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In this video: After a Bus Crash, my client's aura was completely Ungrounded Energetically, in addition to suffering many other physical and emotional injuries and traumas. This healing describes the process by which his auric physical injuries and emotional traumas might be painstakingly reconstructed.page break

page breakUngrounded Energetically - Resurrecting Ancient Roman-Greek Goddess Courage - Aura Healing Insights

Ungrounded Energetically - Resurrecting Ancient Goddess Courage - Aura Healing Insights 

page breakIn this video: My client's body wisdom guided me to help her reverse her auric issues with being Ungrounded Energetically, through helping her reconnect with the Ancient Greek-Roman 'Goddess of the Hunt'.
The reconnection with this Goddess helped my client regain the courage to 'Stay on Earth'  and strive to find her life purpose. page break

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In this video: Feeling Ungrounded Energetically was one of the many physical symptoms my client experienced as a result
of his extreme emotional response to not being able to be at the wedding of his daughter due to it being held abroad. In particular,
his auric left leg became elongated, twisted, and distorted, creating his unstable and ungrounded energy state. The most worrisome
physical symptom however was Pink Eye.page break