Public Speaker Aura Healing & Coaching

Welcome all good-natured, diversity-tolerant Public Speakers, to my very aura special healing and coaching abilities, which can greatly enhance all facets of  your Public Speaking career, whatever the size of your audience.

Please note: Public Speaker Aura Coaching is an exclusive offering for regular Aura Healing clients only. The main reason for this is that the regular Aura Healings by themselves, will eventually open up all the chakras and full-body anatomy energies that are fundamental to being an effective Public Speaker, such as the throat chakra and vocal cord anatomy energies.  Most times I will just weave this Aura Public Speaking Coaching into our regular Aura Healing sessions, so you won’t pay anything extra for it. If we both agree that you need extra, special coaching, then we can come to an agreement on a case by case basis in terms of payment and scheduling. These extra, special coaching sessions can be done in a variety of ways: using webcam, internet file sharing, DVD mailing, or in-person through special arrangements.

How Aura Healings Can Bring To Life Your Public Speaking

First and foremost, you must stay healthy !  Keeping you healthy through regular phone healing sessions will go a long way towards assuring that you won’t have to cancel any speaking engagements due to illness. Regular healings will keep your speaking voice fresh, relaxed and open, and a session before a major speech will go a long way towards removing last-minute tiredness and soreness from your throat.

From an Auric perspective, these healings will continually open your throat chakra, as well as other chakras, and over time, your voice will get fuller, more resonant, and more pleasing to the ear.

Voice Colors: The Secret To Public Speaking

The vibrational richness of your speaking voice is the ingredient that separates one public speaker from another.

From my many years of studying the auric fields of public speakers, I have discovered that it is the combination of aura colors from all the chakras which merge together in the speaker’s throat, blending with the voice’s sound waves in beautiful and harmonious patterns, which causes the audience to pay more attention and dramatically increases their enjoyment of the speech.

Each and every color that emerges from a speaker’s voice is ‘healing’ people in the audience, by which I mean that the people in the audience spontaneously feel more whole and alive from absorbing the speaker’s colorful and resonant voice energies. Once ‘healed’ by the colors of your voice, your audience will be better able to open up their ears and minds to enthusiastically receive the informational content of your speech.

You will be more and more in demand as a speaker in proportion to the fullness and beauty of your ‘voice colors’.

Using My Aura Coaching To Bring A Speech To Life

While we’re working on increasing the brilliance of your ‘voice colors’ through our regular phone healing sessions, we can also be adding my aura coaching. My coaching entails using my psychic intuition to discover how best to merge the content of your various speeches with your particular personality and your soul’s purpose. The audience must feel that you are being authentic in your speech and that you have some passionate relationship to the material you’re speaking about.

Through tuning into your aura telepathically and communicating with your body’s wisdom, I will often times get the perfect imagery or the coaching idea that will magically infuse your speech with a ‘soul or spirit’ that will capture the attention and imagination of the listener. This is truly a mysterious and profound process. I use no pre-planned coaching techniques. All my coaching techniques emerge spontaneously in the moment, through communicating with your body’s wisdom, and are thus tailor-made just for you and the specific speech you’ll be delivering.

Your reputation will spread as a speaker who not only has magnetic energy and a colorful aura, but also who’s delivery of a speech is authentic and invites the listener to open up their imagination to more fully receive your message.