David Weekly Progress - Preliminary Conversation Before Actual Phone Healing - Session 3


This is a 3:00 minute preliminary dialogue with David before we actually did the healing. As mentioned in Session #1, I usually speak with people for only a few minutes before doing the actual healing, but since David has agreed to help me to document these healing sessions, I am using these recordings as an opportunity to discuss in detail what it is I do, and I'm also encouraging David to ask questions and also to add his own comments, so you can get a true sense of how I work and how my work impacts at least one of my clients.

Transcript of - Preliminary Conversation Before Actual Phone Healing - Session 3


Me: Dave
David: Hi Ziji
Me: Hey. So, uh, once again we're being recorded and uh, so let's not say anything about anybody else in your life. Just yourself nothing about your work or anybody, you know any identifying characteristics and then we'll turn off the recorder and then we can talk about uh more personal things if you want. So how you doing.
David: I think I've held some of the energies pretty good and feeling okay.
Me: Anything noticeably different from previous week's as a result of last week's healing or...
David: Yeah, not as much of a low. I've had more energy reserve.
Me: And how does that manifest having more energy reserve? How does that work in your...
David: I didn't hit like any depression low, it seems like I had extra protective energies and...
Me: Had you been having those kind of low depressive dips and valleys previously.
David: Yeah.
Me: How often?
David: Oh its pretty much constant, cause I'm dealing with a lot of challenges. I constantly have people that are bringing me down. People are challenging me.
Me: You're saying you're constantly have them and and were you saying that you didn't have any this week or it's just been less or...
David: I think a lot less. I think I've really been uh been pretty good. You know, I'm pretty busy with trying to get settled. My movers are coming. I got to get a driver's license. A lot of you know lot of details just to get started and...
Me: Right
David: So, you know I have some busy time, but you know, then it's exhausting after working at that amount of time.
Me: You gotta handle a lot of stuff.
David: Yeah, but I am handling it and I'm I'm I'm okay. Yeah.
Me: Alright. So so the last... we've done two healings so far over the last two weeks., and um, so you've basically saying your energies kind of been more less even and you're handling things and you're not you're not diving. dipping into like, you know, funky funk funks.
David: Yeah.
Me: Kind of staying kind of even?
David: Exactly. You know I was saying like about time for another healing but okay, we got a couple more days till Tuesday. Me: So you see you basically felt like you were good.
David: It held me very very well. I mean, I'm ready for the next Octave.
Me: Right. Exactly. You weren't you weren't diving, you know, you were like, okay, I could I could ride this until the next, as you say the next octave. That's a very very good metaphor for this. Excellent metaphor actually. Alright, cool. Let me turn off the recorder and um, you know, then we could share more about the details. So let me turn it off. Hold on.