*Note:  Some of what's below is only partially complete. I am constantly updating these sections, so please check back periodically for these updates!   Peace...Ziji

Ziji's Thoughts on Reincarnation & Past Lives


Although I never go 'looking' for my client's past lives during healing sessions, sometimes a client's Body Wisdom will show me extremely precise visions of  one or more of their past lives. Indeed, these visions are often like mini movies, shown to me in living color, with all of the detail of a real life scene.

Typically these past lives are NOT recognizable people from history, so when a client's Body Wisdom shows me a past life, there is usually some important learning that my client needs to reflect on, the person having qualities that my client has in THIS lifetime, and reflecting on these qualities is fundamental to breaking through energetic blocks getting in the way of their healing progress.


Multiple Reincarnation Journeys

When I start working with a client, their Body Wisdom will usually begin guiding me to heal health conditions from THIS LIFETIME first.

After a number of healing sessions, a client's Body Wisdom may make the assessment that the remainder of blocks standing in the way of their healing journey, come from previous reincarnations.

So, one lifetime at a time, the client's Body Wisdom may guide me to heal the traumas from these previous reincarnations.

After moving through a few of the client's past lives, a story-line typically begins to emerge that I refer to as the client's 'Multi-Reincarnationl Journey'.

Some metaphysically-minded people may refer to this as the 'CONTRACT' that a soul might make with the Universal God/Goddess, 'SIGNING UP' to go through a series of reincarnations to gain the experience needed for some ultimate spiritually important 'mission' that they will fulfill eventually on Earth.

Of course, this concept of a 'Multi Reincarnational Contract' goes against those who believe in 'free will', and the accumulation of good or bad Karma from lifetime to lifetime.

Either way, the journey through your past lives, should your Body Wisdom choose to guide me to heal aspects of them during our sessions, should be fascinating and enriching for you, as well as transformational to your health issue(s)!