David Weekly Progress - Preliminary Conversation - Session 2


This is a 5:33 minute preliminary dialogue with David before we actually did the healing. As mentioned in Session #1, I usually speak with people for only a few minutes before doing the actual healing, but since David has agreed to help me to document these healing sessions, I am using these recordings as an opportunity to discuss in detail what it is I do, and I'm also encouraging David to ask questions and also to add his own comments, so you can get a true sense of how I work and how my work impacts at least one of my clients.

Transcript of - Preliminary Conversation -  Session 2

Me: David?
David: Hi Ziji!
Me: Hey, I see you got a little time before you going out to dinner.
David: Yep. Yep.
Me: Alrighty.
David: A solid half hour in case you need any extra time.
Me: Okay, great. Just so you know, we're recording. So, uh, let's just focus on yourself. So how you been feeling since the last session? David: Well, they were some extraordinary energies coming through, you know, sometimes I doubt you know, like how much I'm feeling in the moment. I'm like, maybe that wasn't such a powerful session. And Holy Cannoli. I'm like flying! I was flying at you know, because it seems to be like a little bit deceiving when you get you know, when you get onto something, i-i-i, I didn't believe that it was going to be that powerful but But there was some extraordinary work that you did in the last session I don't know what you were doing there. (Inaudible words)

Me: Did the healing last for you since since you had that big breakthrough because we it was it's been about a week right? I think we did the session last Tuesday.
David: Wow. Uh, yeah. Yeah. I'm still feeling I'm still feeling high, last night I was working till about 6:00 a.m. I sleep out in a little funny. But yeah, I think one of the benefits of your work is that is a little less need to sleep because whatever depression or you know, extra heavy thoughts have been lifted and then there's more energy to live life.
Me: So you have noticed a decrease in your sleeping.
David: Yeah. I have like it's almost like my mind is is more powerful because I'm more awake and alive, uh, I believe in myself on some level. Um, like last time we worked the right side of the the solar plexus the uh, the uh, the
Me: belly chakra
David: The belly chakra, and I think I've been having a little bit more, you know, fun with work on some level and relaxing about it on some level.
Me: That was the big issue the issue about fun. That really was that issue of the belly chakra, correct.
David: Right. So I've been flying with work that just, you know, I'm exploring these new songs from my concert.
David: So you're still feeling the effects of that first healing feeling more energy sleeping less having more fun with the work.
David: Yeah.
Me: Okay, great. That's awesome. So, um, let me just turn off the recorder and if you want to share anything else and then we'll come back on and do the quick healing. Okay?
David: Okay.
Me: I'm going to turn it off right now. (after our more personal discussion with the recorder off, I now turned it back on) Uh, so David were back. Um, thank you for sharing, uh, you know, dimension of your life, um, okay. So, uh, let's continue with the healing. You ready? David: Yeah. I'm mostly just want to say very excited that this is you know, this is in my life. Of course, you know, we all live complicated lives and uh, I connected with you at this point in my life when it's getting really intense and I feel that um, you know, my career was going to take off right now and I really do need the support. So I hope that's appropriate to say and that's inspiring to your listeners.
Me: All right. All right. Well this will this really would be um empowering for you, you know as as just to being out there because every week you'll be coming back you go you going out there and you're inspiring people and you're gonna go 100% you're going to give you all and then you come back for rejuvenation. I'll renew you and and you can go back out and heal some more so it is it is exciting. David: Yeah. It's not just renewal as you say you renewing but then you're even making even stronger and better for the people aren't going to recognize, you know, the star power is going to start even increasing and I think that it's like an investment with you. Would you agree?
Me: Yeah, I mean when we did the last series, um, you know a number of months ago, before it sort of cut off, you know with the economy and everything you weren't able to continue for a while, but we were really we were really getting to your heart chakra. Your heart chakra was getting... with each session it was getting bigger and bigger and there's no more important chakra than the heart chakra. So the last healing really for the most part your own body's wisdom focused on the belly chakra because that was the cutting edge for you. The cutting edge was just this drudgery of all the stuff you had to do and you weren't completely you just weren't having fun with it, at least on the on the assertive masculine side of your life. So we got we got to go a few sessions to get back to your heart to your heart chakra and uh, once that starts flowing, you know this as I said, everybody needs love everybody needs the heart chakra. There are.. there are other chakras out there, you know everywhere you go but very there's not that much heart chakra out there. So so, uh a few sessions down the road and the Heart starts opening you're going to you're going to really feel a huge difference in the way people respond to you.