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page breakOver-Caring -Enlarged Auric Heart - Aura Healing Insights

Over-Caring - Enlarged Auric Heart - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: When tuning into my client's heart during our healing session, I saw that her Auric Heart was Enlarged to the size of a basketball, and almost completely round. Among other emotional root causes of this Heart Enlargement, was my client's' propensity for being someone who 'Over-Cares' for people, even for people who don't appreciate her caring.  During this healing, my client's body wisdom gave me amazing imagery and guidance to help bring her Auric Heart down to normal size, as well as 'tune up' her whole auric body organ-system functioning.  page break

page breakOver-Caring - Eye Issues - Aura Healing Insights

Over-Caring - Eye Issues - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: My client's daughter was getting married in a foreign country, which for a variety of reasons, he
couldn't attend. The anxiety my client felt at this separation from his daughter at this precious moment of her young
life, might seem like a parent Over-Caring. Perhaps! Nonetheless, his seemingly over-the-top emotions created
a number of physical symptoms, the most worrying to him was the Eye Issue of Pink Eye.page break