Major Test of Faith #2: “The Chinatown Past Life Apology” – May 1991


Probably the first major ‘Trial by Fire’ that the ‘Universe’ asked me to do after leaving the healing school, was to go to Chinatown in New York City (I lived on Long Island) and ask for forgiveness from the Chinese people,  apparently for some past lifetime where I was some dangerous martial artist.


I should mention that from ages 6 to 8, I was enrolled in Karate school in Queens, NY, studying the Taekwondo style. I actually achieved the level of brown belt, although I think the Sensei/Instructor, the typically much larger students, as well as the parents, would laugh under their breath when I tested for my next-level belts. I’m pretty sure the bigger students let me flip them when we sparred, but they never let on!


My father wanted me to learn Karate, while my mother put me and my sister in Ballet/Tap Dancing school. Go figure!


When we moved to Long Island at age 9, my Karate studies ended, but wrestling became my new physical outlet.  I was a pretty tough wrestler throughout middle school (I also played football and lacrosse), but didn’t continue with team sports once I got to High School.


So since High School , and ever since, I have been completely non-violent and have never been a physical threat to anyone.


So this ‘Trial By Fire’ in Chinatown, seemingly to ask for forgiveness for some past lifetime where I was apparently some dangerous martial artist, was a complete surprise to me.


So on this spring day, shortly after leaving the healing school, I suddenly heard a voice in my head telling me to get dressed and get prepared to take a train ride to Manhattan.


I had no idea where the Universe was going to take me in Manhattan, but I was determined to follow my inner spiritual guidance so long as what it was asking me to do was not illegal and/or harmful to other people.


My ultimate destination, as the Universe would finally reveal to me, was Chinatown.


As I emerged from the subway on the outskirts of Chinatown, the Universe asked me to raise my hands up, as when a police officer asks a suspect criminal to put his hands up in the air.


Apparently, the Universe asked me to do this as a gesture to the ‘Guardian Ancestor Spirits of Chinatown’ that I was unarmed and that I came in peace.


Sounds kooky right ?  It no doubt LOOKED kooky to anyone watching me !


I somehow mysteriously understood why I was being asked to do this, this ‘understanding’ coming from some deep recess of my subconscious mind.


The way I’d put it now, is that I was doing something to clean up my past life bad karma as a Chinese martial artist.


Somehow it all made sense to me at the time.


Amazingly, within a few minutes of me walking around like this, I became aware of hundreds of Chinese spirits flooding the Chinatown skies following me.


At first they were extremely threatening and angry that ‘an intruder’ was disturbing the spiritual atmosphere of their ‘town’


They followed me everywhere, discussing among themselves who I was and what my intention was.


After walking down a number of streets with my arms up in the air as described, the Universe next asked me to get down on my knees in the middle of the sidewalk in various places during my walk, and keep bowing down and praying.


With scores of people whizzing by me and the hundreds of spirits following me in the skies , the Universe whispered for me to keep saying that I was on this earth in this lifetime to help ‘The Mother’ and to be a healer, not to be a martial artist and cause physical harm to others.


This walking with outstretched arms and then getting down on my knees to bow down and ask for forgiveness for my past life sins, went on for about an hour.


Somewhere during this hour, the swarming spirits in the sky began to smile at me , letting me know telepathically that they understood who I was and what I was doing, and that they not only gave me their blessing, but they also offered to help me out anytime should I need their help.


As a final request, the Universe asked me to go into stores that had statues of Chinese deities in the windows, and get down on my knees and pray right in front of the Chinese deity statues and the store workers, saying the same words about being here to help the Mother, etc.


Fortunately, no one called the police on me or otherwise threatened me with violence. They probably just thought I was another New York wacko !  I guess New Yorkers are used to this kind of weird behavior.


Anyway, after the hour was over, as I emerged from Chinatown and back onto the subway and headed back to Long Island, everything went completely back to normal and I didn’t have another ‘Trial by Fire’ test like this for many months.


This kind of highly structured and tightly-timed spiritual ‘test’, lasting a hour or two, added to my feeling that I was on a precise and well-planned path to clean up my past karma and get on with my training to become a healer in this lifetime.


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