David Weekly Progress - Actual Phone Healing - Session 3


This is a very short 1:10 minute recording. Please note that I removed about 5 minutes of silence during the actual phone healing, leaving just the brief dialogue before and after the healing. I decided to spare you from having to sit there listening to complete silence for all that time ! Please note that every phone healing is completely different, and the length of the silence during the actual healing depends completely on YOUR own body's wisdom, guiding me to remove from your aura only what your own body has decided it is ready to release. Your body 'tells' me when to stop the healing.

Transcript of - Actual Phone Healing - Session 3

Me: Okay, so we're back on uh recording here. So, uh, all right, let's um tune in ready?
David: Okeydoke.
Me: Alright, here we go. (the silent healing was edited out). Okay. Well, it feels like your body wants to stop there. So how'd that...
David: Wow!
Me: ...feel for you?
David: So at one point the image that showed up was interesting. It was like a really tall, uh light in my spine and it was like blue and radiating pure, strong, high energy. And the thing that came to me as I was meditating on what we discussed earlier about being, you know, the light and about representing light. The other thing is like one area that I was waiting for us to get to in the healing it sort of the clarity of my mind, which is a bit cloudy for many years and I felt the idea of clarity come in.
Me: Yeah, that was a big part of what happened during this healing.