Athlete Aura Healing & Coaching


Welcome all good-natured, diversity-tolerant Athletes, to my very special aura healing and coaching abilities, which can greatly enhance all facets of  your athletic pursuits, whether you are a professional or amateur.

Please note: Athlete Aura Coaching is an exclusive offering for regular Aura Healing clients only. The main reason for this is that the regular Aura Healings by themselves, will eventually open up all the chakras and full-body anatomy energies that are fundamental to being an effective Athlete. Most times I will just weave this Aura Athlete Coaching into our regular Aura Healing sessions, so you won’t pay anything extra for it. If we both agree that you need extra, special coaching, then we can come to an agreement on a case by case basis in terms of payment and scheduling. These extra, special coaching sessions can be done in a variety of ways: using webcam, internet file sharing, DVD mailing, or in-person through special arrangements.


How My Aura Healings Can Help Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Having me in your corner as your aura healer and aura coach to support your athletic training and competitive event performance can help propel your athletic career to new levels. Through regular and strategically timed phone healings, I will be able to constantly communicate with every part of your physical body and aura, making sure to monitor and focus on any weak zones that have been a chronic hindrance to your athletic performance in the past.

My healings will also focus on repairing general wear and tear of your body, especially those areas that you depend on the most in your training. Special attention that I pay to an old injury will often be enough to keep it from becoming re-injured. Everyday bruises, strains and soreness from your athletic activities should also heal very fast with my help. If we have a phone healing session shortly after an injury or extreme soreness, I will be able to repair the auric field underneath the injured part of the physical body, and take away the cellular memory of the pain trauma that you went through.  This will greatly accelerate your recovery time and will also assure that the injury heals properly, since the cells of the physical body will now be able to align themselves with the repaired auric ‘blueprint’ which provides the underlying support and energy for that part of the body.

If you ever need to undergo surgery due to an athletic injury, my healing work afterwards can be extremely important since the surgical cutting of the physical body also severs the auric architecture underlying of that part of the body. Under normal circumstances, this surgical auric severing will practically assure that the body’s healing will never be 100 percent, since the cells didn’t have a correct underlying auric blueprint to properly align themselves with. But inviting me to communicate with your aura shortly after your surgery will give me the opportunity to repair the surgical auric severings, which will greatly accelerate your recovery time.


Getting You Ready for the Big Event

You can use me in a number of different ways during your training period, but it would be extremely helpful for you to have a phone healing shortly before a big athletic event. This would include a last minute scanning and clearing of your energy field which most likely will be holding a significant amount of physical and emotional stress just from preparing for the event. In addition to the stresses of preparing yourself physically right before your event, you might also accrue stresses from ordinary day-to-day things like an argument with someone, a late taxi, lack of sleep, bad weather, etc. Anything can cloud an athlete’s mind, energy and mood on the day of a big event, any and all of which can greatly diminish the athlete’s performance that day. So take your vitamins and get on the phone with Ziji before your big event……it will more than likely make a dramatic difference in your performance that day.


My Aura Coaching Can Give You that Mysterious X-Factor

If you give me permission to be in constant communication with your aura and your physical body through my psychic vision, I will be able give you a heightened awareness of your relationship to your athletic work, your self, and your life,  that can give you that elusive X-Factor, that could set you apart from other athletes in your field. My insights and coachings can also help you to make your life work better in general, which can also enhance your athletic career. For example,  I may be able to unravel certain conflicted emotions within you that come from traumatic childhood experiences which may be diminishing your athletic motivation and performance. The possibilities are endless with my coaching. Your body wisdom will be working with me to troubleshoot any mysterious weaknesses in your performance, that you or your past athletic coaches and trainers have been unable to correct due to their subtle energetic causes. Utilizing my psychic abilities, your body’s wisdom will communicate to me extremely unique visions, that translate into completely unique coachings to correct these mysterious weaknesses. Once cleared of all types of energetic and emotional hindrances, your athletic brilliance can truly soar.

Note: My Athlete Aura Coaching is effective in all sports, including:  Running, Cycling, Tennis, Handball, Golf, Skiing, Swimming, Weightlifting, Soccer, Climbing, Skating, Martial Arts, Karate, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Boxing, Gymnastics, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rowing, Equine Sports, Fishing, Archery, Volleyball, Fencing, etc.