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page breakSacral Chakra Healing - Weight Issues - Aura Healing Insights

Sacral Chakra Healing - Weight Issues - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: During this healing it was discovered that my client's Weight Issue was primarily due to the energetic blockage in her Sacral Chakra. Watch the video to see the 2 amazing metaphorical images her body wisdom gave to me to help unblock this Chakra and help her lose the break

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In this video: The auric connection between the Sacral Chakra and the Legs is described in this healing. In this case, the Sacral Chakra is reimagined as the 'Womb Chakra', and it's an elderly mother's bond with her son that becomes traumatized during difficult arguments regarding property. These arguments caused her Leg Limping condition.