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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Heart Condition through Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video


Distance Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describing a healing he did on a phone healing client experiencing Chest Pains. After tuning into the client's aura, Ziji saw that the client's Auric Heart was greatly enlarged. Her Heart Chakra, the 4th of the 7 main Chakras, was also shut down due to Emotional Withholding. The client's 'Body Wisdom' guided the healing by telepathically giving me a perfect metaphor: The Heart As A Symphony Conductor.


In this video, I describe a past remote aura healing on a client with heart issues. In the distance healing, the client's body wisdom showed me the imagery of the 'Heart As A Symphony Conductor" to do the healing. This was a fascinating image to be shown which gave me a context and framework to put all the guided procedures her body wisdom led me through during the healing. 


The initial vision that her body wisdom showed me was that of a massive auric enlarged heart, about the size of a basketball and essentially completely round, without all the nuances of structure a normal physical/auric heart has. This woman had had at least one prior heart attack, possibly two I vaguely recall. 


There were no other heart-related conditions that I know of, like high blood pressure or low blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, heart valve disease, heart arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, pulmonary embolism, varicose veins, and other circulatory system issues. She was overweight though. She also had chest pain and arm pain, which of course, is a warning of heart problems.


It was comforting that the heart, though oversized and distorted in shape, nonetheless seemed to have some stability in that it wasn't 'rigid' and hard, but had some stretch, strength, and 'give' like a basketball. So I didn't feel that her heart was in imminent danger of an attack.


Also, the front heart chakra on the 1st layer of the 7 layers of the aura and the 2nd layer of the seven layers of the aura had blocks in them, like a thick filter or covering over them. The front heart chakra, the 4th of the 7 primary chakras, wasn't spinning. There was a little bit of a cone shape, which is the correct shape, but without the correct spin, the heart chakra is not perfectly functioning.


There was an emotional dimension like I felt she was exhausted from caring too much for so many other people who didn't really reciprocate and appreciate her extra concern for them. So she (and her heart chakra) started withholding her caring for others, pulling back, protecting, and covering her heart so she wouldn't be vulnerable.


And having been in the habit of always helping others, she was fatigued and the weight came on. The connection between fatigue and weight gain in her case might be explained by the idea that when you're fatigued, your metabolism slows down, a level of depression can set in, and the consciousness of your cells starts disconnecting from their original instructions. You are not giving and receiving love. It's not hard to understand that the cells of the body need to receive a healthy dose of love, from self or others, to function correctly.


Moving on to the actual healing:


Focusing with my X-ray vision-like auric sight, I tuned in energetically to the basketball-sized enlarged auric heart.


At this point, the brilliance of this person's Body Intelligence telepathically showed me an image of her heart as a symphony conductor. It was such a brilliant metaphor to give me a feeling of the condition of her heart before the healing, and all the many steps moving forward through the healing to get to the final goal of the healing: A nicely cooperating and performing symphony orchestra where any movement of the symphony conductor's wand would be perfectly synchronized with the instrumentalists playing, creating the rendition of the symphony that the original composer heard in his/her ears when composing the piece.


In this metaphoric vision, all the different parts of the body were the players in the orchestra.


In the original, pre-healing vision, the heart as the symphony conductor was ready to 'pack it in' and give up, because all the instrumentalist body-parts were tired, disheveled, out of tune, not dressed professionally, coming late to rehearsals, etc.


Gradually, her heart started tapping on the conductor podium and started to get the attention of all the different body-part instrumentalists. And as the healing proceeded, slowly but surely, all the body-part instrumentalists started tuning up their instruments, sitting up straight, came professionally dressed in tuxedos and elegant dresses ready to perform, and gradually, the music started becoming harmonious, tighter, and coherent.


When this final harmonious music started to come out of the body-part symphony orchestra, her auric heart gradually began to shrink in size, and transform from this spherical basketball shape to the normal shape of a heart. Again, ideally, the auric size and shape of any internal organ and system should be a model of the physical body organ and system.


In terms of heart functioning, originally her auric heart had to work harder than its capacity when the body-part instrumentalists were not paying attention to its 'conducting'. By the end of the healing, her auric heart didn't have to work very hard to communicate and get the attention of the different body parts. In other words, her auric organs and systems of her body were much more  'on board', paying attention, and working together synergistically to make the whole body work much more as it was designed to work. The 'body orchestra' had 'tuned up'!


I felt it was highly possible that as a result of this healing, she would eventually have more energy, lose weight, and create a nice buffer zone to ward off another heart attack.

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