Chakras & Ziji's Aura Healings
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Chakras & Ziji's Aura Healing

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The 12 Chakras on the 1st layer of the aura


12 Chakras on the 1st Layer of the Aura

Diagram showing 14 Heart Chakras on the 7 layers of the aura (84 total chakras = 12 chakras on 7 layers)

Heart Chakra on all 7 Layers

Clearing Distortions In The Chakras

Chakra Distortions


Chakra Clearing / Chakra Balancing

During a healing session with me, one or more of the 84 chakras (12 chakras on each of the 7 subtle-body layers) may 'call out' for healing.

As you can see in the middle image below, there are many ways that a chakra can become distorted.

These distortions happen due to physical and emotional traumas from this and/or past lives.