David Weekly Progress - Actual Phone Healing - Session 1


This is a very short 1:25 minute recording. Please note that I removed a few minutes of silence during the actual phone healing, leaving just the brief dialogue before and after the healing. I decided to spare you from having to sit there listening to complete silence for close to 5 minutes ! Please note that every phone healing is completely different, and the length of the silence during the actual healing depends completely on YOUR own body's wisdom, guiding me to remove from your aura only what your own body has decided it is ready to release. Your body 'tells' me when to stop the healing.

Transcript of -Actual Phone Healing First Session

Me: All right, so you want to begin? All right, so we're going to tune in now. All right, so they'll be some silence. Uh, I don't know how long the silence is going to be. Um, it'll last as long as his body is still giving me um things to to process.  So here we go. (long period of silence while healing is going on) Ok, David feels like a good first session. You there?

David: Yeah!

Me: Anything, did you experience anything?

David: I feel I feel something good. Looking at my face and I see a little lighter, um forgot to mention to you that I had a little bit of a lower back moving all the boxes. But that'll probably um come out in future healing.

Me: All right, once again this healing's not over until I've you know finished doing the processing which will be after we hang up.