David Weekly Progress-Privacy Ground Rules For The Weekly Phone Healing sessions


This is a 3:48 minute dialogue discussing some very specific 'ground rules' meant just for David, to protect him and the people in his life, and then there are the more general logistics of how phone healings proceed for anyone doing a session with me.

Transcription for - Privacy Ground Rules


Me: There's some ground rules that I've instructed David prior to this conversation. One is that we're not using his last name in these recordings. The other ground rule is that were not mentioning anybody else in his life. This is you know, anything that's going to be recorded is just going to be about him and his feelings. The listeners should just understand that we're trying to protect David. I'm trying to you know to record something that will be uh useful for people to understand this process this, you know, interesting, complicated, beautiful, miraculous, intricate process and um trying to David is helping me. He's agreed to help me to create something some kind of visual and audio document to sort of help people to understand this process. So, um, those are the ground rules you want to say anything about that Dave?
David: I think it's great.
Me: All right, so basically, uh, when we when we have sessions in the future, we're not going to talk like this basically, um, David will call and um, I'll ask him how he's doing just personally just him since the last healing and without him naming any names or anything about his employment or anything like that. And then what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn off the recorder and uh, give him a chance to talk about more specifics in his life, you know things about his work or people in his life and then we'll turn I'll turn back turn the recorder back on and then we'll have the Phone Healing session. The Phone Healing session is usually just pure silence for the most part because I'm you know, I'm tuning into David's Aura and David's Aura is giving me what it was prepared... what it was prepared to give to me during the healing. And uh, I'm seeing all kinds of things during the healing after the healing is over. I will uh, say a few things about the healing to David if there's something that's useful or interesting that he may understand. Sometimes he probably won't understand some of this some of the things that I see because it's very very subtle. But um, it's if I think it's useful or interesting or I might want to build on that conversation in the future, I'll tell I'll tell him some things. All right, we're almost ready for the session. Do you want to say any closing words Dave before we begin?
David: Oh, well, I just want to say that there's a lot of impeccability and integrity and what Ziji is doing and how he treats other people with greatest respect and um, I think that's really a... a really great place for people who are just about to work with you and that they know that they should know that they're very safe. And uh that this is really a really incredible opportunity. That's pretty much it,
Me: Right. Okay. So, um, I think we've said enough want to say one more thing?
David: Yeah. I'm excited to get started.
Me:All righty. So, um, we're gonna actually I'm gonna uh, turn the recording off right now and just ask David, uh privately if there's anything specific that's going on in his life and then I'll turn it back on and we'll do the session. Okay, so I'm gonna turn the recording off right now.
Davd: Okay.