David Weekly Progress - Actual Phone Healing - Session 2


This is a 3:39 minute recording. I removed most of the silence of the healing so you won't have to sit there listening to close to 5 minutes of silence ! This recording is primarily a description of what David experienced during the healing along with my clarifying comments afterwards. Please note that although David experienced powerful inner visions during the healing, his experience is completely unique to him. Everybody will have their own unique experiences during the healings. In David's inner visions, he mentions some terms that you may not be familiar with, like "Dragon Power" and "Tai Chi". Once again, please recognize that David's focus as a singer and performer is to be as energetically alive and magnetic as possible. Your focus might be completely different, and so the terms and concepts revealed in your healings will likely be different from his.

Transcript of - Actual Phone Healing - Session 2


Me: Alrighty anything else before we start?
David: Tuning In.
Me: Alright, let's get quiet. (silence during the healing was dramatically shortened). Alright, that's good for today. You there?
David: Yeah,
Me: You wanna say anything about what your experienced if anything?
David: So, um, I had some beautiful imagery. Um, I went into a place where I felt like you were like looking in my eyes and you were giving me like this kaleidoscopic energy, looking straight into the pupils of my eyes, giving me dragon power. Giving me some very deep deep secrets. You were very clearly doing Tai Chi. There was power behind this tai chi movement coming from Infinite Energy, coming from within, power from within. Nuclear power unfolding from within, not leading from without. A very high state All of it.
Me: Cool.
David: You know celebration and fun going into the this teaching, this higher teaching of dragon power.
Me: Cool.
David: (laughing)
Me: Yeah. Well, that's pretty much what's happening, really! I mean, you know, I could I could understand the visions that you had based on what I saw during the healing. Yeah, we're definitely opening up your dragon power.
David: Would that be the spine?
Me: No, it's it's the core it's not the spine. It's it's the core chakra system. We all start out originally at some point in our Evolution with dragon power, but then life shuts us down, Trauma shut us down. And and you've had you've had a really rough number of months recently and um, so, you know a number of your chakras, uh have been shut down. Um, and so we're just basically resurrecting, you know, we're clearing out you could look at it as sort of a hydraulic system, you know, there's like the piping and so we're you know, we're going into the pipes we're going into the piping system and and uh removing the, you know, the clogs and and getting you getting your Chi flowing get your energy flowing in the chakras and um and your body's wisdom is guiding, you know, guiding the process your body's wisdom is deciding, um, where to go first where the direct my energy it's utilizing my my energies to help, you know, I use the images of lifting lifting boulders before....well that's what we have to do here. You know, your body ...can't lift these boulders by itself. It's using me to help lift these boulders, and once I pull a huge Boulder off a block in the hydraulic system, then your body says Whoa, now, I could heal this and heal this and heal this and then I take the boulder away and you body's going "Okay, great! Now I can go to a higher level of you know, and the next healing I'm going to I'm going to lift this Boulder. So that's kind of what's going on here.
David: That's great. I have to go to dinner now.
Me: Ok, have a great week.
David: You too. Bye. Bye.