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August 25, 2018
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August 25, 2018

Leg Condition – Emotionally Wounded Womb Chakra as Root of Disabling Limp — (video below top image)

Transcription of Video: Emotionally Wounded Womb Chakra as Root of Disabling Limp

So we have in this healing an older woman who’s been a little bit estranged from a son and there’s some kind of dispute going on that the son, in various ways, is acting in such a way that he’s not really respecting his elderly mother at this point. It’s a unique kind of situation and it really strikes the elderly woman, it really hits her very hard. So what I discovered in this particular healing as I tuned in to her aura, I discovered in her belly chakra, there was a big leak coming out, like a spike coming out of the far left side of the belly chakra. This incident with the son happened probably three months ago possibly, and within those three months, this elderly woman started to limp. Basically, the limp came completely from the left side. If you watch her, she sort of wobbles when she walks. Of course this was of great concern, she had no idea why she was all of a sudden limping, and I went in and I saw this direct connection between the trauma that she suffered a few months ago from the interaction with her son, and the limping. So basically, I tuned in, saw the whole complex, and moved the process forward. I’m not going to say that I healed it completely in one shot, but the fact that I was able to see the direct connection, because this is her son! The belly chakra, the far left side of the belly chakra which is the ultimate feminine part of the belly, the womb. She held her son in her womb, many years ago but, still and all, there’s still a connection. And when he did something to really hurt her, that’s where it hit her, it hit her in the womb area. I actually saw the nerve connections going straight back, they’re probably the auric nerves or the auric energies, they were going straight back from the far left side of the belly chakra, then came inside the pelvic bone and then going down into the leg. This is just an example of how the emotional body, cause this just happened a few months ago, and within the few months, boom boom boom, she’s limping. This is a direct connection between the emotional and energy body and the chakra body, and direct muscular skeletal neurological imbalance, and throwing everything out of whack. Now this is pretty serious when an elderly person starts limping, it gets kind of scary for them. It’s really serious. So the fact that I was able to get in there and at least move the process forward in that one healing and then in future healings hopefully we’ll be able to completely heal the whole complex and then she won’t be limping again. But as I said, there’s never a guarantee of complete healing, but this is how the body wisdom moves you forward through these healing processes.

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