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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a Learning Disability through Distance Aura Healing

Learning Disability Due To Past Life Trauma Causing Spirit Brain To Disconnect From her Physical Brain - Featured Image

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Synopsis of video: 


Distance Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a phone healing on a client with a Learning Disability, caused, in part, by a past life trauma that energetically disconnected her spirit brain from her physical brain.


In this video, I describe a remote aura healing on a client with a Learning Disability, caused, in part, from a past life trauma that energetically disconnected her spirit brain from her physical brain.

During a distance aura healing session, this client came to me with the complaint that she just wasn’t able to easily learn new things and complained of memory retention issues. She was in her 40s and felt like she had to take these low paying, low-skill type jobs because she couldn’t seem to learn how to use computers, or smartphones, for example. Clearly, she had a learning disorder/disability, and perhaps also had attention deficit disorder (ADHD). In her typical retail store jobs, she often felt embarrassed and even humiliated when her superiors would give her disapproving looks when she had difficulty understanding and also couldn’t remember instructions that her superiors had just given her.

What I found when I tuned in for the aura healing, was that her spirit body was about a foot behind her physical body, and in particular, her spirit head and brain were likewise, a foot behind where the physical head and brain were. The Third eye Chakra (the 6th chakra of the 7 primary chakras) as well as the Crown Chakra (the 7th chakra of the seven main Chakras) were also detached from the physical third eye and the crown of the head.

How this translated into my client’s slow learning speed, was that perceptions that her spirit brain had received, had to travel that 1-foot distance forward for her physical brain to receive that information and only then, begin processing and making sense of it. Only then would her physical brain transfer that information down her spine and nervous system to inform the parts of her physical body that needed to respond appropriately to that delayed sense information. Similarly, her thought processes, imagination and creativity were being dramatically blocked by the Third Eye Chakra (the Indigo Chakra / Purple Chakra) being detached from the physical body's Third Eye location.

At this point in the aura healing, my client’s body wisdom started to give me visions of a past lifetime. The vision felt like it was from the 1920s -1930s in America, and it felt like my client was at a pro-Union protest at some company’s property. It felt like the protest was about poor working conditions, child labor,

long work hours, etc.

In this vision, my client was protecting a friend of hers from being beaten with a billy club by one of the pro-company police, stepping in front of her friend to try to shield her. In so doing, my client was now also beaten, although not as bad as her friend was. Nevertheless, my client was herded into the paddy wagon and taken to jail.

The next part of this vision seemed to be after she was let out of jail, apparently not having spent much time in the prison. Nonetheless, she was clearly traumatized by this whole experience, and now in the vision, she would isolate herself inside her apartment, and she seemed to become extremely OCD (obsessive-compulsive). She would spend her time obsessively tidying up her apartment, cleaning things, dusting, moving things around, etc.

What was most revealing to me in this vision, was that her back was turned away from the outside world and focused single-mindedly on the inside of her apartment, and all the micro-adjustments she felt compelled to make to everything in her apartment. Aurically, it felt like her eyes had blinders on like a horse, having this extreme ‘tunnel vision’, pointed opposite to the outside world.

What had happened aurically, as a result of this trauma, is that my client’s spirit body had detached a foot to the rear of her physical body, because of the new fear of the outside world and its potential brutality.

Now came the actual aura healing work.

Her body wisdom began with her being OCD in her apartment in this past lifetime, and I was guided to slowly turn her whole aura around to now face the outside world again, gradually re-programming her aura. While this slow 180-degree turning-around process was happening, simultaneously I was guided to gradually dissolve/remove the whole trauma of the prison and the original police brutality at the pro-Union protest.

As I was dissolving/removing this past life trauma, her spirit body started moving forward, closer and closer to the physical body, and the spirit brain now moved within inches of the physical brain. Likewise, her Third Eye Chakra (also called the Ajna Chakra) now could begin to function correctly. I knew intuitively, that this was going to dramatically increase my client’s ability to learn and remember things, as well as increase her imagination and creativity.

At this point, I was guided by her body's wisdom to move into highly intricate, microscopic auric procedures to work to more fully integrate the spirit brain with the physical brain. You can watch the video above for a more graphic description of this auric brain integration procedure as it relates to the seven layers of the Aura principles..

I had another remote aura healing with her about a month later, and she was pleased with the results of our last healing. She reported that she felt she was thinking faster and receiving and retaining instructions at work much better. She signed up for a computer class at a local college.

Now she felt like she could apply for more higher-paying jobs, which require these higher functioning learning and memory abilities. She felt like she could think more on her feet, feeling more grounded, having more positive energy, and be more present in the moment.

So in sum, this aura healing demonstrates the importance of the 7 layer of the aura healing principles, that traumas in this and/or past lives, can cause a person’s spirit body to detach in some way, causing a delay in the processing of information in the physical body.

Thankfully, through this kind of auric healing process, traumas from this and/or past lives can be dissolved/removed, and the spirit body’s detachment can be corrected.

For optimal physical body health, the spirit body needs to be fully integrated into the physical body. Nobody’s spirit body is 100 % fully integrated though, from my experience. But we can get close to this ideal optimal health if we get on the healing journey to work to heal our past traumas.



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