Unearthing Ancient Superpowers by cutting Daddy’s Puppet Strings
July 31, 2019
Image representing an Aura Healing of a particular Brain Injury Client
Repairing A Healing Client’s Brain And Internal Organ “Fuse-box” Caused By A Head Injury “Blackout” — ((NOTE: Click on image to see full picture))
August 10, 2019
Image representing an Aura Healing of a particular Brain Injury Client
Repairing A Healing Client’s Brain And Internal Organ “Fuse-box” Caused By A Head Injury “Blackout” — ((NOTE: Click on image to see full picture))
August 10, 2019
Unearthing Ancient Superpowers by cutting Daddy’s Puppet Strings
July 31, 2019

Healing Relationship Dysfunction As Past Life Child Reincarnates As Current Husband              — ((NOTE: Click on image to see full picture))

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Husband as past life child


Healing Relationship Dysfunction As Past Life Child Reincarnates As Current Husband


I created this image to represent a vision I had while doing a phone healing on a client who was having severe pains in her uterus / womb / belly chakra area as well as unusually strong headaches centered around her forehead / third eye chakra.

When I tuned in for the healing I immediately saw a vision of a long energy cord, resembling an umbilical cord, reaching out from my client’s belly area, connecting on the other end to an image of a grown man’s face.

I had a strong intuitive hunch that the grown man’s face on the other end of this ‘umbilical cord’ represented my client’s ex-husband because of what she shared with me before the healing.

Her Backstory

My client told me that the biggest thing holding her back in life was her ‘ex’, who had recently moved from another state to an apartment very close to hers. He was out of work and not actively seeking a job. To make things worse, he was calling her constantly, sounding very depressed and asking for her help with money and other things.

Overriding her mixed feelings about letting him back into her life, she finally agreed to let him walk her dogs and clean her house while she was at work in exchange for being there for him and helping him in these assorted ways.


Cut The “Umbilical Cord”?

My original assumption was that my client’s Body Wisdom would guide me to cut this ‘umbilical cord’ to help her rid herself of this clingy co-dependent arrangement she had with her ex.

But what I found when I telepathically tuned in to the ‘umbilical cord’, was that my client was, at best, ambivalent about completely cutting her emotional cords with him. She seemed instead to be unconsciously holding on to him, actually pulling him closer with this energetic ‘umbilical cord’, and/or keeping him from energetically pulling away. It felt to me, that deep down, she was secretly hoping that their past relationship could somehow be resurrected.

These unconscious emotions were in contrast to what my client told me at the beginning of our session, complaining about her ex, that he “needed” to remain in her life in order to feed off of her energy and money, and that it was he who was sentimentally clinging to a romanticized memory of their past together.


The Vision

At this point in the healing, I was guided to project my energy hands to the areas of her discomfort; her uterus / womb / belly chakra area and her forehead / third eye chakra region.

What I saw next was an amazing vision of her ex’s face inside the womb of a pregnant woman, who I intuitively felt  represented my client.

There was also a fantastic simultaneous vision of a baby’s soul about to incarnate from up among the clouds. This baby soul was jumping down into this same woman’s (my client’s) womb.

What was more mind blowing, was the superimposed vision of her ex-husband’s face merging together with this incarnating baby.

Wow, what a vision!!

Vision Revealed

At this point I started to telepathically receive explanations from my client’s Body Wisdom which went a long way towards unravelling the significance of these visions.

The intricate multi-reincarnational storyline transmitted to me, went something like this:

Apparently, my client’s ex-husband was her child in another lifetime.

My psychic vision then worked to decipher important details of this past life mother-son dynamic.

My client appeared to be some major high-society socialite in this past life. In the vision, she seemed to have all the time in the world for her high-society friends, but very little time for her son, now her ex-husband in this lifetime.

Complex Emotions From The Son
Continued Into This Lifetime


At this point of the vision, I felt an overwhelming outpouring of emotions coming from the son in this past life, and simultaneously, from her ex-husband in this lifetime.

In the vision, they both had their heads hanging down, suffering with feelings rejection, loneliness, abandonment and depression.

Deeper Understandings


It seemed clear that the past life son reincarnated as the  husband in this lifetime to give my client another chance to finally give him the full attention and affection that his soul desperately needed – and that she failed to give him when she was his mother.

Thus far, it was clear that this lifetime’s attempt at resolving the old karma of this mother-son past life dysfunction still hadn’t worked itself out!

And, I realized, that’s why my client’s Body Wisdom wouldn’t let me cut the ‘umbilical cord’ with her ex.

My client had still not learned how to love and care for this being who was once her son and now is her ex.

This was the fundamental lesson that my client’s Body Wisdom was trying to teach my client, with me as the intermediary.

What’s important to understand here, is that often times people’s physical and emotional health conditions are blocked from being healed due to important soul lessons that the person still hasn’t learned.  For my client, in order for her belly and forehead pains to dissipate, she had to make progress on this soul lesson, which she apparently did, at least mentally, upon my sharing this information with her.



What was cool about this healing, was that all the healing energy I was guided to pour into her belly and forehead, combined with the revelatory soul lessons about loving this male soul who was now her ex, seemed to work, as she said the pains in both regions dramatically subsided by the end of our session.

Clearly she had absorbed important dimensions of this soul lesson simply from me sharing it with her.

With these new insights into her soul’s evolving emotional (and spiritual) growth, I had faith that my client would now be able to transform the dysfunctional relationship with her ex and create a new, more healthy, functional interaction with him, whatever future form that may take.



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Rebecca Nye says:

Cool healing story! I wonder how we’d all handle our dysfunctional or difficult relationships if we could have real insight into our ‘karmic back story’ with those people. It’s inspiring that this woman’s auric body’s messages to her, with you as the translator, allowed her to finally make the shift to heal this old conflict, both interpersonally and how it was affecting her symptomatically….


Rebecca Nye says:

I would also recommend reading Ziji’s other blog posts. Reading interesting stuff!


Teany says:

Wow that’s an amazing story on how historical karmic relationships get resolved here and now. And also a testament to needing help in seeing these connections for healing. Otherwise, it feels like that situation would not have resolved. Amazing!


Christina Campbell says:

Inspiring to learn about this healing story…to consider past life and how it is affecting the present. And to consider pastlife ss another possibility in the emotional tramas of patients.