David Weekly Progress - My Disclaimer

Transcript of My Disclaimer

Recording this disclaimer just to make sure that you understand that your progress if you choose to work with me will almost definitely be different and most probably slower than David's. I hadn't worked with David for eight months. And so life has taken its toll on David's Aura as you can see from his first photo. The economy was bad. He lost his job. He had to relocate to another state and all kinds of other complications. But the reason why David's Aura picked up so fast after one or two sessions with me as you can see from just looking at the photos how fast his Aura picked up, that's largely because I've already done a lot of work on him in the past and I had already gotten to the basis of his chakra system in our other sessions many months ago. So this was just a really a question of a quick revival. I was able to just continue resuming the work that I had done when we stopped eight months ago due to the economy. With you, it may be completely different. I don't know where you're at with your Aura. You may be close to your chakra system some of your chakras may be working better than others. Some people may be so traumatized that they sort of lost communication with most or even sometimes all of your chakras. They're sort of buried there. They're frozen and then of course all kinds of complications emerged out of that. Frozen chakra systems make the energy of the body slow down and freeze up, you know, it really is analogous in some ways to high cholesterol and clogging up the arteries and all of that. That's when the energy clogs up. So depending where you are when you first start working with me, it may take me a while to finally get the chakra system to start moving and you slowly your body wakes up. And in between sessions your body will also do a lot of work. Once it's working with me and it uses me to help it to remember to understand the journey of becoming more alive, more open, more awake, opening the chakra system. Your body knows this stuff but life has buried this knowledge underneath difficult experiences. So that's basically my disclaimer. If you continue to work with me over time, in my mind there's no question that your auric field will open, and your chakra system will start moving, and you'll have the same kind of dramatic change in your skin tone, change in your energy level, change in your capacity to interact with people and to show love and all kinds of things will emerge out of an open chakra system. But once again the disclaimer just is that it may take a while. And I'll tell you after a few sessions. I'll let you know my assessment where I feel you're at, and we'll take it from there. Ok? Have a great day.