Actor Aura Healing & Coaching

Welcome all good-natured, diversity-tolerant Actors, to my very special aura healing and coaching abilities, which can greatly enhance all facets of your acting career. whether your a stage, TV or film actor.

Please note: Actor Aura Coaching is an exclusive offering for regular Aura Healing clients only. The main reason for this is that the regular Aura Healings by themselves, will eventually open up all the chakras and full-body anatomy energies that are fundamental to being an effective Actor. Most times I will just weave this Aura Acting Coaching into our regular Aura Healing sessions, so you won’t pay anything extra for it. If we both agree that you need extra, special coaching, then we can come to an agreement on a case by case basis in terms of payment and scheduling. These extra, special coaching sessions can be done in a variety of ways: using webcam, internet file sharing, DVD mailing, or in-person through special arrangements.


How My Aura Healing Can Greatly Enhance Your Acting

To be a successful actor, you must first of all have that basic magnetic stage presence or ‘Star Power’ or that all great performers have.  Regular phone healing sessions with me will continually increase your basic ‘Star Power’ by gradually opening up your chakras, and unleashing the beauty and brilliance of the chakra colors that will make an audience riveted to your acting.


Opening The Heart Chakra: The Secret Key To Acting

If you want an audience to love you, you must be loveable!  Thus the most important chakra for actors, as well as all performers in general, is the heart chakra. An audience will follow you through thick and thin if your heart chakra is radiating beautiful energy. Regular healing sessions will gradually open up your heart chakra, as well as your other chakras. EVEN IF THE CHARACTER YOU’RE PLAYING ISN’T “LOVEABLE”  per se, the audience will still be riveted to you if your heart chakra is ‘loveable’. This is a great mystery of performers, explaining why audiences can be drawn to, and even ‘love’ characters that typically play ‘off-beat, ‘misfit’, or even ‘evil’ or ‘scary’ roles. Thus, the ‘content’ of your acting role doesn’t need to be ‘heart warming’, spiritual, or designed to be uplifting or inspiring to audiences. What’s important, is that the audience can detect that you ‘have a heart’, so to speak. An audience will be much more likely to follow you even through more risqué parts of your acting role, if they can feel your heart. The other mystery here, is that a performer must ‘keep their hearts clean’ of negative or dark karma in their personal lives, because when you unjustifiably and recklessly create heart break or trauma in the hearts of others, YOUR HEART loses it’s warmth and ‘lovability’ – thus the familiar downward spiral in popularity we have all witnessed in many formerly beloved icons whose personal lives have taken a turn towards a more self-serving or reckless consciousness. One important dimension of my Aura Coaching, will be to guide you to living a life that protects and defends other’s as well as your own heart’s sacredness and joy.


An Actor Needs To Be In Excellent Physical Health

Through regular phone healing sessions, I can gradually bring you to, and maintain you at your peak health level which is vital for an actor’s endurance and energy.  In addition to excellent physical health, regular healings will also continually increase the beautiful radiant colors of your aura. Having a radiant and colorful aura will give you that magnetic stage presence that every actor strives for. As an actor, the more your aura-body is energetically awake and alive, the more the audience will be drawn into your performance, unable to take their eyes off you.


Relieving The Many Stresses Of An Actor’s Life

Regular phone or skype healings will continuously clear away the inevitable stresses typically faced as an actor, leaving you calm, clear-headed, grounded, and better able to deal with difficult or extremely challenging circumstances. These stresses may include fatigue from long rehearsals and performances, worries about getting sick, intense competition at auditions, fear of the impact of aging on your career, improvisation and creativity blocks, and day-to-day emotional and other random stresses which can wear you down and throw you off balance.   For an actor to be ‘in the zone’ when performing, they can’t be preoccupied or distracted by any of these stresses.

In addition to the benefit of our regular phone healing sessions, you can also use my assistance before an important audition or performance. For example, if you have a particularly upsetting day and you’re scheduled to perform in an hour, we can have an emergency 10 minute phone healing session while you’re in your dressing room.  Through pre-planned, special arrangements, I can even be live, on-the-scene with you back stage or supporting you in the audience during that make-or-break acting opportunity that comes rarely in one’s career.

My Aura Coaching Can Unleash Your Acting Artistry

While my aura Healing work is more fundamental in increasing your overall physical health as well as the colors and energy of your aura, my aura Coaching works to enhance your artistry, creativity and imagination as an actor.

When I telepathically tune into your aura, your body’s wisdom communicates insights and visions about your true nature to me, that I intuitively translate into acting strategies for you. This is why I can offer you approaches to your acting that are specifically designed for YOU, fitting your unique inner spirit like a tailor-made suit.

All my coaching strategies come from these ‘in-the-moment’ spontaneous visions received directly from your body’s wisdom. I have NO pre-set coaching techniques or strategies that I have learned or studied. Everything emerges from this direct telepathic communication.

While I won’t suggest that working with me as an acting coach will be all you need to master your craft as an actor, I believe that my coaching will embellish and invigorate other more main-stream acting techniques you’re getting from teachers, classes and books.

In summary, my Aura Healing as well as my Aura Coaching can help give you that mysterious iconic ‘star essence’ that separates one actor from another, and that audiences forever long for.

Note: My Actor Aura Coaching is effective in all genres of acting, including: dramas, comedies, action, adventure, thrillers, horror. romance, musicals, Sci-Fi, Westerns, Mysteries, Crime, Documentaries, Fantasy, Animation, Voice-Over, Historical, Family, etc.