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August 25, 2018
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August 25, 2018

CHEST PAIN-Solar Plexus Chakra 180 Degree Imploding Dagger — (video below top image)

Transcription of Chest Pain Video: ”Solar Plexus Chakra 180 Degree Imploding Dagger”

In this particular healing, the complaint that the client had at the beginning of the healing, was that they were experiencing this pressure, this pain, this little pain, right underneath, in the middle of the ribcage here. And, you know, it was a concern, I mean, they were thinking possibly ulcer. You know, when you have these little pains, it’s like you worry, you know? So… But she hadn’t experienced this pain before, like it just came out of the blue, at some level. And, so I pulled up 3D anatomy software, and took a look to see what exactly, what organs and stuff, were behind there. And, really had the liver and it just barely touched the bottom of the heart, which is around here. And, you also had the esophagus, the very, very bottom of the esophagus, going into the stomach. So, it was, you know, certainly a possibility that there was some kind of issue with one of these organs, that was giving her that pain. But, as usual, you know, when I tune in for a healing, I empty my mind completely, and see what the body wisdom has to show me. So very, very, interesting stuff came out of this. What I saw was an energy, I immediately saw that it was an energetic issue, that in fact the physical body, and the internal organs, in that area, had not yet been affected. They might have, if this situation continued maybe, you know, who knows how long it actually could manifest in the next lifetime, or more. But, there definitely would have been a physical manifestation, but not yet, it was still at the energy level. And, basically what I saw was and inward, I saw it was the solar plexus chakra. You know, the solar plexus chakra, sort of really around here, if this would have been, this would have been, like the top end, the top end of the solar plexus chakra, touching, really, the bottom of the rib cage.
And, what I saw was that it was, and the chakra’s normally should be, you know, spinning outward, they would be, you know, the solar plexus chakra would be, you know, outwardly spinning, going out. And, then the cone would be drawing energy, and the outward spinning vortex would be drawing energy in from the universe that the body can take in, and you know, fertilize, and energize every part of the body, through the energy channel, the meridians, the acupuncture meridians, etcetera, etcetera. In this case, though, when I first tuned into the body, the solar plexus chakra was pointing inward, like a dagger, it was like a spike an energy spike, it had all this intense energy and it was pointing inward, like this, and causing the pain. That’s what she was feeling, that pain there. And, having know a little bit, I’ve done a few sessions with this person, and knowing a little bit about the history, not everything but enough that to get a sense that this probably had something to do with her being a mother to a son that had some kind of nervous breakdown, something happened there. She really hasn’t described it completely to me, but I’ve gotten a sense that this was really a really, really serious, and highly depressing series of events that led to, like a nervous breakdown in her son. And, all her health problems seemed to have manifested from that, from that breakdown, even though she had no clue about it, when I first started working with her. I saw it again from the body’s wisdom.
So, in this particular healing, we’ve healed other stuff in the past, but this was, this was the cutting edge, the cutting edge for her. She came in saying she was feeling this pain, right here, you know, right underneath the rib cage. So, I saw the body wisdom showed me this inward pointing dagger, pushing in, poking in, into the middle of the rib cage. And, I immediately saw that this was connected to the son issue, the issue with the son, and I stayed with that phenomenon, the solar plexus chakra. And, all of a sudden, it was a lot of work, with a lot of effort, I was able to turn, you know, guided by her body’s wisdom, together we turned the spinning of the chakra, and the pointing of the chakra, in the right direction 180 degrees. You know, thank the universe that we were able to do that It’s really, it’s gonna be huge for her transformation, and her shift, her health shift that we were actually able to turn it around 180 degrees. And, basically what I saw, and she verified this completely, you know, she really hadn’t told me much about the series of events that led to the breakdown, you know, the nervous breakdown with the son, but what I saw was, as I turned the solar plexus chakra 1480 degrees, so that now it was going in the correct direction, I saw her talking, you know, talking powerfully, to her son, you know, “Clean up your room.” “Get motivated.” “What are you doing with your life?” you know? You know, “Where is your mind?” “Come on now, get with it.” that kind of thing, like she was, being a powerful mother. She was using hard love, you know, tough love so to speak, she wasn’t being quite gentle, but this may be after years and years of the kid not going anywhere. And, I don’t know all the dimensions of this whole situation, but when I described this to her, she said, “That’s exactly accurate.” I was seeing the whole thing, you know, like as if I was inside her aura, watching her, you know, talking like this to her son. And, so she was speaking really, really powerfully with this really long solar plexus, outwardly pointing energy, that was sort of going right to her son, you know, as if she was right in her son’s face going, you know, “Get motivated.” “What are you doing with your life?” she was doing that with her voice, and her solar plexus, and it went all the way out to, like the sixth layer of the solar plexus chakra, that was actually, actually got to her son’s face, energetically, and he really felt it.
And, then what I saw, what I witnessed was that at a certain point, this was my guess, my hypothesis based on what I had seen, that at a certain point, while she was talking powerfully, and expressing herself, and giving the hard love, he was going “Yeah mom, just leave me alone.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, yeah, yeah.” “I’ll do it later.” kind of like stuff like that. But, at a certain point, it like flat-lined. At a certain point, I just felt that he just stopped responding, and became despondent. He became, like frozen and to me that would have translated to this nervous breakdown, because at that point, this person’s solar plexus stopped expressing itself in the correct direction, and all of a sudden, turned around 180 degrees to become a dagger straight back, in other words, she imploded all this energies that she was expressing you know, to try and jolt her son into action all of a sudden he just went, he went numb, he just went autistic, kind of, you know, like nothing coming from him, he was just in a, he would not talk anymore. You could not get through to him. And, this translated into this nervous breakdown thing. And, all of a sudden, all this energy that, that the mother was expressing, Now… couldn’t go anywhere, and so it completely imploded back to herself, like a dagger, and it just went right to, right back to the solar plexus chakra, and all of her, all of her health issues evolved from that. I mean, that was just, she became, cause she couldn’t express herself anymore, so she shut down, she moved into a complete depression, and she gained a ton of weight, her heart started, one of the chambers of her heart became very lax, and it slowed down the blood flow, and that created all kinds of other complications and this all came from the fact that, you know, the object that, that she wanted to motivate, basically, you know, left town, you know, just checked out so to speak.
And, so you know, a mother’s love, a mother’s care just completely imploded on her, and she just sank, her whole energy sank, and she got spacey, she couldn’t remember things, she couldn’t think, she was always depressed, she was always tired, her legs started giving out, knees, back, you know, you name it, it started happening. So, so this is an example, I would just call this a possible scenario of chest pain. When someone has a chest pain, that the doctors can’t figure out where it’s coming from, right? They sometimes can’t see anything in X-rays or scans, and they’re like, you know, this must be psycho-somatic, you know, “You must be imagining this.” you know? But, of course, they don’t always understand the energetic realm, and the power of the energy system, and the chakras, and this is a very, very real. Energy is real. Energy has weight. Energy has force. And, it hurts, it can hurt, you know? So, that’s what was going on here, and eventually, again, I don’t know how long it would have take for that to manifest as, probably some kind of growth in the liver, which is right in back of that point, and possibly an ulceration in the top of the stomach, bottom of the esophagus. And, also, you know, possibly one of the main arteries, or veins going back out of, or into the heart, which is just above that point, So, all kinds of physical, major complications could have emerged from that dagger, that was pointing inward, so, Alright.

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