August 25, 2018
Leg Condition – Emotionally Wounded Womb Chakra as Root of Disabling Limp — (video below top image)
August 25, 2018

Excessive Fears & Paranoid Feelings – Like A Hundred Psychic Knives — (video below top image)

Transcription of Video: Excessive Fears And Paranoid Feelings-Like 100 Psychic Knives

So in this healing I found somebody who was experiencing what would be considered to be normal interactions with people as potential threats. She was walking around worried and paranoid all the time that she wasn’t good enough and she was doing something wrong, among other difficult feelings. And it was really causing a tremendous amount of stress. Regular kinds of comments from people she would think, obsess, and worry about, trying to figure out if there was anything underhanded in the person’s comments.
On the outside, people interacting with her would never know she was having these emotions. This is a woman who went to an Ivy League school, got a very prestigious degree, is very sophisticated, and has high level jobs.
She had this buffer zone around her that was very calm. She would act and respond completely appropriately, totally with in the radar of normalcy. But internally, her complaint was, “I’m always tense”, “I’m always stressed out and I don’t really know why”.
I did a few smaller healings within the whole healing session. In the first smaller healing, all I could see was this calm exterior, and I was thinking “where was this complaint coming from? I don’t see this kind of paranoia, I see calm”.
But in the 2nd healing I was brought within 2 inches of the physical body. Now I was finally able to make out what I can only describe as energy ‘cuts’. It was as if you took the blade of a knife and put it against your skin but didn’t actually cut the skin, but you could definitely feel the sharpness of the blade pressing in against your skin. I saw 100 different ‘cuts’ at different angles. Little cuts, like the size of a small switchblade knife, all throughout her aura. And these ‘cuts’ were caused by her out-of-proportion reactions to relatively normal everyday interactions with people.
In the third smaller healing I got actually underneath this ‘knife-cut layer’. and I was able to see a vision that I had seen in an earlier healing a number of months ago, I saw her as a 3 or 4 year old. standing in the kitchen doorway, watching her parents argue. They were arguing with very intensely, but nothing over the top really. It was really normal relationship-type arguments. But here was this 3 or 4 year old girl standing in the kitchen doorway, looking at her father and mother arguing, and they just didn’t see her at all. She was just stood there watching for quite a while until she finally walked away, essentially realizing that her parents had so much drama going on in their lives that they just couldn’t see her and her needs. So this was one of the big reasons that she had these inner feelings that she wasn’t adequate, wasn’t important enough to get attention, and that there must be something wrong with her. She just needed to be said hello to, said ‘how are you doing’, ‘come sit on daddy’s lap’, ‘let me brush your hair’, ‘how are you doing with your homework today’, ‘let me read a story to you before you go to bed’. When I told her these visions I was seeing, she completely acknowledged it, saying that this was really what her childhood was like.
So now you have this really tender and delicate inner state as a child that has carried over into adulthood, and thus she’s constantly worryied that she isn’t enough, that she’s going to be abandoned, that she isn’t going to be paid attention to. Now every experience she has in her life causes her to be on red alert. Everything can become a potential ‘cut’. She’s got to think about everything that people do and say, and it’s taking an enormous amount of energy and making her incredibly stressed out. Once again no one is seeing this on the outside.
It’s really interesting how subtle these realms can be. So, this is really an example of how, you know, this kind of internal state can create a really blown out of proportion sense of paranoia and worry and obsession about how the world perceives you. Alright.

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