David Weekly Progress - What Happened During The First Healing


This is a somewhat challenging 5:17 minute recording with detailed visions and explanations of what I saw occur during the actual healing session. I say that it's somewhat challenging, because the information comes directly from David's aura, and is therefore most likely not going to be universal information that applies to you and/or other people's healings. I do try my best however, to expound on the detailed information about the healing, and broaden the scope of the visions, to try to make the information more universal. This said, despite the highly personal nature of the visions of David's healing, I would still recommend that you listen to this recording, if only to get a feeling of how your own phone healing sessions might unfold, should you choose to work with me. There is extremely fascinating visions and information within each person's healings, so I invite you to open your mind and enter into David's healing journey.

Transcript of - What Happened During The First Healing

Let me see if there's anything I want to tell you about the healing. There's a whole... there was a number of phases to the healing but the but the the thing that stood out the most actually the most interesting part of the healing and I'm sure that you and the listener probably are not really going to understand, you know, what I'm about to share, but it was so interesting, I feel like I want to share it with you because it may be important in the future. And that is that I basically had to do with your belly chakra, which is the chakra that's concerned with pleasure and fun and pleasure and being happy. And what I saw was that the left side of your belly chakra, it's it was almost like I saw a split down the middle like the the right side and the left side were really completely distinct. And uh, the left side was doing good, which at the left side is like the feminine the receptive the open, you know, the um, the more relaxed the uh, receptive side, um, the emotional more of the emotional the feminine Etc. Where as the right side deals with, you know, more of the masculine pleasure to mention the assertive, um, you know more uh, uh getting things done in the world, forward, you know, moving things forward, less receptive,more active. And uh, what I felt was that the um the right side of your belly chakra was kind of it was kind of invisible really. it sort of wasn't really expressing itself. Where as the left side was really flowing pretty nicely. So what I got kind of was that uh, you have a split in your life around pleasure, which is that um, and this is my interpretation of what I'm seeing that you know that the hard masculine real world, getting things done aspect of your life is not pleasurable right now, whereas, you know, the the more open the fun the receptive, uh, the more uh, emotional, uh, feminine kind of experiences in your life are pleasurable. And so you sort of have this dichotomy that's going on the the, you know, one part of you is ecstatic, another part of you is exhausted. Does that make any sense?
David: Yeah.
Me: This is what I saw. And the belly chakra is very very important. I mean if if your belly chakra's flowing and you're experiencing a lot of pleasure in your life, you know, that that goes a long way towards being being alive and happy and sharing yourself and being, you know... wanting to get up in the morning get out into the world, do things, get things done. So so I think it's important that um, you know, I mean, it's great that that at least half of your belly Chakra's really working very well right now. Most people's belly chakras are, particularly in this society, our belly chakra gets shut down very easily because people work hard they have all kinds of difficulties in their life and a lot of people are not experiencing pleasure in their life or a very limited pleasure. Some people are actually just complaining all the time. So they're really not experiencing pleasure. So want to say anything about that David hit a nerve at all or not?
David: Yeah. That's great. I mean when you when you talk about certain things when you say, you know, happy share your self, being alive, you know I get this grounded feeling and uh, it's a feeling that's estranged, that's distant from me that I don't really feel that we have that grounding and and like you said to me earlier, uh in the, you know, private conversation, um, and this is not necessarily private aspect of that, which is that I I really want to feel grounded in my community and it's something that I really want to look forward to, you know, having more of these comfortable feelings around work and maybe the reason I'm saying as maybe that this is job is going to be good for me and that way.
Me: Okay, let's not say anything about you know specifics here. But
David:: Yeah
Me: Great. Yeah. So maybe these healings will really, you know, get you feeling as you say more open and connected to your community. All righty.
David: All right, Doctor Ziji, amazing work.
Me: All right, David, so you have a great day. Okay.
David: Thank you Z.
Me: All right. Bye Bye.
David: Bye