The Importance Of The Emotional Body In My Healing Work

Your body’s wisdom also shows me emotional information.

During a healing session, your body’s wisdom will typically lead me to layers of toxic emotional energies that it is ready to release.

To communicate this emotional information, your body will typically show me detailed images or ‘scenes’ that can be either highly surreal, like a dream, or extremely realistic, showing me exactly how some actual past trauma unfolded from start to finish.

Emotional Body - 2nd Layer of Aura

You do not have to talk about and re-experience these past emotions to release them, as in a psychotherapy session.

During healing sessions, traumas get removed with no real effort from your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind won’t even know they’re being released.

But your physical, emotional and spiritual health will be greatly improved as a result of your body’s wisdom choosing to release these traumas.