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I'm Ziji,  and I offer my first introductory healing session for free.


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Introduction To Ziji's Remote Aura Healing


All good-natured, tolerant, open-minded, and non-violent people are invited to explore how my very special distance Aura Healing abilities can help you in your life.


When you give me the privilege of tuning into and communicating with your aura remotely, over the phone or webcam, I can, over time, dramatically improve your health in all its dimensions, which includes primarily your physical and emotional health, but also your mental and spiritual health too, if those aspects require attention.


The time frame for the transformation of your Auric health depends on a wide variety of factors that are completely unique to you. 

No two people will have the same aura healing journey. 


Although chronic health issues can take a while to reverse and heal, dramatically rapid,  even seemingly miraculous improvements to your health are possible through my distance aura healing work.



Why I Offer The Free Remote Aura Healing


Due to the unique nature of my Aura Healing at a distance, I offer my first session FREE (over the phone or zoom) to give you an experience of my work so you can better decide whether to embark on a longer-term aura healing journey with me.


Even this one introductory free remote aura healing will likely take you to a new level of well-being. 


Regardless of whether or not you choose to continue past the introductory free distance aura healing, I believe you will get some important, positive, even perhaps life-transforming results, just from this one free session.


It is completely unique to you and the condition(s) you are looking to heal as to how many remote aura healing sessions you may need following the free introductory session, and how often you should have them. 


For some people, the one free session is enough to catapult them to the next level of their healing journey, and I always feel blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to assist people in getting to this next level.


(Note: The free session is exactly the same as all my sessions, lasting between an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes).


Video Testimonials

What's possible with my Aura Healings?


Maximizing your optimal potential health not only includes having all 'normal range' readings on Western medical blood panels, as well as Western medical doctors giving you the 'all clear' on regular checkups...


It also includes experiencing maximum joy, happiness, wonder, optimism, compassion, love, inner and outer beauty, curiosity, imagination, you can fill in the blanks...


These heightened states of health can be achieved through the healing of the Chakras, the 7 Auric Subtle Body Layers, the Auric Body Organs & Systems, the Auric dimensions of Emotions, etc.


Aura Healings have the potential to help you realize the full potential of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health!


The following image describes, in a highly generalized manner, the ultimate goal of my distance aura healing work:


The Healing Journey : Like the Transformation of a Butterfly

My Unique Approach to Remote Aura Healing

The Key To My Remote Healing Abilities :
My 30+ year Self-Healing & Inner Transformation Journey


Through my 30+ years of meditation and inner self-healing work, I believe I have developed a significant mastery over how my own Aura / Energy Body works, and by extension, how people's Auras / Energy Bodies work generally.

Transformational Self Healing

Part of this inner self-mastery work has been about learning how to communicate with and receive communications from the 'BODY WISDOM' - which I believe is the 'Universal Language' of the human body/aura that lies within each of us.


This is the behind-the-scenes 'language' that is responsible for overseeing such vital physiological functions as heart beat, breathing, and digestion, as well as overseeing the emotional, symbolic dream-imagery integration processes that gets carried out while we're sleeping.


During the 30+ years of my inner transformational self-healing journey, I have worked tirelessly with my own 'Body Wisdom' to peel away countless layers of physical and emotional traumas that had been buried deep within my Auric Energy body.


Every time I peel away another layer, my knowledge of the 'Universal Language' of the human aura expands, as does my ability to help YOU to heal similar physical and emotional traumas lying buried within your Auric Body.


The following image shows some of these traumas/issues tat I have unearthed and significantly transformed thus far on my own healing journey.


I use the analogy of peeling away the layers of an onion to speak about how these traumas are buried in the Aura's energy layers .


Peeling Away Onion Layers Of Physical And Emotional Traumas


The 'Body Wisdom' records all physical and emotional traumas that have ever happened to us, and can, under optimal circumstances, mobilize the body's miraculous self-healing capabilities to substantially heal many of these traumas.


Although your Body Wisdom ultimately knows the roadmap back to health, it is usually overwhelmed with handling unrelenting life traumas which get layered on top of older, unhealed traumas. So your Body Wisdom eventually loses track of the pathways back to your optimal health.


This is where my special gifts of healing can intervene to greatly assist your own Body Wisdom's efforts.


By my mapping out every-increasing regions of my own 'Auric Blueprint' through my 30+ years of inner healing work, your Body Wisdom makes use of this blueprint to remember the pathways back to your optimal health, and can thus begin repairing these long-forgotten roadways which lead to these older, buried, un-healed traumas.


Auric Blueprint

Why My Distance Aura Healings Are Safe


Before every healing, I bring my mind back to an open blank slate, emptying any preconceived ideas I may have as to how to heal you, opening up my mind to receive the guidance and essential information from your Body’s Wisdom that I need to proceed with a healing.


This surrender to the guidance of your Body’s Wisdom lights the way through every twist and turn encountered on your completely unique pathway back to health and well being.


This is why my healings are extremely safe.


Since your Body’s Wisdom is guiding my healing work every step of the way, no decision is ever being made that your body has not ‘signed-off on’.


 Why I Primarily Choose To Do
Distance Aura Healings
(verses In-person)


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For those of you reading this who don't understand the phenomenon of Long Distance Healing (also referred to as Remote Healing, Telepathic Healing, Psychic Healing, Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing, or Distance Reiki Healing), let me give a brief description of this profound phenomenon.


Basically it's the same process that Psychics use to read people's minds, but here it's energy being transferred between the healer and client, in my case, I am transferring energy to clients anywhere on the planet.


Whatever I can do in person, I can do at any distance across the globe.



Why I Use Phone Or Webcam when I could do the Long Distance Healing without Phone or Webcam ?


I have made a choice to not simply ‘heal someone at a distance’ without having a live connection with them over the phone or Webcam.


I want to talk to the person I’m doing a healing session with, both before and after the healing, so that the person understands to some degree what’s being healed AND WHY the healing was necessary in all its dimensions.


For instance, during a healing I will often times hone in on a belief system that that person has, that I can see has greatly contributed to the person’s health issue(s).


Sometimes, a person’s belief systems are at the root of a chronic illness and it is often necessary for a person to understand and work to change their belief system if a healing is going to last permanently.


If the belief system that created the physical and/or emotional condition isn't changed , what gets worked on in a healing session will eventually return. But if you work to change that belief system, the healing I do will be that much more permanent.


The Types Of Information Your Body Wisdom Gives Me


Your Body’s Wisdom will typically show me extraordinarily precise anatomical
or physiological visions of the area of your Aura that it wants me to focus on during any particular healing.


This will often times come to me as X-Ray-like visions that show me exactly what’s happening inside your body. There is virtually no microscopic magnification that I can’t see if your body’s wisdom directs me to focus my attention on a particular microscopic region.


It might direct me to focus on the physical body, for example, on structural problems within your bones, muscles, spinal cord, or brain. Or, it may focus my attention on your auric body; for example, the distortions of specific chakras in any of the 7 layers of the aura.



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Enjoy your personal journey exploring all the fascinating possibilities of helping you achieve your most optimal state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.