2 Streams Healing
ZiJi and Rebecca: Partners in Healing

Rebecca's Stream

ZiJi's Stream

Ziji Kaufman


Rebecca is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Acupuncturist

ZiJi is the Aura Healer and Coach - whom you've read about in this website

Getting Rebecca's Acupuncture treatments to supplement your Aura Healing and Coaching with ZiJi may serve to greatly accelerate and enrich the healing of your health issue(s).

Firstly, having periodic "hand's on" live Acupuncture sessions with an extremely talented, knowledgeable and intuitive acupuncturist can help to ground the more "etheric" Aura Healings you'll be having over the phone with ZiJi.

Magically, the two healing modalities work together in ways that are virtually impossible to describe. For example, ZiJi will do a phone Aura Healing one week and shares his insights with Rebecca, and then Rebecca, the following week, creates an Acupuncture treatment for you that incorporates both the powerful combination of her own analysis as well as ZiJi's Aura insights received directly from communicating with YOUR body's wisdom.

In addition, ZiJi often does Aura Healings on Rebecca after her Acupuncture appointments, and pulls energies (and entities) out of her aura that YOU gave to her through the acupuncture needles during your session. This additional 'behind-the-scenes' work by ZiJi may greatly enhance the profoundness of your treatment. The Acupuncture needles, along with Rebecca's own creative and well-researched needle placement strategies, often impact regions of the physical and energy body that might not get immediately accessed during ZiJi's healings.

In sum, the synergistic power of both ZiJi and Rebecca working with you as an integrative team will be much more than the sum of their individual healing practices alone. Try a few sessions going back and forth between ZiJi's phone healings and Rebecca's acupuncture sessions, so you can experience for yourself this great synergistic healing power

Sincerely, Ziji and Rebecca!