I am NOT a medically trained doctor or psychologist. There is no license for ‘Aura or Energy Healers’.  The cases discussed in this blog should be understood as highly specific INSIGHTS, gleaned from healing work that I’ve done on specific people from my healing practice, and as such, cannot necessarily can be generalized to anyone else with the same condition. None of the healing insights that I describe here refer to any completely ‘healed’ condition. It is extremely rare that any specific health issue is ‘healed’ in one session. Indeed, most health issues will require a longer-term commitment to healing sessions.
Furthermore, any and all insights presented below are shared for the purpose of enriching your metaphysical understanding of the fascinating and infinite possible manifestations of dis-ease or imbalance of the human energy system, be it a physical, emotional, or spiritual condition. These insights should not be taken in any sense as a medical or psychological diagnosis, and you should always check with a trained medical doctor or other health professional when embarking on any course of treatment.
Please also note that the healings depicted in these blogs have had certain non-essential details changed so as to protect the identities of my clients, and the details of the healings may also have been simplified in certain complicated cases for ease of comprehension and readability. Otherwise, the unique information and insights offered in these blogs are completely authentic.
My hope is that these blogs are educational and fascinating, as well as inspirational!
(To learn more about my 30 plus year evolution as a healer of the Human Aura, please visit my website:
www.AuraHealingByPhone.com and read the “Ziji’s Story” section).
Peace….ZiJi Kaufman