Under 25 Age Special Instructions: For people between the ages of
18 and 24


You must have a ‘sponsor’ 25 years of age or older  who, at the very least, has done my FREE introductory phone healing session, so they will have a pretty good idea about my healing work.


Your  ‘sponsor’ can be a parent, older sibling, friend, coach, teacher, etc. Please note however, that your choice of sponsor must meet the other requirements  (ie: over 25; have done at least the initial free phone healing session with me; meet my standards of responsibility and maturity; and respond to my communications regarding you in an appropriate manner).


This ‘sponsor’ will be sent a copy of all relevant emails/text messages I send to you, and will be kept informed of your progress with me.


I need to feel comfortable with who your sponsor is. I must feel that your sponsor is a decent, well-adjusted adult, 25 years or older, who truly cares about you.


When I communicate with your sponsor about an issue regarding a concern I may have about some aspect of your life, I would expect your sponsor to respond to my communication in a prompt, caring and meaningful manner.


The optimum support for you would be if your sponsor is someone who you have at least one live, in-person encounter with in a given week, and who lives close enough to you so they can visit you where you live if that seems important. I understand that many of you simply won’t be able to meet this optimal sponsor scenario, so I will leave you some leeway in choosing a sponsor who has some other regular communication with you (like for example, you speak with this person once a week on the phone).


So, please feel free to consult with me regarding whom you feel would make a good sponsor for you, and I will make a decision about it.


The reason for this ‘sponsor’ requirement is due to the maturity level that I feel is necessary to responsibly integrate the potentially profound life-transforming results of my healing and coaching work.


Even though a person over the age of 18 is considered an adult ‘legally’, it is my opinion that a person needs considerably more life experience to truly be able to make well-informed decisions in this increasingly complicated world. Having the informed support of a caring person 25 years or older helps to offset this relative inexperience.