ZiJi’s Story – First Major Extra-Sensory Wake Up Call –
Summer 1988


Background information to the Summer 1988 Wake Up Call


During the Summer of 1987, I was working at the New Age Center in upstate NY audio taping workshops and lectures.

One of the workshops I audio taped was led by Paul Deveraux, an Earth Energies Researcher from the British Isles and founder of ‘The Dragon Project’, an ongoing attempt to scientifically measure ‘Earth energies’ at various ‘Sacred Sites’ like Stonehenge and other ancient stone monuments throughout the British Isles and elsewhere.

During this workshop I made friends with a guy who had, the summer before, embarked on a ‘Dragon Project’ scientific research effort at a stone circle in Scotland called the ‘Easter Aquhorthies’ stone circle (exact location: 3 miles West of Inverurie, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland).

He was very excited about what he had scientifically measured at this stone circle using a Geiger Counter and some other scientific instruments, and his enthusiasm was contagious.

By the end of that workshop,  I ‘knew’ I had to eventually make a pilgrimage to this stone circle..

At the time, I was beginning to formulate my Masters Degree thesis in the Philosophy of Environmental Education, a degree I would complete in 1989 (M.A. Education).

I envisioned that I could write my Masters Degree thesis about the ‘environmentally-sensitive relationship to the Earth of the ancient peoples of the British Isles, through their relationships to these Sacred Sites like Stonehenge and other stone monuments across Britain.

I decided that I would spend my summer of 1988 backpacking alone through the British Isles, going to a host of ancient ‘Sacred Sites’, beginning with Stonehenge and ending with the Easter Aquhorthies stone circle in Scotland.

Before the summer of 1988 however, I was still fundamentally a ‘scientist’, not really giving much credence to ‘psychic phenomenon’,  ‘spiritual realms’,  or even the existence of God.  I was teaching High School Physics at the time, and I was still very much committed to trying to find a ‘rational’ explanation for these types of mystical phenomenon.

I felt that the mysticism at these ancient Sacred Sites could be explained ‘scientifically’ through specially designed scientific instruments capable of measuring ‘Earth Energies’. like Paul Deveraux was trying to do with his ‘Dragon Project’.

I embarked on my summer of 1988 backpacking expedition thinking I had all the answers to these ancient mysteries.

After my summer of 1988 expedition, I realized that I had NO ANSWERS to these ancient mysteries, having had an experience at the Easter Aquhorthies stone circle that defied, and STILL defies to this day, all my attempts at any sort of ‘scientific’ explanation !

Indeed, I had my mind completely blown at this stone circle, and I’ve never been the same since !

Below is a description of my mind-blowing experience….


First  Major Extra-Sensory Wake Up Call



Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle, Scotland—Summer 1988


I had arrived at the Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle feeling skeptical about experiencing ANYTHING at all, let alone some massive extra-sensory mystical awakening.

This was the end of my summer backpacking expedition, and so far,  I hadn’t experienced ANYTHING unusual energetically at Stonehenge, which was the first stop on my backpacking journey.  I also hadn’t experienced ANYTHING unusual energetically at  Avebury, a massive Stone Circle complex not far from Stonehenge.

What was I expecting to ‘feel’ at these ancient stone circles ?

I didn’t know, but I had experienced energy vibrations in my body prior to this trip, largely through doing massive amounts of yoga, and I felt that if there were obvious and extraordinary energetic phenomenon at these ancient stone circles, I should be able to ‘feel’ it.

In preparation for this trip, I got into a very heavy routine of doing over 2 hours of yoga a day, over many months,  and also eating a very pure vegetarian diet. So I felt I had made my body as pure as I could make it so I would be able to ‘feel’ any energy vibrations that were emanating from these stone circles.

As I said, I had experienced NOTHING extraordinary at Stonehenge where I spent many hours over 2 days walking around and around this highly protected tourist attraction. At night, I camped out on a mound a few hundred meters away. It was spooky being all alone in my dome tent my first night in a foreign country with the Royal Air Force flying overhead all night. I had visions of being interrogated, arrested and imprisoned by the British authorities.  Nice calm first night in Britain !

After leaving Stonehenge, I took a bus to another nearby stone circle complex near Bath, England, named Avebury.

Avebury, according to Wikipedia, is described as “one of the finest and largest Neolithic monuments in Europe dating to around 5,000 years ago. It is older than the megalithic stages of Stonehenge, which is located about 32 kilometres (20 mi) to the south, although the two monuments are broadly contemporary overall.”

Click HERE to view photos and drawings of Avebury

When I got to Avebury,  I knew I would have to stay longer than I had anticipated because the complex was so large and fascinating. So I scrapped my plans to visit a lot of stone circles across the British Isles, and decided to just stay at Avebury, before eventually getting on a train to Scotland and ending up at the Easter Aquhorthies stone circle in Scotland to end my summer expedition.

I ended up spending 2 weeks camping out on some local farmers field, deciding to stick around not because I was experiencing anything extraordinary energetically, but because I was mesmerized by the sheer size and structure of Avebury’s two stone circles encased inside a larger massive stone circle, as well as the two, one mile-long serpentine stone entrance ways leading into the central stone circles.

I was also fascinated by the 5000 year old man-made structure nearby called Silbury Hill, which Wikipedia describes as “a 40-metre (130-ft. high) man-made chalk mound…Silbury Hill is the largest man-made earthen mound in Europe, and dates from the Neolithic period. Its purpose however, is still highly debated.”

So I left Avebury after two weeks with my head filled to the brim with lots of fascinating knowledge about Neolithic England, but still no out-of-the-ordinary energetic experiences to speak of.  I was skeptical about anything extraordinary happening to me at any of the so-called sacred sites in the British Isles, but I was still committed to completing my expedition at the Easter Aquhorthies circle in Scotland.

So it was with a huge grain of salt that I boarded a train for Scotland and headed first to a spiritual community called Findhorn in Inverness, Scotland, for a couple of days of rest and renewal before being driven to the Easter Aquhorthies stone circle by 3 woman friends of the guy who had originally told me about his Dragon Project research there the summer before.

On this fateful day, the three women and I drove about 2 hours in the pouring rain until we got to Easter Aquhorthies.

We parked about 300 feet away from the stone circle.

As soon as I opened the car door, I was completely knocked out of my socks !

Immediately,  I felt incredibly powerful energy vibrations overtake every cell in my body.

The power of these energy vibrations would be equivalent to the intensity of going down a very fast moving white water rapids in a tire tube.

And I was 300 feet away from the circle !


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