ZiJi's Story - Essential Elements



The Meaning of the name ZiJi - My American-born last name is Kaufman, but I have adopted the spiritual first name ZiJi.  Jewish by birth, I've developed a profound reverence for many religions and spiritual traditions in my 30+ year spiritual development. The name ZiJi is pronounced like the letters Z and G, and originates from Tibetan Buddhist teachings. This name was 'channeled' for me by a woman healer in the early 1990's, and it just seemed to stick. (You can read more about  the Tibetan meaning of 'ZiJi' in the Shambala Publications book called Shambala: The Way Of The Sacred Warrior. But in short, ‘Zi’ means 'shine', and 'Ji' means 'radiance' and also 'dignity'. )


Early Spiritual Foundations

From the early 1980's to about 1990, I was in a major metaphysical learning mode, where I received teachings from a huge variety of metaphysical teachers, through their workshops, lectures, books, etc. I also studied with, and received healings and spiritual initiations from many healers, gurus and spiritual masters. You can learn more about these early influences when you read about my "Metaphysical Learning Explosion-1984 to 1990" in Chapter 2. 


April 2020: Update

After having spent the last 26 years (from 1994 to 2020)  living and working on the East Coast (primarily Queens & Long Island),  my partner Rebecca and I made a major life-changing move to the Southwest this past April 2020.  We moved to New Mexico,  often referred to as "The Land Of Enchantment". Rebecca lived here in the 1980's, and as I describe in 4th chapter ('Ziji's Story - Trial-by-Fire, Tests of Faith - 1990 - 1994), I myself, was spiritually guided to travel through and experience the Southwest. As you'll read, these 4 years were major 'Tests of Faith', as the spiritual world often tested me with unexpected and extremely challenging circumstances.


The 26 years that I spent in the New York region from the 1994 until April 2020, by contrast, sometimes seemed to me relatively boring, normal and hopelessly grounded in ordinary 3-Dimensional reality . These years were primarily focused on attending to family business, including the transitioning of both of my parents' earthly journeys. In retrospect, on the Inner Planes, these 26 'ordinary East-Coast years' have been just as powerful and enchanted as these earlier Southwestern mystical, 'non-ordinary years' (1990-1994).


Unfortunately, I haven't yet gotten around to writing about these New York years and their hidden guided spiritual treasures. But I will, I promise!


In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy reading about my "Metaphysical Learning Explosion" (Chapter 2), followed by a series of intense, life-transforming "Spiritual 'Wake-Up Calls'  (Chapter 3), and finally my Southwestern "Trials-by-Fire Tests of Faith'"  (Chapter 4).



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