Aura Coaching Possibilities

Please note: Aura Coaching is only available to my regular healing clients

Welcome to my very special aura healing and coaching abilities, which can greatly enhance all facets of the desired area of coaching, whether you are a professional or amateur.

The main reason Aura Coaching is only available to my regular healing clients, is that the regular Aura Healings by themselves, will eventually open up all the chakras and full-body energies that are fundamental to being effective in any area of coaching. Most times I will just weave Aura  Coaching into our regular Aura Healing sessions, so you won’t pay anything extra for it. If we both agree that you need extra, special coaching, then we can come to an agreement on a case by case basis in terms of payment and scheduling. These extra, special coaching sessions can be done in a variety of ways: using webcam, internet file sharing, DVD mailing, or in-person through special arrangements. The nine coaching possibilities that I've listed below (Athlete, Businessperson, Public Speaker, Singer, Musician, Actor, Dancer, Comedian, Media Personality and Modeling) are only some of the possible areas that my unique Auric extrasensory abilities can be utilized for. If you have an area of interest that you think might be enhanced with my unique input, please discuss it with me!

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My abilities can be utilized in ways not listed here. Let me know if you have ideas of other ways I can help you.