David's Weekly Progress -Preliminary Conversation Before Actual Phone Healing-Session 1



This is a 9:58 minute preliminary dialogue with David before we actually did the healing. Normally I speak
with people for only a few minutes before doing the actual healing, but since David has agreed to help me to document
these weekly phone healing sessions, I am using these recordings as an opportunity to discuss in detail what it is I do,
and I'm also encouraging David to ask questions and also to add his own comments, so you can get a true sense of how I work and how my work impacts at least one of my clients. David is a singer among other things, who often performs before large audiences. I mention this so that you'll recognize David's own focus in seeking out my healing work. You, on the other hand, may have a completely different focus in seeking out my healing work, and our phone healing sessions will completely reflect your particular focus.

Transcript of: Davids Weekly Progress-Preliminary Conversation Before Actual Phone Healing-Session 1


Me: Hello.

David: Hi Ziji.

Me: Hey David. So you know, you're being recorded. This is our first I'm just going to give an introduction Ok David?

David: Yes.

Me: So this is the first Phone Healing session of a series of 12 that David has paid for and, you know, depending on how everything is going we may continue past the 12 and we've done Phone Healing sessions before, do you want to say anything real quickly about your experience with the Phone Healing sessions David in the past?

David: Absolutely. Um, you know, I've been working with Ziji for a number of years and um, it's just really remarkable, uh, the healing work that he does is just like no other healing work and uh just really an honor to be with Ziji and anybody who's going to be working with him is very lucky because they're going to have a transformation that is just world class and he will bring you back to youth and vigor. Recently people have felt my positive energy. One dancer came up to me and she was just so excited to see me. She thought she knew me, she had no idea who I was uh, but people are starting to get attracted to me and hopefully that will start to emerge in my career the more that we work.

Me: Yeah, we've done quite a bit of healing work over the past several years. We've gone through streaks. Um, I think we did one really really long streak probably like eight months ago, and I think that was we had some pretty exciting results and now we're starting up again. So David still has quite a bit of energy in his Aura but I think he knows even though people are attracted to his energy even right now, David knows from past experience that when we do a lot of sessions, he knows that his energy goes to a whole other level. Do you want to say anything?

David: It's just people, the people who are listening who were just lucky enough to be hooked into this. Um, they have no idea how powerful it is, you know incredible that I have this opportunity to just soar, fly and evolve. I know you remove, you know, basic stress and basic emotional stress and then deeper entities, that could be just hanging around.

Me: There are a lot of dimensions to these healings. The healings are really guided by your Aura, by Your Body, by your inner wisdom, your body's wisdom. Basically, I don't go in with any kind of preconceived intention. I pretty much just sort of show up and uh, wait for the instructions from your body. Your body has already decided, your aura has already decided what it's ready to release. What's a good rung or plateau for it to to rest on. So depending on what's what's happened to you since the last healing.

I mean, you might have gone through some really heavy-duty stuff since the last healing and your body may say, well, you know, I got to use this next Phone Healing just to remove what happened to me in the last three days because it was that intense. There's all kinds of energetic things you could pick up from other people particularly if you have a great energy and a great aura and you,and people are magnetized to you. You know, you're like a Healer just by being there your your a magnetic healer and people they don't know that they're doing it if they knew they probably wouldn't do it, but they but they don't know that they just give you things. And so if David does a concert or you know, he's among a lot of people in some kind of workshop or something like that. He may pick up quite a lot of these energy entity things from people and his environment. So depending on what David does in between our healing sessions, there could be a lot of stuff that he just picked up. Now if David didn't do a lot of, you know, if he had a very quiet few days and didn't go out there and meet a ton of people and pick up a lot of things from other people, then what happens then is that we can now go back in time. I can now, I call it sort of rolling people back. You know, I take you back through your past trauma. So so if you're not picking up stuff in between phone sessions, then we can go backwards through through your life this life, and if you believe in reincarnation, once we get past the traumas of this lifetime, then we could start taking away the traumas from past lifetimes. What's going to happen with David's Aura is going to be extraordinary because he's Aura is already very open, you know. Other people starting out with me it might be a much longer process to get to a point where your chakras start opening and uh, when you chakra start opening the beauty flows. People notice it. You become magnetic, you become attractive. Your skin tone is beautiful your eyes light up, your body wants to move and and glide through space and uh, you just...it's beautiful to watch somebody who's chakras are really flowing. You want to say anything about any of that David?

David: All that sounds great. You know as a performance life could be uh, pretty challenging as if there are performers listening. and making, you know climbing that ladder of success. You know, you need any help you can get. So the focus or the the way for me...the access to success may not necessarily be to get the right agent or you know to uh to do this or that but it would seem through this work, the idea is to be the to be this unfolded star. You know in my industry because of the revealed energy combined with talent and that's the way that's the way to go.

Me: I just want to say to people who are listening out there that there is a spiritual component to this. When your aura transforms and becomes more angelic, there's you're entering in the spiritual Kingdom and I would also say that you're also gonna have a lot more energy and light and beauty and power really in your aura. You will become a much more magnetic and powerful person in many respects. There's too many dimensions to really describe here. So, my comment, and I've talked to David about a number of things over the years that he has to be careful of because when you get spiritual energy and spiritual power, you need to be very aware and very observant and you need to take response, great responsibility for all your actions. It's a great responsibility to have that kind of energy and light and beauty and power in your aura. There's a great responsibility. You cannot be unconscious and you cannot use it to abuse people, you know. You have to be coming from a place of love, a place of the heart. So David you want to say anything about that?

David: I think that this is a really a great reminder and it really takes the conversation to another level where really it would be the the people that deserve to be with you people who are of this highest intention to take responsibility and to tune into being of service to mankind. Uh, then I think that goes for anybody who's lucky enough to have you as a Healer, uh to eventually merge into a new way of being where you're more of service, you're less about just yourself and ego. And then you become a servant, you know a channel. You become of service to either whether it's your small within a community or a family that we all have a network of people that's in our lives whether it's two people or two thousand people or two million people, but we all have other people in our lives and ultimately it's you know, it'll be it'll be a transformation that when we're healed. and you can correct me if I'm maybe not getting this hundred percent, but I think the evolution towards us being less about ourselves and more about others

Me: Sure. I mean it just comes naturally this is not like, um, you know to lay a head trip on people to be more religious and more spiritual. You just naturally become, when your heart chakra opens, and and your crown chakra, opens and you become more grounded, and your you know, your chakras start moving, you start you just naturally start feeling more abundant. You start feeling more loving, more open and you want to share yourself. And of course people as I said are more magnetized to you. So now it becomes a responsibility because now people are being drawn to you and so you have to have pure intentions to make sure that you care about people and you're doing the right thing by people, you're not manipulating and taking advantage of people because now you've got this great energy. Want to say anything about that at all?

David: I think it sounds great. I think it's great.