How to Set Up PayPal


a) Go to


b) Click the ‘Sign Up’ tab at the upper right


c) Choose ‘Personal’ account (unless you have a company you want to send and receive money from, then choose ‘Business’ account)


d) Then follow the directions to set up your account


e) You’ll need to give PayPal your bank’s routing number, the bank account number you want PayPal to transfer money from (and to). To verify that it is indeed your bank account


f) PayPal will deposit 2 tiny amounts of money into the bank account you provided. Then you must look at your own bank account statement to find these 2 tiny deposits


g) Then you log back onto your PayPal account and enter these 2 tiny deposits. This is how PayPal knows that the bank account is yours


Now that has PayPal verified your financial information, you’ll be ready to transfer money (and receive money as well).