Step #1. EMAIL PHOTOS (Instructions Below)

(Note: Please read through the information on my HOME PAGE  before completing Step #1)

Photo Instructions

Please email me


(with no one else in the photos including pets)


Photo # 1. Close-Up of head and shoulders


Photo # 2. Head-to-Toe, full body

(fully clothed please)

(Cell phone photos are fine)


Again, my email is

[email protected]

*It's ok if the photos aren't 'picture-perfect', so long as they're not blurry.
*The close-up photo can be a 'selfie'. If you don't have someone to take your
full-body photo, find a full length mirror and take it yourself (hold the cell phone down so you don't block your face)
*In the rare instance that you are someone who doesn't have a cell phone that
takes photos, please find a friend who can take your photos with their camera or cell phone and email to me.

To learn more about why the photos are necessary for my sessions and how I use the photos,

see the addendum below*

*Addendum: Why are the photos necessary for the healing sessions and how to I use them:

a) The 2 up-to-date photos help me to prepare for your aura vibrationally before our session. If you email me the photos a day or so before our session, I can start to absorb the nuances of your auric energy body beforehand, which will help to increase the depth and power of your healing session;


b) The 2 up-to-date photos help me to precisely and effortlessly tune into your aura quickly at the beginning of our session, regardless of geographic distance. Only up-to-date photos will show your current 'vibrational signature', which is your unique energy field in the universe at any given moment


 c) The 2 up-to-date photos also provide me with a continuous reference point throughout our session. My sessions are long and often require me to extract complicated 'stuff' from your energy body, causing me to go through various states of consciousness to clear everything from my own aura. When I come out of these deeper states, I can immediately resume my healing work on your auric body with just another quick look at the photos;


d) Finally, the 2 up-to-date photos will continue to provide valuable information for usas we continue with future healing sessions, as I will usually compare brand new photos with the older photos. This comparison will often yield extremely important insights for your healing journey.