Dancer Aura Healing & Coaching


Welcome all good-natured, diversity-tolerant Dancers, to my very special aura healing and coaching abilities, which can greatly enhance all facets of  your dancing career, whether your genre is ballet, ballroom, modern, latin, jazz, tap, african, hip hop, etc.

Please note: Dancer Aura Coaching is an exclusive offering for regular Aura Healing clients only. The main reason for this is that the regular Aura Healings by themselves, will eventually open up all the chakras and full-body anatomy energies that are fundamental to being an effective dancer. Most times I will just weave this Aura Dancer Coaching into our regular Aura Healing sessions, so you won’t pay anything extra for it. If we both agree that you need extra, special coaching, then we can come to an agreement on a case by case basis in terms of payment and scheduling. These extra, special coaching sessions can be done in a variety of ways: using webcam, internet file sharing, DVD mailing, or in-person through special arrangements.


How My Aura Healings Can Enhance Your Dancing Career

Obviously, any dancer is going to have continuous physical challenges, particularly muscle, joint and tendon-related issues. The ability to bounce back quickly from the constant exertion and strain of vigorous training and performances on your physical frame is fundamental to a dancer’s continued success. Staying flexible, strong and healthy is critical, and regular phone healing sessions with me will go a long way towards achieving and maintaining this goal.

If you give me the privilege of tuning into your aura-body though regular phone healings, I will be constantly communicating with every cell in your physical body as well as every aspect of your auric-energy body to assist and support you. For instance, once we’ve established a regular healing routine, if you’ve suffered a physical injury or even just intense strain from an extremely challenging workout, simply getting on the phone with me will immediately have a calming effect. This is because of the reliance and trust that your body’s wisdom will have developed in my abilities, trusting that I will very likely be able to quickly relieve the pain and undo the injury or strain your body has sustained. It’s important for your body and mind to be calm following an injury or strain, so that your body’s wisdom can focus on guiding me in the specifics of the healing itself.


Beyond Maintenance: Increasing Your “STAR POWER”

Once we have sufficiently strengthened the internal auric infrastructure of your body’s anatomy and physiology that you need to support the daily impact of your dancing, we can now move on to developing the mysterious ‘X-Factor’ which makes audiences unconsciously prefer one dancer over another and enthusiastically follow every move that dancer makes. That ‘X-Factor’ is something I call “STAR POWER”.

Of course, some dancers just naturally have “STAR POWER”, at least at the beginning of their careers, and often seem to be handed all the leading dance roles on a silver platter. If you are one of these ‘natural STAR POWER’ dancers, I can help you to keep, and continually increase your already brilliant Star Energy.

For those of you who have only had ‘moments’ of feeling that STAR POWER flow from your dancing, but have not been able to maintain this rare brilliance over the long term, my aura healing abilities can increase your Star Power such that audiences will increasingly rave about your performances. This rising of your Star energy may naturally lead to those highly coveted dance roles, if that is your true aspiration as a dancer.

It’s all about the colors of your chakra system; how many of your chakras are spinning in beautiful vortexes, both front and back, all connected through the massive energy channel flowing through the center of your body down from your crown chakra to your root chakra.

Once these fundamental chakras are all linked up and moving beautifully through the central channel, your aura will be illuminated by a gorgeous multi-colored  ‘glow’, which audiences will unconsciously recognize as ‘STAR POWER’, not understanding why they can’t take their eyes off you. It is because you have that magic ‘X-Factor’ that all audiences are craving for.


Full Chakra Healing = Full Physical Health

In addition to this fabulous multi-colored aura glow, your completely ‘hooked-up’ chakra system will send all this powerful chakra energy deep into your physical body via the energy meridian channels to all your cells as well as all the major parts of your body that you utilize the most when you’re dancing. Thus, you will effortlessly be in tip-top physical shape when your chakra system is all hooked up and spinning beautifully, because that is the original blueprint plan for the full functioning of the human body.


How My Aura Coaching Can Help You Become An Iconic Dancer

Beyond the auric and physical body strength and beauty that can be greatly increased through regular phone healing sessions, there are ‘personality’ or ‘soul’ dimensions to your dancing that my psychically intuited Aura Coachings can help to bring out to their fullest.

While I’m doing healings on your body and aura, your body wisdom will often show me images representing your different, sometimes deeply hidden, ‘personality’ or ‘soul’ dimensions that it wishes to make us aware of. These images are given to me by your body’s wisdom FOR YOU TO MENTALLY FOCUS ON WHILE DANCING, with the purpose of correcting or enhancing one or more aspects of your dancing which has been difficult to access or has been completely unconscious until now.

Some of these personality or soul dimensions shown to me in visions may be easily identifiable as relating to important events from this lifetime. Others may not be as easily traceable to conscious memories from this lifetime. Indeed, if you believe in reincarnation, some of these personality or soul facets may come from one of your past lifetimes. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, no problem. Just enjoy the imagery that your body’s wisdom shares with us, and like a piece of clothing, just ‘try it on’ and see how it fits. In other words, just have fun with it !  It doesn’t matter ‘WHAT’ this vision means, only that it came from INSIDE YOU, and your body’s wisdom psychically communicated it to me to give you an image to meditate on while you are dancing. The results of using these kinds of images coming directly from one’s body’s wisdom can be surprising and very powerful !

With my coaching, your imagination will be lit on fire with unearthed imagery that comes directly from YOUR body and aura. This is an invaluable resource just waiting inside you, to help you to understand more deeply what drives you, and what makes you who you are. With this unearthed treasure trove of your inner personality dimensions as tools, we can enhance any dancing role that you’re assigned, to make it ‘fit’ you more authentically and naturally. You can’t fool an audience. The audience can feel it when a dancer is moving in such a way that is both authentic to that dancer’s spirit, as well as true the role that the dancer is trying to embody.

To be clear, my coachings are NOT meant to replace the coaching of your choreographers, dance teachers, or classes. My coaching works on the inner levels of your mind, giving you vivid imagery that comes authentically from inside you, transforming your dancing, and bringing your performance to iconic heights.

Then again, if you are the artistic director and have creative license to create your dance program from scratch, the possibilities are endless for utilizing my aura coaching to help you co-create your envisioned performance.