colorado.

There was like a Rainbow Gathering going on in Colorado that year.

And. I was guided, I stopped first in Durango, Colorado.

What part of Colorado are you from? >> Blair: I'm from Denver.

Durango is beautiful. >> Ziji: Yeah, it was great.

So I got there and my spirit guide said, "Okay."

Put all, you know, all your money in this safe deposit box

in the bank, and then just go out

and will guide you into this three year amazing hitchhiking journey

that landed me in, you know, all kinds of areas,

New Mexico, and Austin, Texas,and California,

San Francisco, and a whole bunch of different, I did.

I was part of, like, a psychic touring entourage.

and we went to all the states around there.

So yeah, the Universe, it really kind of

was sort of set out to blow my mind and show me, you know,

what was possible, you know, just to have complete faith in the Universe.

And there's some pretty, pretty intense little stories there,

you know, for anybody who might be interested.

Just trusting the universe.

Some pretty interesting and quite challenging circumstances

that I was tested

to make sure that I had the proper faith

you know, and I was worthy

worthy of eventually, you know, being shown

or being allowed to unfold these abilities.

And that, you know, the universe would send me people

to help, you know,

And, so yeah it's been a journey

I came back to the New York area

after the three years. >> Blair: What made you land in New York

after visiting all these beautiful places?

>>: Ziji: Right, right well now it was,

Yeah, Well, I grew up here and you know there was family.

Family dimensions, I ended up working in my family's fashion business.

At first. you know, I started in very, sort of, low level.

and eventually I, you know, became like a production manager,

where I was running, like, a crew of like, you know, maybe like 40 people.

And the universe is taking me on a very interesting journey,

following this, you know, magical rainbow,

three years of, in the southwest.

Yeah, it's brought me back to ordinary,

you know, what most people in this planet the ordinary fabric of life

that most people on this planet are experiencing.

And, I had to slow down my consciousness

quite a bit. I had to learn to deal with

monotony and slowness of change.

And that was also a test that was a test for me.

to have the intention, the intention that I want to help everybody,

no matter how, you know, wherever they're at.

You know, whatever speed they're moving at,whatever level of,

of knowledge or lack of knowledge

of who they are at the unconscious level.

It had to be at the intention level that, you know,

Everybody's important everybody's equal,

and then no matter,and the universe has sent me, sent me.

as I said before, you know, some of the highest evolved souls on this planet,

as well as, you know, being's that really have no clue

about what motivates them.

And it's been, it's constantly, it still is you know I am basically,

you know, open for whoever walks through the door

and take them from wherever they're at.

So yeah, the universe brought me back to New York,

and in fact next year, me and my partner, Rebecca,

we're probably gonna move back to the Southwest,

because that's where she's from.

But, it's been, you know, many years since I've been many years

since I've been in New York. and at this level of learning,

it's it's just basically been about respect.

And as I've said before I try to walk

what I call the Bodhisattva path. Are you familiar with that?

>> Blair: Sure, um hmm, um hmm..

You know, it's not enough to be, you know, to be

spiritual and, you know, happy

be happy go lucky and, you know,

and searching for the ecstatic experiences,

because there's a lot of people, you know, in relatively dark spaces

right now on this planet so the Bodhisattva,

path for me is just the intention really.

As Jesus walked with the lepers, you now, at the intention level,

to be to be willing to really walk, you know, with the metaphoric lepers.

whoever they are, you know, so that's what New York has sort of been like to me.

It's just, it's been a sacred journey, a sacred experience

and some teaching about

the way many people, most people live on this planet.

And, it's been humbling, it's been very humbling,

and so that's, you know, everybody on this planet,

you know, we're all family, this is our family, that's the way I look at it.

And, everybody's important, no matter where they're at.

So, that's the way I look at it.

I don't know if that, I got off track on that one.

>> Blair: What you're saying is just, is so beautiful as well,

because this podcast is all about New Age philosophy,

and we're getting to the heart of it,

getting to the heart of what is what is Psychic Perception,

what is Healing, what is our Psyche, what is Astrology?

and, you know, right now as everybody's, consciousness is growing,

and everything is, you know, everybody's doing yoga.

There are a lot of positive movements happening,

to keep it in perspective and what I'm getting from you is service.

and the Bodhisattva's desire to be of service.

of, you know, our passion and our love for spirituality.

You know, we don't, you know, we have more people,

you know, freaking out about how they're going to

de-calcify their Pineal Gland, and what vitamins they're going to take.

And it's not really about that.

And just bringing it back to home,

>> Ziji: Can you rephrase that last, what you were just saying,

in a different way? >> Blair: In terms of like

the sensationalism of New Age concepts.

I want to help guide people back to the core,

and I think that's what you're saying is service..

And we're all here together,

this is our family and we're here to help each other.

And I want to remind people that that's, at least, what I love

about Spirituality, and that's what I love about all these Healing methods.

That's what, yeah, that's why I wanted to talk to you

>> Ziji: And you're doing it as well with all of the work that you're doing.

The cards, and your own Healing practice. as well.

>> Blair: Thank you, yeah um hmm, yes.

This is a very exciting broadcast, by the way, I wanted to congratulate you.

>> Blair: Oh thank you. >> Ziji: For doing this Psyche

Surfing series. >> Blair: Thank you so much.

>> Ziji: Very cool. >> Blair: I have to say

it feels incredibly miraculous.

like even today, we have a crew of friends.

Are they painting in the room next door?

My fiance and his team here at Five Ohm Productions.

A lot of people are making this happen.

And even today there are just little things, getting the equipment started

I had a funny situation just getting in the building

and it isn't even feel like it, it just feels like it's happening.

it feels really wonderful.

And I'm excited. >> Ziji: That's very beautiful

when, you know, you really can feel the universe

aligning, aligning to support you that's awesome.

>> Blair: Well, thank you for, like you said, you're open.

Thank you so much for being open to receive this call

and to let us. I hope you didn't feel like we were

at the interview I'd hope you didn't feel like we're asking you

too make questions I like you explaining anything.

I'm jut thrilled you were able to share it.

You know? >> Ziji: Yeah, well I hope

it wasn't, it was everything I said was hopefully

understandable, if people have questions about anything that I've shared,

You can email me

from my website again


and my e-mail is [email protected]

Feel free to e-mail me any questions you have

about any of these concepts.

Yeah. >> Blaiir: (inaudible) everybody.

>> Ziji: So any any other dimensions that we want to try to tackle?

>> Blair: I think we're good. I think that that was really encompassing

and I really encourage everybody to reach out to Ziji.

And thank you so much Ziji for calling in by phone.

I think it's appropriate for the way you work.

>> Ziji: Thank you, I appreciate it.

And thank you listeners as well.

>> Blair: Thank you. >> Ziji: And is it Jim, right?

>> Blair: Yeah, have a great night, Ziji. Talk to you soon.

>> Ziji: You too mow, bye bye. >> Blair: Okay, bye
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