David Weekly Progress -ZiJi Describes Processing The Healing After The Session Is Over


This is a 2:17 minute discussion describing what ZiJi goes through following a healing in order to remove whatever 'stuff' that the client gave to him during the session .

Transcription of - ZiJi Describes Processing The Healing After The Session Is Over

Now after we hang up, the listener should understand that the healing session has not ended because I have now I have all of David's stuff inside me. And then at that point, I need to process the healing and um, usually these days and it may change in the future but these days there's usually two there's two aspects to the processing after the conversations over. First. I process what I call Energy complexes which are um, actual feelings and frustrations and tiredness and uh things that David actually experienced in real time. And I'll, I'll usually I'll see events and people's faces and situations that David was in since the last healing and also earlier in his life and in past lives I'll see the whole scene in front of me. And after the energy complexes are processed then come the entities. And these are usually things like if you had some kind of trauma when you were younger, um, there's the actual experience somebody yelling at you, you fell, you broken an ankle, It was a sports injury, blah blah blah. I'll see all of that. That's the energy complex part of the processing. But, but during that trauma you might have picked up some kind of energy or entity from you know, the guy who tackled you or the person who yelled at you or you know, so so you might have picked up some kind of entity from them. So that's the second part of the processing. So that's usually these days how the processing goes. I've done some healings on David in the past where it's taken me over a day to get rid of the stuff that he's given me. Sometimes it's been quicker, other times it's taken me quite a long time. So but my I own abilities to process things increases all the time because of my own inner work. So, uh, it's possible that I I'll be able to process this stuff faster than I have in the past. So we'll see.