David Weekly Progress - What Happened During The Healing - Session 3


This section is 3:42 minutes. As with session 1, my analysis of what happened during this and future sessions will probably be somewhat challenging for you to follow. In this recording you'll hear extremely detailed visions and explanations of what I saw occur during the actual phone healing session. I say that it's somewhat challenging, because the information comes directly from David's aura, and is therefore most likely not going to be universal information that applies to you and/or other people's healings. As I said in the first phone session, I try my best to broaden the scope of these highly unique and detailed visions to try to make the information more universal. This said, despite the highly personal nature of these visions from David's healing, I would still recommend that you listen to this recording, if only to get a feeling of how your own phone healing sessions might unfold, should you choose to work with me. There are extremely fascinating visions and information within each person's healings, so I invite you to open your mind and enter into David's healing journey.

Transcript of - What Happened During The Healing - Session 3


Me: Your front and back Third Eye Chakra is moving nicely. I mean, they weren't flying they weren't spinning at an incredibly high rate, but they were balanced and symmetric cones front and back connected in the middle. This was the clearest third eye I've seen for you, And then the thought came to my mind when I was watching this happen that you've actually grown since that since we did healings in the past. You've grown in terms of manifesting that like there was a there's a maturity and a groundedness to you manifesting. And so I think that you've done good leg work since we've done healings in the past. So I think you've also helped your third eye to be more powerful.
David: Thank you. I'm honored that I'm able to you know, support the work that you do and um propel it forward with velocity.
Me: Yeah, that's very significant. Let's see, uh, tell you a few more things about this healing. The Singing came in right away. And what I saw was that you were Singing on the right side of your throat that your Throat Chakra was kind of lopsided to the right and it was being fueled by a tired right side of your spine. You were pushing out the Voice you're struggling to push out the resonance.
David: Yeah. I've been tired I've been Vocally exhausted.
Me: I do remember in the past you having, you know, pretty powerful back spine chakra system. So we'll waking it up. There was some good intelligence and good energies that I saw on the right side of your spine, even though it was sort of slogging along. It was like dragging but still there was some sparkle there. So I think in a few healings that your spine is going to start sparkling, get more balanced, and then start giving you some serious energy. And then and then hopefully we'll start seeing the Throat Chakra get balanced. Like like I saw on the on the third eye. You know, start seeing a whole cone on the front and the back of your Throat Chakra, when we can see that that's going to be great for your Voice. So I'm looking forward to that. But again, there is the right side that sort of makes makes your voice little gravelly because your...
David: And the feminine side would be the left to be that by Will is pushing too much.
Me: Yeah, there's something with your left side. Your left side is tired. And and uh, it's just not showing up for the for the game yet. It's kind of retreating and you're sort of running you're sort of running your energy right now from you know from a tired right side of your spine, but you still have energies coming through. I mean a lot of people don't even I won't even get any kind of intelligent information coming from a person's spine or and their chakras. So let's just be realistic about it that I did see some good sparkling energy. There was a good straight line to your spine energy again, though, but it was slightly tilted to the right, but still was a good line good solid line.
David: Beautiful Ziji.
Me: Alright.
David: Alright!
Me: So you have a great week and good luck with your concert. It's going to be a busy week for you. And uh, I'll speak to you next week.
David: Lots of love.
Me: Alright. Bye, Bye.