Chapter 1 – The Early Years Before Metaphysical Understandings- 1973 to 1984




My journey to becoming a master of the Human Aura, really begins with the ‘natural ecstatic highs’ I used to experience in my teens when I was playing guitar and singing in school rock bands.


I vividly recall one concert that my band played where the audience and myself  ‘merged’ into one unified energy field, and together we kept growing into a larger and larger out-of-body pool of light and energy. And this incredible openness and love poured out of my soul for the audience. It was a beautiful, pure, indeed almost religious experience. Of course, I had no idea about the metaphysics involved in this life-changing rock and roll performance during High School, but I somehow intuitively understood what was going on and I recall feeling very comfortable and at home in these realms . With my auric body hovering 15 feet above my physical body, and the merged energy field of the audience and myself being the size of a zeppelin balloon, I somehow sensed that I was beginning my mystical path and training in this lifetime right then and there !


Of course it would take me many years to even begin to comprehend the true metaphysics of this rock and roll experience. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere !




My painstaking work to becoming a master of the Human Aura took a giant leap forward at Music College  (Boston, 1977-1979).


While my original intention was to study composition and guitar, I ended up following my own inner voice, diving into my own mystical musical research, primarily into the nature of  rhythm and it’s impact on human consciousness. I would spending endless hours in their practice rooms, experimenting with rhythms and studying the varying ‘altered states of consciousness’  I would experience from them.


I also began to intuitively ‘see’ the energy of these rhythms in the air, without really comprehending the significance of what I was ‘seeing’.


These energies took the form of waves (acoustic waves, or energy waves) that I would somehow ‘see’ moving in the air.


It would take me another quarter of a century to completely comprehend the significance of these perceptions of  waves, as I would gradually open up my ‘third eye chakra’ and be able to ‘see’ these energy waves inside and around the aura.


Anyway, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given my intense focus on my ‘inner voice’, that I didn’t last too long as a ‘student in good standing’ at this Music College.



So back to NY I went, taking up work as the shipping clerk in a wall paper printing factory on Long Island (my father, who had a successful fashion business in Manhattan, also owned a stake in this wall paper factory).


After working there for a while, I gradually came to recognize the next step in my journey to becoming a master of the Human Aura. It was sitting in the room right next door to the shipping room at the wall paper factory. It was the Paint Room !


‘By chance’, I one day wandered into the Paint Room and became mystically entranced with how the paint colorist was mixing the paints.  She had hundreds of index cards with the formulas and proportions of colors which went into the final paint colors.


Once again, I was moved into an ‘altered state of consciousness’ from studying the colorist’s mixing of the paints.


It was as if  I could ‘see’ exactly every different colored paint molecule that was necessary to mix the final paint color.


This microscopic ability to intuitively analyze the proportions of colors which make up the final color took on an almost mathematical or computer-like quality, stirring up in me a deep connection with the ‘Mystical Mathematical Foundations of the Universe’, even though I didn’t quite comprehend it yet.


Also, once again, I ‘saw’ these ‘waves of colors’ moving in the air as the paints were mixed, just as I saw the waves of rhythms in the air during my rhythm experiments at Music College a few years earlier.



My desire to achieve higher things in life than being the head of the shipping department at a wall paper factory, led me to explore taking some college classes at a local community college.  While wandering through the college bookstore one day, I came across a text book which had a beautiful, almost sensual, picture of a ‘wave’, almost exactly the same image that I had been seeing in my rhythm studies at Music College and as I watched the colorist make up the colors at the wall paper factory.


It was a text book on Physics.


It may be hard for you to believe, but truthfully, I had NO IDEA what Physics was at this time !


I had barely made it through Regents Chemistry in High School and being interested in graduating High School early and studying music, there was never even a conversation with my guidance counselor or anyone else for that matter, about me taking High School Physics.


So, upon opening up this Physics text book, and seeing that huge chapters of Physics were devoted to the Science of Sound as well as the Science of Light and Color, along with my mystical connection to the ‘wave’ on the text book cover,  I just ‘knew’ that it was my destiny to study Physics.


I felt that the ‘Universe’ was ‘guiding’ me to study nature’s ‘Holy of Holies’, learning to read the ‘Book of Nature’, and learn the Science behind all the mystical altered-state experiences I had been having with rhythms and with paint color mixing.


This was truly a transcendental moment for me, standing in this local Community College bookstore !


Anyway, after speaking with someone in the Physics department and realizing that I could only study Physics by simultaneously taking Calculus, I realized that my High School education in Mathematics was sorely lacking. Once again, I had NO IDEA what Calculus was at the time, having transferred out of 11th grade Trigonometry because it was too hard for me at the time, transferring into the much easier Intermediate Algebra.


But because I ‘knew’ I had to study this ‘Sacred Body of Knowledge’, Physics,  I realized that I had to overcome incredible obstacles and re-learn all my High School Mathematics on my own so I could jump into the Physics Department program at the Community College the coming school year.


So, I miraculously re-learned all my High School Mathematics on my break times at the wallpaper factory during the summer of 1981 and went on to study Physics full time the next full school year.


At the risk of sounding like I’m bragging, I got a perfect 4.0 average for the whole year, achieving A’s in all of my classes, including two semesters of Physics, two semesters of Calculus, one semester of Inorganic Chemistry, and a host of other technically-related classes which made up this extremely intensive program.


I guess I had some measurable mental abilities after all !


Summer of 1981

Based on this Community College success, I decided to transfer to a more prestigious 4-year university in Pennsylvania to complete my Physics studies. This was a very serious elite Engineering University in the heart of Steel country.


I didn’t quite comprehend the dramatic difference in quality of student I would encounter at this elite school.


I had dismal SAT scores in High School, never taking any advanced placement High School courses, and not really having a ‘Plan B’ should my original music ambitions not work out.


Nonetheless, off I would go, after the summer, to this elite Engineering University where the typical Math SAT scores of the students accepted directly from High School were likely close to the perfect score of 800, and where  it was possible, even likely, that many of the students accept to this University straight out of High School had been valedictorians or salutatorians of their graduating class.


As ‘green’ as I was in terms of any real former background or any early precocious interest in physics or engineering, I was gratefully hired that summer as an intern to this Physics-Electrical Engineering specialist at a local company specializing in designing parts for jet engines.


This Physics-Electrical Engineering specialist I was assigned to ‘just happened’ to be an extremely ‘other-worldly’ scientist (as I saw him).


We were working on something called a ‘thermocouple’ which was a small electrical device designed to measure temperatures inside jet engines.


This ‘other-worldly’ scientist was always encouraging me to ‘SEE THE LIVING ELECTRONS’ inside the thermocouples.


He saw the electrons as alive, aware, and conscious beings.  At least that was my impression of his views.


Anyway,  I came away from this summer internship with an even deeper mysticism and reverence towards my chosen academic path of Physics,  having been imbued with the ‘knowing’ that Electrons did indeed ‘think’ and were indeed awake and aware conscious beings.


Although I couldn’t grasp the full ramifications of all of this at the time, I somehow ‘knew’ that the ‘Universe’ was ‘guiding’ me further down the road towards unlocking ‘Nature’s mysteries’.   Somehow, I ‘knew’ that I would one day be able to ‘communicate’ with those electrons directly through telepathic abilities…abilities that I didn’t even know existed in 1981, since  I had never heard about, nor met anyone who was a psychic or had extra-sensory abilities before then.


Fall 1981- Spring 1984

So after my summer internship, I headed off to the 4-year University in Pennsylvania, with my head full of  mystical, even spiritual ideas of what Physics was all about.  Unfortunately, virtually all the faculty and students that I encountered at the University,  viewed Physics in a very practical, completely un-mystical way. Learning Physics was, for the most part,  a way to a great job and a great income. Clearly I was the odd-ball in the crowd !


Anyway, I was on a ‘religious mission’ to learn how to read the ‘Sacred book of Nature’, and I wasn’t about to let a bunch of nuts-and-bolts, black-and-white thinking, hard-nosed, bottom-line students and teachers dilute my ‘mystical’ approach to learning Physics.


I fought tooth and nail to incorporate my mystical thoughts and visions into my traditional Physics classes, going way beyond the regular scope of lab write-ups for traditional Physics experiments like mechanics and electricity, to include my own mystical interpretations. I was carrying these ideas about ‘electrons being alive and conscious’ into my lab write-ups, coming up with hypotheses and metaphors which I’m sure my Physics professors thought were beyond strange. I would also, on my own time, spend hours on end staring endlessly into the electron microscopes in the Engineering-Physics Materials Laboratory, peering into the wondrous world of the crystalline structures,  drinking in the immense majesty of microscopic crystal geometry.


I was truly in heaven going deeper and deeper into the mysteries of Nature at this University, until I was stopped dead in my tracks by a D+ in quantum mechanics and an increasing inability to perform at the high level of academic excellence that I achieved at the Community College (I did have some success before this D+ I should say, having received A’s in 3 semesters of Calculus/Differential Equations and B’s and C’s in other classes, as I recall).


The  comprehensive final exams at the end of the 3rd semester were brutal for me, and it has taken me years to repair my traumatized brain cells!


But I wasn’t studying Physics for the same reasons as these students, and I knew there was something important I still needed to discover in this ‘guided’ mystical journey through the corridors of science.


So I took all my credits and transferred to the Physics department at a slightly less elite University on Long Island , where I finally received my Bachelors Degree in Physics in the spring of 1984.


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