David Weekly Progress-Ziji Analysis of Healing Afterwards-Session 2


David had to get off the phone before I had a chance to describe to him what I saw happen during the healing. So I recorded this after our session. As with session 1, my analysis of what happened during this and future sessions will probably be somewhat challenging for you to follow. In this recording you'll hear extremely detailed visions and explanations of what I saw occur during the actual phone healing session. I say that it's somewhat challenging, because the information comes directly from David's aura, and is therefore most likely not going to be universal information that applies to you and/or other people's healings. As I said in the first phone session, I try my best to broaden the scope of these highly unique and detailed visions to try to make the information more universal. This said, despite the highly personal nature of these visions from David's healing, I would still recommend that you listen to this recording, if only to get a feeling of how your own phone healing sessions might unfold, should you choose to work with me. There are extremely fascinating visions and information within each person's healings, so I invite you to open your mind and enter into David's healing journey.

Transcript of - Ziji Analysis of Healing Afterwards-Session 2


This is a description of the healing that I did on David. Uh Tuesday on November 2nd. This is the second in a series of 12 healings of the latest the latest series that we've done. As I said in the last recordings from last week, we've done you know, many sessions but we haven't really done a series of sessions probably in about eight months like this because the economy was bad and um finances weren't there Etc. So we just started anew, David just got a new job. And um, so this was the second session. The first session last week dealt pretty much with one chakra. It was the cutting edge, of of you know his issues which was the belly chakra,the pleasure center and um, but this week was much more, uh broad. This week's healing started to move a range of chakras, um in a preliminary way. It's like a groundswell. It's like the beginning, you know, the beginning trembles of of an earthquake or a gusher, uh, seismic gusher. We started to you know, move the boulders so to speak in his chakra system and uh, get some movement going. Um, let's see. I did see a little bit more in the belly chakra, I didn't see that split down the middle. So I think that um, you know, his belly chakra's starting to become more uniform in the right in the left. And then I saw a huge opening in his um the front and the back of his Third Eye chakra, uh, which deals with his imagination and of course you could if you listen to his um responses during during the session, we just had he was having all kinds of of uh, visions during the healing and he said, uh, big breakthroughs with his creativity during the last week. So all of that connected with the third eye chakra the front of the third eye chakra would be, you know, the ability to vision, to imagine, to come up with ideas, and the back of the third eye is the energy and the will uh to bring those ideas into reality... the endurance and the energy to crystallize and keep something moving forward until it until it actually succeeds and manifests on the physical plane. So I saw a big opening there for a short period of time, it wasn't staying open that long but still to see that the front and the back of the third eye chakra is really nice to see. Um, I did see uh a tiny little bit of opening in the back of his heart chakra, which was very nice to see. Any movement in the heart chakra is very very important. Uh, didn't see much in the front of the heart chakra yet, but still any kind of any kind of murmurings there of uh, seismic movement, is important. Um, and then there was some I felt some frustration and surrender in his back, up and down his spine and all around his back. Uh, he's been through some rough times looking for a job and the economy and all of that recently and so it's been a struggle and I think it's you know, the back is always about the Will and having you know, if you're if you're having a hard time, you're Will gets broken and you know, there's all that... all the energy to manifest things in the world come from the back and the back chakras. So so his back was kind of weak. As I said, I did see that murmuring in the back of the heart chakra, which is good. And I and of course I also saw the back of the third eye open pretty nicely for a short period of time but the rest of his back was sort of suffering. Um, I did see a nice Root Chakra from him. Uh, yeah, that was pretty much it. I mean, I just think that um, his Aura is melting I'm giving support to his back. Um, we're taking away some of the stresses of the last, you know, six months when he's had economic problems and and all that frustration and the back we're going to get we're gonna melt that away take that away and and uh, his back chakras are going to start opening again. He's going to have more Will and more strength. He did say that he was he was even sleeping less just after this one healing we did this past week. That's all going to increase as his back chakras and and Will area start getting more powerful. He's going to want to sleep less and less and he's going to be more productive in the world. So I think this is this is uh, which as I said, we're starting to to shake up the the the Earth here and um get things moving. So this was a good second good second healing for us. Um, and I think we'll try and stay on a weekly schedule. I think that might be a good thing for both of us really, um, and this way it gives him his body a chance to to think about what it wants to release and also to integrate, you know, once you do a healing, a session, and I remove the energy complexes and the entities, it's really good for the other person's body to integrate, and just be with the new the new level, the new plateau of being lighter and having you know had entities and energy complexes were uh lifted from your aura... blocks lifted and um, it's nice to just experience... sit in that plateau for a week. So we'll see if this weekly schedule actually works out for the best. So, okay, that's it for this week.