My Unique Approach To Aura Healing :
Following the guidance of  your Body’s Wisdom

(* Note, before continuing to read below, it might be helpful for you to review the “Aura Healing Tutorial” page
to refresh your knowledge of the aura.)

Aura Healing Tutorial


Through 30+ years of meditation and inner self-healing work, I believe I have developed a significant mastery over how my own aura / energy body works, and by extension, how people’s auras / energy bodies work generally.

Self-Healing Meditation Transformation

Part of this inner self-mastery work has been about learning how to communicate with and receive communications from the ‘BODY WISDOM’ – which I believe is the ‘universal language’ of the human body/aura that lies inside each of us.
This is the behind-the-scenes ‘language’ that is responsible for overseeing such vital physiological functions as heart beat, breathing, and digestion, as well as overseeing the emotional, symbolic dream-imagery integration processes that get carried out while we’re sleeping. The ‘Body Wisdom’ also records all physical and emotional traumas that have ever happened to us, and can, under optimal circumstances, mobilize the body’s miraculous self-healing capabilities to substantially heal many of these traumas.
Although your Body Wisdom ultimately knows the roadmap back to health, it is usually overwhelmed with handling unrelenting life traumas which get layered on top of older, un-healed traumas. So your Body Wisdom eventually loses track of the pathways back to your optimal health. This is where my special gifts of healing can intervene to greatly assist your own Body Wisdom’s efforts.
By my mapping out every-increasing regions of my own  ‘Auric Blueprint’ through my 30+ years of inner healing work, your Body Wisdom makes use of this blueprint to remember the pathways back to your optimal health, and  can thus begin repairing these long-forgotten roadways which lead to these older, buried, un-healed traumas.


Why My Healings Are Safe

When I tune into your aura, I always clear my mind of any preconceptions I might have about your health issue. Every person’s health issues are completely unique to them despite the medical profession’s attempts to uniformly standardize diseases, conditions, and remedies that they claim fit all people.  I operate under the belief that

Only Your Body Wisdom Knows The Way Back To Health

Therefore, I approach my healings with humility and humbleness.
Before every healing, I bring my mind back to an open blank slate, emptying any preconceived ideas I may have as to how to heal you, opening up my mind to receive the guidance and essential information from your Body’s Wisdom that I
need to proceed with a healing. This surrender to the guidance of your Body’s Wisdom lights the way through every twist and turn encountered on your completely unique pathway back to health and well being.

This is why my healings are extremely safe.  Since your Body’s Wisdom is
guiding my healing work every step of the way, no decision is ever being made that your body has not ‘signed-off on’.
While there are many types of healers, who’s healing styles differ to greater or lesser degrees from my Aura Healer approach, I believe you will experience my particular Body-Wisdom-Guided healings as unique, profound and life-transforming.


Sacred, Revealed Knowledge

While I must acknowledge that throughout the 1980’s, I studied  many healing and metaphysical systems,since then, virtually all of my knowledge of the human aura has come from my own  transformational self-healing journey.
(for a list of my healing and spiritual influences during the 1980:s, see Section #2. of  “ZiJi’s Story:  “Metaphysical Learning Explosion – the 1980’s”  )

I treat this knowledge that has been revealed to me during my 30+ year healing journey as SACRED, and I feel immensely honored and privileged to be able to offer it to you through my healing work.  I’m sure that I will never know the full dimensions of the human aura……for to know this completely would be to comprehend the mind of it’s CREATOR !


The Types Of Information Your Body Wisdom Gives Me

Your body’s wisdom will typically show me extraordinarily precise anatomical
or physiological visions of the area of your body/aura that it wants me to focus on during any particular healing. This will often times come to me as
X-Ray-like visions that show me exactly what’s happening inside your body. There is virtually no microscopic magnification that I can’t see if your body’s wisdom directs me to focus my attention on a particular microscopic region. It might direct me to focus on the physical body, for example, on structural problems within your bones, muscles, spinal cord, or brain. Or, it may focus my attention on your auric body; for example, the distortions of specific chakras in any of the 7 layers of the aura, or in the energy meridian pathways that bring the chakra energies deep into the physical body. Typically however, your body’s wisdom will combine both the physical and the auric dimensions into the visions it gives me, since both of these dimensions must be simultaneously transformed during the healing process to thoroughly address your health issue(s).


The Importance Of The Emotional Body In My Healing Work

Your body’s wisdom also shows me emotional information. During a
healing session, your body’s wisdom will typically lead me to layers of toxic emotional energies that it is ready to release. To communicate this emotional information, your body will typically show me detailed images or ‘scenes’ that can be either highly surreal, like a dream, or extremely realistic, showing me exactly how some actual past trauma unfolded from start to finish.
You do not have to talk about and re-experience these past emotions to release them, as in a psychotherapy session.  During healing sessions, traumas get removed with no real effort from your conscious mind. Your conscious mind won’t even know they’re being released. But your physical, emotional and spiritual health will be greatly improved as a result of your body’s wisdom choosing to release these traumas.



Removing ‘Astral Entities’, ‘Spirit Beings’ & Other Spirit Dimensions

In addition to the physical, energetic and emotional dimensions of health issues, there’s also a ‘Spirit-Plane’ dimension.
In my 3 decades of deep inner transformation and meditation work,
I have had to encounter and increasingly master these spirit-plane realms.

Physical and emotional traumas that people experience often leads to ‘holes’ in a person’s aura that Astral Entities or Spirit Beings can enter into and ‘live’ in, feeding off of your energy like parasites. Many of these Astral Entities or Spirit Beings are often extremely small and benign, although they do clog up the smooth functioning of your aura and body, and siphon off a small portion of your energy.  Even though these types of relatively benign Astral Entities or Spirit Beings are not typically an immediate threat to your health, your body’s wisdom will often times choose to ‘kick them out’ during my healings, releasing them to my aura, upon which I can permanently remove them.

Rarely, some Astral Entities or Spirit Beings can be more destructive and be a major cause of your health issue(s). For these more powerful forces, considerably more healing work is needed to remove them from your aura. Again,  your body’s wisdom will release them to my aura, upon which I can permanently remove them. Removing these more destructive forces often times will result in dramatic, sometimes miraculous, shifts in your health issue(s).

I typically pull out some Astral Entities and/or Spirit Beings during healings, although rarely are they of the ‘dangerous’ type. We can pick up the more common benign and extremely small types in our daily lives in many ways. Please feel free to ask me any questions about these subtle realms when we do our healing session, or you can email me any questions you may have before our session. As I depict in the image above, I view the spirit plane as existing within the same vast subtle energy ‘Ocean’ that we living physical beings exist
in. As I often explain to my clients: just as in the regular ocean there are sea creatures of every shape and size, so too in the ‘subtle energy ocean’ there are non-physical beings of every shape and size. Most are extremely small and relatively benign. ALL of which I am capable of removing from your aura.


Why I Primarily Choose To Do My Healings Over The Phone Or Webcam

Through my many years of learning about and mastering the spirit-plane, I have also discovered how to do my healing work ‘at a distance’, through the air waves, so to speak. Whatever I can do in person, I can do at any distance across the globe, healing people from all over the world (my cell phone plan currently allows me unlimited calls throughout the United States and it’s territories. International healing sessions use Skype).

I have also made a choice to not simply ‘heal someone at a distance’ without having a live connection with them over the phone or Skype. I want to talk to the person I’m doing a healing session with, both before and after the healing, so that the person understands to some degree what’s being healed AND WHY the healing was necessary in all its dimensions.
For instance, during a healing I will often times hone in on a belief system that that person has, that I can see has greatly contributed to the person’s health issue(s). Sometimes, a person’s belief systems are at the root of a chronic illness and it is often necessary for a person to understand and work to change their belief system if a healing is going to last permanently. You see, I can often times remove great quantities of ‘toxic waste’ from a problem area of your aura, but if the belief system that created the initial ability for that toxic waste to accumulate is still in place, what I removed from your aura will eventually return. But if you work to change that belief system, the healing I do will be that much more permanent.


The Importance Of Healing The Underlying Auric Architecture

One of the most important aspects of my auric knowledge is that of being able to repair the ‘auric architecture’ which
supports, energizes and brings to life all dimensions of the physical body.

If you injure yourself in ANY capacity, this underlying auric architecture becomes broken, torn, or distorted where the injury
occurred. It is possible that over time, your own body’s wisdom may be able to repair this auric architecture by itself and
heal the injury correctly. But it’s more than likely that this auric architecture WON’T  heal correctly, and thus the physical body will
have to work with a broken or distorted ‘blueprint’ to lay down the cells in it’s attempt to heal itself.  In this case, the healing of this injury will NEVER  be 100 percent.

If you get injured, I can work quickly to heal the auric architecture of the injury, so your body will immediately have the correct
‘blueprint’ to lay cells down upon and can heal the injury fast and correctly.

This whole problem gets greatly magnified when surgery is involved. The cutting open of a person’s body will create whole new
severings of the auric architecture. Now, in addition to the broken auric architecture beneath the injury,
or any surgery-worthy condition for that matter, you will also have the severed auric architecture wherever they cut your
body to do the surgery.  Now your healing will most likely NEVER be 100 percent, because the chances that your
body will correctly heal the auric architecture of so many breakages is highly unlikely. Having me on the phone shortly after
an injury occurs, and immediately following a surgery, can make all the difference in the success of your
recuperation. The sooner I can get in there to repair the auric architecture, the sooner your body will have the
correct blueprint to begin healing itself fast and correctly.



Miraculous PAIN-Relief After Healing The Auric Architecture

Whenever I can get in there quickly to heal the underlying auric architecture following your injury and/or surgery, dramatic pain
relief will often occur, and can seem like a miracle. While I can’t guarantee a ‘miraculous’ degree of pain-relief,  I would still
strongly encourage you to take this phenomenon seriously, as it might save you weeks, months, even years of agonizing pain !
Plus, as I’ve said before, healing the underlying blueprint quickly will greatly speed up your recovery time, and also make it much
more likely that your body will recover 100 percent.



The Great Fringe Benefits Of Opening Up Your Chakras

Opening your chakras will give a ‘glow and magnetism’ to your energy that will make you extremely attractive to others. Over time,
more and more of life’s opportunities will open up to you as the healings liberate the full spectrum of your auric light, magnetism
and energy. I call this phenomenon “Star Power”.



Using My Aura Coaching To Guide Your “Star Power”

My Aura Coaching abilities can help you to utilize your ever-increasing
‘Star Power’ that naturally unfolds from our healing sessions. Over time, you will become a healer in your own right, as people become more and more magnetically drawn to you, absorbing the increasingly abundant healing energies of your aura.

But “Star Power” isn’t the only thing you need to successfully interact with people. There are many people walking around with
varying degrees of natural “Star Power”, who are not committed to being good-natured, ethical people and
thus consciously or unconsciously abuse their “Star Power”. Because they have less than good intentions in their interactions
with people, they will often times be recklessly causing themselves and others unnecessary suffering, and thus will be continually
running up against brick walls in their relationships and in their lives in general.  Your openness and ability to follow my Aura
Coaching on these points is very important if you wish to avoid the pitfalls of increased “Star Power”.

If you have a difficult situation in your life, there are many ways that I can guide you to achieving a positive outcome. For one, my
psychic abilities will often allow me to ‘see’ all the people involved and ‘read’ their thoughts – not to manipulate them, but to help
YOU to better understand these people, stand in their shoes, and hopefully feel compassion for them. Everybody struggles in their
lives in one way or another. When you can feel compassion for someone, miracles can happen in your interactions with them.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how my coaching can guide you to create and maintain a life that is beautiful. A life
that’s filled with GRACE.

If what I’ve written here has touched you in some way, I would recommend that
you try the FREE introductory phone healing session that I offer. Tune into
yourself and ask your Body’s Wisdom if it would like a friend to help heal
you 🙂


ZiJi, your friend

Peace, love and light